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Dear IC members and participants in WSF

You are welcome participate in Paris seminar  23 24th  and IC WSF meeting  25t 26th 27th

 For this, you just have to contact the skype user "participation.cifsm"  (describing briefly who you are and give your email  in the skype contact message),

As a next step you will get included in a "ic enlarged chatroom" - you will see this chat room appear in your recent conversations  you can register in your skype contacts ( upper right of skype chatroom window) and you will be included in the remote participant directory

Facilitators from sfex initiative ( social forum extended) du  F-FSL network ( local social forum facilitators network ) and other IC participants will cooperate in "ic extension team" and will try to "enlarge" ic meeting, in the same way as have been recently enlarged fsmagh meeting in tunis and meeting of africa social forum organisation committee

IC extension team will, inasmuch possiblebroadcast video/audio out of paris ( direct or through some translation - If available, Video link out of paris will be given in the chat room ) , 

IC extension team will, inasmuch possible, be with you in the chatroom(s), give indications and convey when relevant or possible by voice remote ic members text inputs to Paris  -  while in the chat room observers can chat with ic members

Connect to skype user "participation.cifsm" as soon as possible so the chat room is lively before the meeting starts

you can contact us at contact.ic.extended   gmail.com