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This is the chat of  12th september meeting - focusing on meaningful discussion content 


number PR intervention text
1 practico 07:59:03 Pierre : link to note taking https://docs.google.com/document/d/11L_GVcgHYOmT0EtNHjGGNTfpAhEEVxUPmZ_tbVuaZaM/edit?usp=sharing
2 participante 07:59:09 Kandis : Good Morning Comrades, greetings OWTU Trinidad & Tobago
3 participante 08:00:23 Ana Cecilia : Good morning! Ana Cecilia, GTA, soy Argentina by leave in England
4 participante 08:02:05 Cesare IAI global coordinator : Ciao, Cesare , coordinatore global Alianza Internacional de Habitantes, desde Italia
5 participante 08:02:29 Pierre : Pierre George Caritas internationalis
6 participante 08:02:44 Thiago : Buenos días y mucho gusto, soy Thiago, de Greenpeace Brasil
7 participante 08:02:57 Isabelle : Isabelle MARCOS LIKOUKA, ATTAC FRANCE
8 participante 08:03:08 Maria : Buen día, María de REAS, Red de Redes de Economía Alternativa y Solidaria
9 participante 08:03:55 Meena : Meena , Mumbai legacy. Working with Working Peoples Charter Alliance of working with informal labour
10 participante 08:04:24 Ernesto : Buenos días. Acá Ernesto de la Internacional de la Construcción y la Madera ICM; con sede regional en la ciudad de Panama
11 participante 08:05:14 Ashish : I’m Ashish , with Kalpavriksh and Vikalp Sangam in India, and the Global Tapestry of Alternatives more globally (https://globaltapestryofalternatives.org)
12 practico 08:05:19 Pierre : Hello link to note taking https://docs.google.com/document/d/11L_GVcgHYOmT0EtNHjGGNTfpAhEEVxUPmZ_tbVuaZaM/edit?usp=sharing
13 participante 08:06:00 SelenirC. : Selenir - FMTL/WFTL
14 participante 08:06:20 Madhuresh : Madhuresh Kumar National Alliance of People’s Movements, India
15 practico 08:06:33 Pierre: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11L_GVcgHYOmT0EtNHjGGNTfpAhEEVxUPmZ_tbVuaZaM/edit#bookmark=id.pscbrfrvqrq3 lista de participantes
16 participante 08:06:36 Fabiana : Fabiana the / de Climate and Justice Campaign of Greenpeace Brazil / Campaña de Clima y Justicia de Greenpeace Brasil. Mucho gusto!!
17 participante 08:06:47 Mike : Hi all I am Mike Zimbabwe. I am the Anglophone Africa Coordinator with the International Alliance of Inhabitants www.habitants.org
18 participante 08:07:05 Maren : Maren , Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) and Stop the Wall
19 practico 08:07:13 Pierre : si queren hacer insumo escrito es aqui - if you want to make a written input is it here https://docs.google.com/document/d/11L_GVcgHYOmT0EtNHjGGNTfpAhEEVxUPmZ_tbVuaZaM/edit#bookmark=id.yqbg183iiqn1
20 participante 08:07:21 Teivo : Teivo , NIGD, Finlandia. un abrazo a tod@s.
21 participante 08:07:53 Laëtitia : Hello! I am Laëtitia, Canada. i am representing Katalizo.
22 participante 08:08:45 gustave : Hello, Gustave , France, representing CRID
23 participante 08:08:50 Dorothy GJN : Hello all, I’m Dorothy (Dottie) Global Justice Now, UK
24 participante 08:08:58 Gina : Bom dia, Verônica Ferreira, da Articulação Feminista Marcosur
25 participante 08:09:04 Paco Focuspuller : Hello to all, Paco - collettivo FocusPullar - Wsftv. Italia un abbraccio a tutte e tutti. :)
26 participante 08:09:07 Alejandra : buenos días . soy Alejandra representando Dawn
27 participante 08:09:50 Damien : Damien, Vida Brasil & Coletivo Bahia do FSM
28 participante 08:10:10 Francine : Good morning, Francine de CETRI, Belgium, and initiative For a New World Social Forum, https://foranewwsf.org
29 participante 08:11:28 Carlos Tiburcio : Buenos dias a todes. Good morning. Carlos Tiburcio, São Paulo, Brasil, da Ciranda de Comunicação Compartilhada, CI.
30 participante 08:11:52 Tord : Hola todos de Tord , Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam y Amigos de la Tierra Suecia
31 practico 08:12:06 Pierre : notas dinamicas - tambien si queren hacer insumo escrito es aqui - dynamics note taking if you want to make a written input is it here https://docs.google.com/document/d/11L_GVcgHYOmT0EtNHjGGNTfpAhEEVxUPmZ_tbVuaZaM/edit#bookmark=id.yqbg183iiqn1
32 participante 08:13:21 Athena : Hello! I'm Athena with the World Council of Churches.
33 participante 08:13:44 Ernesto : Ernesto Panamá Internacional de Trabajadores de la Construcción y la Madera BWI-ICM www.bwint.org
34 participante 08:13:49 Andrés : Buenos días, Andrés de la red internacional Economía de los Trabajadores y Trabajadoras, y de la Federación de Cooperativas Autogestionadas de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
35 participante 08:14:14 Barry : greetings to everyone. I am Barry , and I am participant in the peoples sovereignty network— which combines social movements activists across the global south and north— and focusses on collective learning and action to promote food sovereignty, peoples sovereignty and democracy below, anti extractiism struggles,
36 participante 08:14:53 Betsy : Yo soy Betsy, del Centro para la Justicia Global y la red Economia de los Trabajadores. El Centro para la Justicia Global se ubica en Mexico donde esperamos participar en el FSM.
37 participante 08:15:26 Neringa : Buenos dias! Yo soy Neringa (UNITED for Intercultural Action)
38 participante 08:15:38 Varsha : Hello everyone! I’m Varsha Progressive International. Calling inIndia. Great to be here!
39 metodo 08:24:34 Madhuresh : Welcome everyone, nearly people 40 countries here. Good to see activists many countries here. Rosy will introduce about the Methodology and then someone IC will speak and then rest can participate… A new french learner so got this much
40 mistica 08:24:52 Alessia : mientras solucionamos la tradución, agradecer por la hermosa poesia, beautiful poem to start. Un saludo a todas, feliz de estar acá y escuchar, greetings to all, happy to be here as part of the Kurdish Network
41 participante 08:26:13 Maite : Hola soy Maite de la Red Mujer Habitat de America Latina y Caribe
42 metodo 08:35:49 Rosy CEAAL : ¿Cuál es la estrategia de su organización y cuál es la dimensión internacional de su lucha, tomando en cuenta la actual situación creada por la pandemia? ¿Cómo podemos construir juntxs respuestas y acciones a la situación mundial, y cómo el evento y el proceso necesario del FSM podría contribuir con esas estrategias globales conjuntas?
43 practico 08:36:20 Pierre : anewxering alejandra https://docs.google.com/document/d/11L_GVcgHYOmT0EtNHjGGNTfpAhEEVxUPmZ_tbVuaZaM/edit#bookmark=id.pscbrfrvqrq3
44 participante 08:36:31 Maren : Soy membro del CI como Stop the Wall pero quis tomar la palabra para dar las palabras de Mahmoud del BNC (que tiene dificuldad a conectarse)
45 practico 08:36:39 Alejandra : muchas gracias Pierre great Pierre
46 metodo 08:36:54 Rosy CEAAL : What is your organization's strategy and what is the international dimension of your struggle, taking into account the current situation created by the pandemic? How can we build together responses and actions to the world situation, and how the event and the necessary process of the WSF could contribute to these joint global strategies?
47 metodo 08:37:50 Rosy CEAAL : Quelle est la stratégie de votre organisation et quelle est la dimension internationale de votre lutte, compte tenu de la situation actuelle créée par la pandémie? Comment pouvons-nous construire ensemble des réponses et des actions à la situation mondiale, et comment l'événement et le processus nécessaire du FSM pourraient contribuer à ces stratégies mondiales communes?
48 practico 08:40:57 Alejandra Scampini : i see the list . are these groups in the meeting now? or are the ones invited?
49 complement @7 ashish 08:41:40 Ashish : The global networking platform I spoke of: https://globaltapestryofalternatives.org
50 practico 08:42:40 Alejandra : please one woman one men or other identities can alternate ?
51 complement @10 letitia 08:55:59 Laëtitia : Viral Open Space, Septmeber 20 and September 21 : https://www.viralopenspace.net/fr/ Viral Open Space: we apologize, our Website wasn't up to date. Here is the link again, with the most recent information:) https://www.viralopenspace.net/en/
52 complement @9 cesare 08:58:04 Cesare - IAI global coordinator : Zero Evictions for Coronavirus mobilisation https://www.habitants.org/zero_evictions_campaign/zero_evictions_for_coronavirus in EN/ES/PT/IT/RU
53 complement @11 varsha 08:59:26 Matt : Everyone is most welcome to attend! And here is registration in ENG: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/internationalism-or-extinction-inaugural-summit-of-the-pi-tickets-118538117701 Y español: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/registro-internacionalismo-o-extincion-cumbre-inaugural-de-la-ip-118972643379?aff=erelpanelorg
54 complement @9 cesare 09:01:25 Cesare - IAI global coordinator : Here you can find hundred of activities and struggles (Aqui pueden encontrar centenar de actividida y luchas desde todo el mundo / ici vous pouvez trouver de centaines d’activités et luttes de partout dans le monde https://www.facebook.com/ZeroEvictionsCoronavirus/community/?ref=page_internal - Virtual World Assembly of Inhabitants/ Asamblea Virtual Mondial de Los Habitantxs/Assemblée Mondiale Virtuelle des Habitant-e-s https://www.facebook.com/habitants.org
55 reaction @12 maren 09:01:25 Kandis- interesante maren
56 reaction @14 leo 09:12:23 Barry : Excellent statement Leo— I agree completely - Please see the website of the Peoples Sovereignty Lab
57 reaction @14 leo 09:12:55 Mirek PragueSpring2 : Absolutely agree with Leo, movements in Eastern Europe have lost interests because they have been hearing what is wrong (again and again) but they need a joint global ACTION!
58 reaction @14 leo 09:13:53 Ana Cecilia : Agree with both Barry and Leo! Excellente!!! Good point! Estamos en guerra… a punto de la guerra…on the verge of loosing democracy…with parliamentary coup d’etats And Brazil
59 complement @13 barry 09:18:34 Barry : Please see Globalizations journal- (Routledge)- recent special forum on Building democracy below— with essays the Peoples Sovereignty Network— all free access— and there is a new Special Forum on Economics and Climate Emergency— see especially the excellent essay by Steve Keen “The appallingly bad neoclassical economics of climate change” free access
60 participante 09:20:30 Jason : Jason (RIPESS - intercontinental network promoting Social Solidarity Economy) - member of IC, convenor of the WSF of Transformative Economies (forum.transformadora.org).
61 participante 09:24:22 Ana Cecilia : Me gustaría hablar si hay tiempo si no espero. Soy de GTA an Ashish ya hablo por GTA.
62 reaction @17 pierre 09:25:03 Isabelle : ok with Pierre
63 complement @18 neringa 09:32:02 Neringa : Here is the upcoming conference “Solidarity in Action” about municipalities and NGOs responding to Covid-19: https://fb.me/e/3cer5p6tP?ti=icl
64 reaction @20 francine 09:35:45 Barry : Yes! Thank you Francine!
65 complement @20 francine 09:35:56 Francine : https://foranewwsf.org Please take part in the debate on redynamizing the forum: https://foranewwsf.org
66 complement @17 pierre 09:36:19 Pierre : see here a corputs of 40+ documents aout the future of wsf http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2020-discusionfsm/#EN ver aqui un corpus de 40+ docjmentos sobre el futuro del foro http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2020-discusionfsm/#ES
67 reaction @20 francine 09:37:07 MirekProkeš PragueSpring2 : Francine is right, the world is different than for 20 years ago, we need more action oriented new formats
68 reaction @20 francine 09:38:10 Bonn : Important point, Francine. May the collective take that point for action - politically respond to real-time and real-life challenges.
69 reaction @20 francine 09:38:55 Ana Cecilia : Francine is right! The WSF can become more political becasue today it is even more about defending dignified life: I think instead of ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE we must say ANOTHER WORLD IS NECESSARY AND IT IS COMING
70 complement @22 mike 09:42:05 EN _ Mike IAI AFRICA : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_F8Dn1pGacPl-heCc_e9XY3zYrMukczIieBKeVA0Lmw/edit# the Call for the African Assembly on 5 October
71 reaction @21 maduresh 09:44:39 Maren : hablando como miembro del CI, estoy de acuerdo con Maduresh y Roberto
72 complement @7 ashish 09:44:51 Ashish : Additionally, another world (or many other worlds) are also already here, and need to be seen/heard/supported … thousands of radical alternatives on the ground all kinds of people. For instance, for India see www.vikalpsangam.org, more globally, see https://www.radicalecologicaldemocracy.org
73 written input @41 jason 09:47:39 Maria : Hola a todes, pedi palabra para hablar pero me tengo que ir (soy María de REAS) asi que dejó el mensaje por aquí: Por un lado muchísimas gracias por la invitación a participar en este encuentro tan necesario, comentarles que REAS con otras muchas redes estamos participando en el FSM de Economias Transformadoras que tuvo lugar en junio de forma virtual y en octubre habrá una segunda parte, uno de los objetivos es poder construir una agenda de economías transformadoras y por supuesto enlazar esta acción y el conjunto del proceso con el FSM Global
74 written input @41 jason 09:49:52 Maria : Por otro lado, muchas compañeras y redes feministas en el marco de ese Foro construimos la CONFLUENCIA FEMINISTA que hemos co-coordinado con las compañeras de DAWN que están también aquí y otras compañeras históricas como Gina Vargas o Rosy Zúñiga. Es un espacio de articulación y de enriquecimiento de más de 70 compañeras - Si quieren más información pueden escribir a Flora de Dawn o yo misma:
75 written input @41 jason 09:52:57 Maria : Algunas de las acciones han sido un ciclo de diálogos en cuarentena, compartimos algunos vídeos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wND-hG2jtnc&t=2s y artículos: https://www.elsaltodiario.com/transformando-las-economias/economias-pandemicas-y-cuidados.-pensando-alternativas-transformadoras-desde-la-pandemia la articulación de los diferentes movimientos y las respuestas desde los feminismos, ecologismos, los comunes, economía solidaria, etc son ineludibles para la necesaria transformación contexto actual gracias a todes!!!
76 complement @17 pierre 09:55:28 Pierre : ver aqui un corpus de 40+ documentos sobre el futuro del foro http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2020-discusionfsm/#ES see here a corpus of 40+ documents about the future of wsf http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2020-discusionfsm/#EN
77 reaction @26 armando 09:58:43 Isabelle: de acuerdo con Armando
78 website 10:00:10 Carlos Tiburcio : Dear, a report for the Global Networks and other international organizations: In the process of the World Social Forum there is a project to create a new "Global Social Network of Debate" based on the WSF. In the process of the World Social Forum there is a project to create a new "Global Social Network of Debate" based on the WSF.
It is in the elaboration phase of the Executive Project, which will enable the construction of the first module of the new Network, replicable in several parts of the world in an integrated way.
This is a challenge that focuses on a fundamental issue of the current world, aggravated by the pandemic: the field of communication, hegemonized and dominated by large private corporations.
Together we have the conditions to create a global, democratic and widely participatory social network. All those involved please make contact.
Thank you.
79 website 10:00:44 Carlos Tiburcio : Cher, un rapport pour les réseaux mondiaux et autres organisations internationales :Dans le cadre du Forum social mondial, il existe un projet visant à créer un nouveau "réseau social mondial de débat" basé sur le FSM.
Il est en phase d'élaboration du projet exécutif, qui permettra la construction du premier module du nouveau réseau, reproductible dans différentes parties du monde de manière intégrée.
C'est un défi qui se concentre sur une question fondamentale du monde actuel, aggravée par la pandémie : le domaine de la communication, hégémonisé et dominé par les grandes entreprises privées.
Ensemble, nous avons les conditions pour créer un réseau social mondial, démocratique et largement participatif.
Toutes les personnes concernées sont priées de prendre contact.
Je vous remercie.
80 participante 10:01:02 Maite : Desde la Red Mjer y Habitat de America Latina y el Caribe estamos trabajando en todo lo concernientes a elevar el tema de los derechos de las mujeres a la ciudad, en todo el proceso de respuesta ante COVID 19 trabajamos intenso en la realización de 4 Foros Regionales sobre el tema de las Desigualdades frente a la Panemia, hemos intervenido en los procesos de medios de vida de las mujeres, apoyando el liderazgo de las mujeres barriales, elevando el tema de los continuos abusos en contra de las mujeres en el confinamiento. Trabajamos por la seguridad de ls mujeres y las niñas y la promoción de sus derechos humanos. También hemos trabajando en conjunto con las personas en los territorios por promover estos derechos. Soy Maite Rodríguez Blandon, Coordinadora Regional de la Red.
81 website 10:01:19 Carlos Tiburcio : Prezad@s, um informe para as Redes Globais e outras organizações internacionais:No processo do Fór um Social Mundial há um projeto de criarmos uma nova "Rede Social Global de Debate" com base no FSM.
Está na fase de elaboração do Projeto Executivo, que possibilitará a construção do primeiro módulo da nova Rede, replicável em várias partes do mundo de modo integrado.
Este é um desafio que incide sobre uma questão fundamental do mundo atual, agravada pela pandemia: o campo da comunicação, hegemonizado e dominado pelas grandes corporações privadas.
Temos condições, juntos, de criarmos uma rede social global, democrática e amplamente participativa.
Tod@s os intetessad@s por favor façam contato.
82 complement @13 barry 10:04:04 Barry : A New International is urgently needed.
83 dialogue @4 hector 10:05:51 Madhuresh : yeah people generally talk more about what they are doing, also a problem of the methodology they propose for this discussion. For some of us who have engaged with the WSF process for long feel that they keep listening to us but then never share what’s the thinking within the WSF IC, what do they make of these contributions…
84 complement @20 francine 10:06:24 Francine : Very right Maduresh! Maduresh, this is the result of the current ideology in which the WSF as such does not exist, apart as open space for the movements. The WSF has no existence on its own. This is what many of us would like to change.
85 dialogue @4 hector 10:09:02 Madhuresh : Thanks Rosy, it would be great to have some of these information, so that it helps us spread this in our networks. We are busy in our national networks and look up to WSF and other global processes to link and spread our actions. So, perhaps finding better ways to communicate would be appreciated. Thanks for all the hard work being done by some of you…
86 complement @39 tord 10:10:30 Tord : The initiative Europea movements towards WSF more focused and wants to start cooperation for organizing an assembly of social and ecologicwiht youth sessions making youth contributions equally important as others And representatives moments doing campaigning and building local alternatives key participants
87 reaction @39 tord 10:12:15 Francine: Excellent initiative Tord, if these local initiative can look for a common platform
88 reaction @20 francine 10:13:01 Neringa : Francine, this is very interesting “WSF has no existence of its own, but only as open space.” Definitely it has the potential to be more than open space, and help build synergies among movements, and increase impact of the social justice messages.
89 complement @20 francine 10:13:39 Francine : Indeed Neringa, this is what some of us would like to achieve.
90 reaction @39 tord 10:13:54 Neringa : Tord the advocate for youth empowerment! :) great initiative
91 reaction @18 neringa 10:14:28 Miroslav : Yes, Neringa and Tord, young activists ask exactly for that action-oriented WSF
92 reaction @18 neringa 10:14:47 Ana Cecilia : ‘Definitely it has the potential to be more than open space, and help build synergies among movements, and increase impact of the social justice messages’ great! Plus COGNITIVE JUSTICE.
93 reaction @18 neringa 10:17:38 Carlos Tiburcio : hello Carlos! I would love to learn more about the initiative. please do add me! - Thanks. We send you.
94 dialogue @7 ashish 10:19:01 Ashish : Globally, this has been a time of great opportunity to make visible the incredible stories of resilience, of alternatives, if resistance etc, and to amplify them to push for just, sustainable recovery pathways out of crises … and WSF could have been (can still be) the most important forum for this to join all the movements … can it step up to do this? So many of us are ready to participate … but agree with Madhuresh that we need communication back WSF IC on these possibilities. Hopefully after this series of calls it will happen.
95 complement @13 barry 10:21:32 Barry : The 3 Cs of global crisis: Climate, Capitalism, and Covid
96 complement @20 francine 10:21:40 Francine : Please all those who want to participate in a discussion on possible changes: https://foranewwsf.org Para todos y todas que quieren participar en el debate sobre cambios posibles en el proceso del FSM: https://foranewwsf.org
97 saludos 10:21:49 Ana Cecilia : I have to go. Try to speak several times but did not manage to get on the list…Maybe next time. Many many thanks for the invitation! Tengo que irme. Muchas gracias. No logre hablar. Quiza la próxima vez!
98 metodo @4 hector 10:22:18 Rosy CEAAL : This is very important that you point out Ashish. the entities that are part of the IC of the FS, we are proposing a series of world dialogues, at the end of the meeting we will report on what follows. It is also essential to carry out dialogues and actions our territories.
10:23:45 Pierre : if you are interested to join an initial phase of wsf process in mexico here is an inclusion form si estan interesadxs a sumarse a una fase inicial de proceso fsm en mexico aqui una format de inclusion
100 dialogue @39 tord 10:27:29 Marko : One suggestion the Movements and the WSF dialogue of 1st Sep: the reviving of the WSF should have a strong terratorial thrust, ie local, regional, national fora. Depending on IC at this stage is not necessary, the format is there to this stage
101 dialogue 10:28:50 Francine : Dependence no, indeed Marko, but I would say cooperation yes.
102 wsf2021process @39 tord 10:29:37 Tord : yes gladly but so far the discipline is lacking to get forward many main moments are lacking and so many general words and little clear decisions on organizing the process the thematically forums might be useful for some issues, fir climate justice other much better fora and organizing already exists
103 wsf2021process @42 jason 10:32:20 Jason : To follow up on what Maria and Flora have said, I’d like to underline that we need to continue working on and multiplying convergence spaces and events all over the world, facilitating the building of common alliances and agendas for common action, shared and represented by the participating movements (not by the Forums themselves). For the WSF: we need to have more effective tools and methodologies to debate and communicate, share information and actions / campaigns / strategies among the participants and towards the public opinion, showing that there is an strong international movements of movements - but also making visible the other world we want to (re-)build. For the WSFTE it’s about radically transforming the economic system - in many dimensions: transforming power relations (public policies but also inside our organisations and networks), financial and economic practices (trade, work, consumption, reproduction…), knowledge and techno-scientific means, relations with nature and ecosystems. The WSFTE / FSMET will have a second “session” between the 23rd of October and the 22nd of November. More info here: forum.transformadora.org
(I need to leave now, sorry…)
104 wsf2021process @31betsy 10:35:05 Betsy : Do we want to discuss a WSF in Mexico in 2021? We can combine it with our Economy of the Workers conference in Mexico City, which is large enough to accomodate thousands of people. We work closely with the electrician’s union and Andres Ruggeri. We can also bring in Russian comrades who are to here today. Thank you. Betsy Bowman, Mexico 10:37:06 We also are struggling with the issue of extractivism and lack of potable water. I regret that our Russian comrades are NOT here today. Betsy
to Francine: yes let’s keep in touch.
105 complement @22 mike 10:35:09 Mike IAI AFRICA : You can join the Preparartory Group for the African Assembly of Inhabitants here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/172Jx3-MnPuozxTZwMiOv9B30mXvygMS5KpTteVIBfA8/edit?usp=sharing
106 complement @31betsy 10:37:06 Betsy : We also are struggling with the issue of extractivism and lack of potable water. I regret that our Russian comrades are NOT here today. Betsy
107 complement @9 cesare 10:40:28 Cesare - IAI global coordinator : 👉 You are invited to a Virtual European Meeting of Inhabitants: 📌 Tuesday 15/09/2020 click here for your local time Agenda
- VWAI Evaluation
- Report on the presentation of 12/09/2020 of the Report of the European Parliament on access to and right to housing
- Proposals for the Solidarity Agenda of the Inhabitants 2020-2021 (schedule initiatives, proposals of objectives, proposals of alliances)
- Proposals for actions in the framework of the World Zero Eviction Days (European level and in each country)
Interpreters: EN/FR/ES/IT
👉 You are invited to get registered by filling in this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfwaUkkNN7gCN74pXaCbzLDWpFzGKRFKEo3mGblx6vR_afdzw/viewform
108 saludos 10:43:08 Ashish : I have to drop out sorry, but will await the next communication, and will join later this month in the calls. As mentioned, the Global Tapestry of Alternatives is happy and eager to add its voice to global solidarity movements, with a special focus on radical alternatives. thanks for the opportunity.
109 dialogue @17 pierre 10:43:59 Pierre : sobre el papel de CI como facilitador y nuevos formatos de participación para empoderar participantes y potencializar el proceso foro http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2020-discusionfsm-input36-es
about IC role as facilitators and new participation format for empowering participatjs and potentizalize the forum process
110 reaction @37 kandis 10:45:46 Flora : Muy bueno Kandis!! y gracias Rosy por articular las invitaciones!!
111 reaction @37 kandis 10:46:05 Isabelle : Merci, Kandis!
112 reaction @37 kandis 10:46:34 Betsy : La red Economia de los Trabajadores quiere invitar la compa de Trinidad/Tobago a participar con nosotros. Betsy
113 reaction @37 kandis 10:47:26 Kandis : Nos interesa toda la información que ustedes quieren compartir, pueden contactarme
10:48:17 Pierre : if you are interested to join an initial phase of wsf process in mexico here is an inclusion form si estan interesadxs a sumarse a una fase inicial de proceso fsm en mexico aqui una format de inclusion
115 wsf2021process @47 rosy 10:48:21 Rosy CEAAL : Es importante fortalecer nuestras articulaciones, construir procesos territoriales. is important to strengthen our articulations, build territorial processes.
116 complement @17 pierre 10:48:46 Pierre : ver aqui un corpus de 40+ documentos sobre el futuro del foro http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2020-discusionfsm/#ES see here a corpus of 40+ documents about the future of wsf http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2020-discusionfsm/#EN
117 practico @48 hamouda 10:49:10 Rosy CEAAL Necesitamos que ustedes nos sugieran voluntarixs para apoyar en la traducción, este es un gran desafío para todxs.
- We need you to suggest volunteers to support the translatioeatn, this is a gr challenge for everyone.
118 reaction @47 rosy 10:50:45 Isabelle : y hacer conocer todas estas alternativas locales, aunque sean pequñas, que llevan alegria y solidaridad para dar gana de hacer caer esta economia extractiva
119 complement @47 rosy 10:52:06 Rosy CEAAL : Hoy tendremos el "Festival por la Dignidad de los Pueblos. Artes para Respirar", una iniciativa autoconvocada de varias organizaciones de América Latina y el Caribe. Aquí lo podrán seguir. Today we will have the "Festival for the Dignity of the Peoples. Arts to Breathe", a self-organized initiative of several organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Here you can follow it.https://www.facebook.com/FestivalPorLaDignidad/
120 complement @34 gina 10:52:39 Gina : we are anticvapitalistas, antipatriarcales y anti coloniales... no podemos ver el capitalismo si no es en su alianza perversa con estos otros dos sistemas de dominacion
121 complement @39 tord 10:53:19 Tord : Some inspiration: European/Prague Spring webinars towards WSF in 2021 April 25 and 26 2020
World Conference Youth Assembly May 2 2020 Report
“How do we merge our movements and make sure we’re not working in silos?” and “What advice do you have for young activists who would like to get more involved?”.
Next meeting for Assembly of social movements and continental youth and movements cooperation Sep 29.
122 reaction @39 tord 10:53:21 Hamouda : agree with you Tord
123 reaction @39 tord 10:53:39 Mirek PragueSpring2 : total agreement with Tord
124 website @37 kinchi 10:53:43 Kin Chi : Please excuse me for my confusion. Is openfsm.net the "official" website for WSF? Or there is another website where we can find information of WSF IC members?
125 dialogue 10:54:01 Maris z NTSP : It is very interesting/informative to hear the sharing of networks different continents. The 3-hr mtg wouldn't be enough indeed for everyone in this zoom mtg to be able to share. there are many good ideas put forward on how the WSF could make more relevant engagements and collaboration especially in this time of pandemic and other crises. Others who have not spoken may also add to these ideas. One possible way, aside zoom mtgs, could be through a survey. then see the result of the survey (situation in countries), the next zoom mtgs may be organized v.v. issues and actions to be taken as WSF.
126 website @37 kinchi 10:54:15 Francine : No KinChi, it certainly is not. The WSF has no website ...
127 complement @38 maria 10:56:51 Maria Elena : Las Alternativas nos llevan a construir un Programa por: la Soberanía Alimentaria, Soberanía energética, Soberanía Financiera....Soberanía sobre nuestros cuerpos...
128 website @37 kinchi 10:57:22 Neringa: WSF has no website because it’s a political decision, or because it was created before internet? This would make it challenging, especially for the smaller youth initiatives to find information and engage.
129 reaction @41 mireille 10:57:48 Maria Elena : El racismo es producto de la lucha de clases...
130 complement @13 barry 10:59:29 Barry : Yes- we desperately need to bring together all the forces fighting capitalist extractivism and the ecocide that capital is practicing across the globe—
131 10:59:31 Maria Elena : Por eso debemos luchar por un Internacionalismo de los Pueblos- El poder hegemónico global nos quiere fragmentados....
132 website @37 kinchi 10:59:54 Kin Chi: How can a decision be taken to have an "official" website of WSF with multiple languages? I think this is a minimal step for IC to present the member organizations and be visible and accountable to new organizations and networks.
133 website 11:00:32 Carlos Tiburcio : O projeto da nova Rede Social Global de Debate com base no FSM inclui uma Home del Planeta, que poderá integrar websites do processo do Fórum e resolver esse problema grave.
134 website @37 kinchi 11:00:53 gustave : I support Kin Chi proposal for a website
135 dialogue 11:01:25 NICK (US) : Many thanks for this solidarity forum, and I look forward very much to the next virtual/online forum. Perhaps we can have breakout groups somehow next time? All my best, Nick
136 website @37 kinchi 11:01:38 Mike IAI AFRICA : yes, a website would be useful
137 wsf2021 @42 meena 11:01:50 Pierre : follwing meena if you are interested to join an initial phase of wsf process in mexico here is an inclusion form si estan interesadxs a sumarse a una fase inicial de proceso fsm en mexico aqui una format de inclusion
138 saludos 11:02:06 Cesare - IAI global coordinator : Ciao in solidarity to all friends and comrades! Let’s see and meet again, hopefully in the Virtual World Assembly of Inhabitants and the World Zero Evictions Days during the whole October! We want to support the new combative WFS we are building! - Ciao en solidaridad para todxs lxs companeros! Nos vemos y encuentramos, en las Asambleas Virtuales Mundiales de los Habitantxs y en las Jornadas Mundiales Cero Desalojos durante todo el mes de Octubre! Queremos apoyar el nuevo FSM combativo que estamos construyendo!
139 website 11:02:18 Neringa : Agree, Kin Chi! for 2020 that’s a minimum to have a digital presence — for transparency and also information sharing.
140 website 11:02:25 Carlos Tiburcio : The project of the new Global Social Network of Debate based on the WSF includes a Home del Planeta, which can integrate websites of the Forum process and solve this serious problem.
141 website 11:02:28 Francine : I certainly agree with a website - the lack of it is part of our problem of non-existence ...
142 wsf2021 11:02:30 Betsy : Los compas en Mexico pueden tomar un papel decisivo en el FSM 2021 en Mexico. Betsy
143 complement @39 tord 11:02:43 Tord : all wanting information o assembly of social movement initiatives send our request to tord
144 website 11:03:08 Carlos Tiburcio : Le projet du nouveau Réseau Social Mondial de Débat basé sur le FSM comprend un Home del Planeta, qui pourrait intégrer les sites web du processus du Forum et résoudre ce grave problème.
145 complement @38 maria 11:03:57 Maria Elena : Tenemos que buscar los ejes que nos unen: 1) La lucha x la desmercantilización de la Naturaleza y la Vida. 2) respetar las multiplicidad de sujetos/as y luchas. 3) Lucha contra la ofensiva del Capital
146 website 11:04:02 Hamouda Soubhi : https://www.facebook.com/CIWSF link to the facebook of the IC
147 complement @17 pierre 11:04:31 Pierre : see here a document about “IC : political body or facilitating community ? aqui un texto “CI cuerpo politico o comunidad facilitadora?”
148 nature of wsf @38 maria 11:05:11 Maria Elena : Todas luchas articuladas!!! El FSM es un sujeto político que debe aportar a la articulación de todas las luchas y alternativas*
149 nature of wsf @17 pierre 11:08:45 Pierre : WSF as a space is not a political subject it is a place where to build a global network of articualcion that concretize somethig like a global subject
150 nature of wsf @20 francine 11:09:55 Francine : And some people want sth different Pierre, no hay que ignorarlo
nature of wsf
11:10:25 Fabiana : Everything is political, maybe you mean not a partidarian place
152 nature of wsf @42 meeana 11:10:37 Meena: I see the WSF as a diverse political space.
nature of wsf
11:10:40 Pierre : of course francine that is a matter for discussion and quality dialogue
nature of wsf
11:10:48 Francine: indeed
nature of wsf
11:10:53 Hamouda : our life is political
nature of wsf
11:10:56 Neringa: maybe there could be one dialogue on particularly this topic
nature of wsf
11:11:15 Pierre: El FSM como espacio no es un sujeto político es un lugar/porceso donde construir una red global de articulaciónes que concretice algo como un sujeto global
nature of wsf
11:12:19 Maria Elena Saludas : Todo es político.... incluso decir que no es un sujeto político...
159 nature of wsf @17 pierre 11:13:17 Pierre : ver el proceso desde el punto de vista de sus participantes ( aportar nuevos formatos de participation no del CI/ facilitador - see the pocess the standpoint of participants ( bring new formats of participation ) not the IC / facilitator
160 nature of wsf @17 pierre 11:13:32 NeringaTumenaite : i agree that everything is political. open space is political. except maybe currently the used methodologies are not so “joint action oriented”
161 reaction @44 rita 11:13:57 Gina : muy bien Rita!
162 reaction @44 rita 11:14:03 Tord : long live youhth self organized processes!
163 reaction @44 rita 11:14:12 Hamouda : muy bien Rita y damien verdad
164 reaction @44 rita 11:14:16 Rosy CEAAL : Gracias Damien y Rita!!
165 reaction @44 rita 11:14:31 Gina : gracias Damien también!!
166 reaction @44 rita 11:14:58 Flora : Muy buena relatoría! Gracias RITA y DAMIEN!! abrazos fuertes
167 complement @13 barry 11:15:36 Barry : The existing global capitalist world system is now encountering the ecological and social limits of its reproduction— within 20 years there could be a severe breakdown — the climate change and ecological breakdown crises— now is the time to combine the actions of social movements and workers throughout the world— the WSF must help produce that unity-
168 reaction @46 hector 11:15:36 Nilton Freitas : Excelente conducción Héctor
169 reaction @46 hector 11:15:50 Meena: It has kept me awake so it was interesting clearly :-)
170 reaction @44 rita 11:15:56 Nilton : Muy bien Rita, muy buen resumen
171 reaction @44 rita 11:15:56 Alessia : obrigada Rita por la exposición de la muy buena y importante síntesis!
172 complement 17 pierre 11:16:47 Pierre : sobre el papel de CI como facilitador y nuevos formatos de participación para empoderar participantes y potencializar el proceso foro – dar valor agregado a su participación http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2020-discusionfsm-input36-es
about IC role as facilitators and new participation format for empowering participants and potentialize the forum process - give added value to their participation
173 reaction 17 pierre 11:17:05 Meena Menon : Thank you Pierre
174 reaction @44 rita 11:17:16 roberto : rita, buen trabajo
175 complement 17 pierre 11:18:17 Pierre : see here a document about “IC : political body or facilitating community ? aqui un texto “CI cuerpo politico o comunidad facilitadora?”
176 reaction @13 barry 11:19:02 Marko : Barry, well formulated. WSF should help. By providing a space for movemenrs to develop convergence and leaderhip.
177 reaction @17 pierre 11:19:04 Mirek PragueSpring2 : Pierre, please do not paint it in black and white only, the world is much more colourful, so has the WSF be
178 website 11:19:40 Madhuresh : http://www.forumsocialmundial.org.br/ Seems this has been dysfunctional now. This used to be the official site for long. And of course for each of the events there was independent sites.
179 dialogue 11:20:06 Meena : Many movements and global networks are missing
180 reaction @45 hector 11:20:16 chico : Muy Bueno, Hector
181 reaction @45 hector 11:21:21 Gina : Bien Hector, gracias por una buena conduccion
182 reaction @45 hector 11:21:27 Hamouda : gracias hector and meena
183 saludos 11:22:01 Carminda : Gracias a tod@s por este esfuerzo!! Segimos!! Thanks to all!!
184 saludos 11:22:11 Mike IAI AFRICA : thank you for the session. Be well
185 dialogue 11:22:48 Madhuresh : Thanks Hector, Meena, Hamouda, Rosy and Pierre for organising this. These dialogues are necessary for moving forward.
186 reaction @17 pierre 11:23:08 Pierre : Mirek - all the colours are in the self organization in the wsf space :-)
187 practico 11:23:30 Flora : muchas gracias a quienes coordinaron! a les traductores
188 dialogue 11:24:03 Gautam: I endorse what Madhuresh just said. I'm sure if we put our energies together then we can take it forward
189 saludos 11:24:08 Ernesto BWI-ICM : Muchas gracias a todos y todas
190 practico @48 hamouda 11:25:18 Marko : to whom should the volunteer translator register?
191 dialogue 11:25:33 Pierre : ver aqui un corpus de 40+ documentos sobre el futuro del foro http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2020-discusionfsm/#ES - see here a corpus of 40+ documents about the future of wsf http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2020-discusionfsm/#EN
192 practico 11:25:47 Hamouda : marko to my mail
193 saludos 11:25:55 Neringa: Thank you all for the meeting and sharing all the info! Take care! x
194 saludos 11:25:57 Beatriz : Gracias a todos. Excelente iniciativa!
195 practico 11:26:32 Pierre : see here this calendar of events ( which is not a calendar of initiatives/ yet to be buit http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2018-calendar/#lista
196 saludos 11:26:44 Marko : Warm thanks to all.
197 saludos 11:27:00 Flora : un abrazo fuerte Rosy!
198 saludos 11:27:17 Maria Elena: Gracias a todes!!!! Coordinadores/as - Traductores/as ++++ Participantes!!!!! Muy buen encuentro!!!! HLVS
199 saludos 11:27:28 Athena : Thank you!!!!!!
200 saludos 11:27:35 Matt : Abrazos! Gracias!!
201 saludos 11:27:46 Laëtitia : Gracias a todos!