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[23/01/2016 15:50:05] : situation in the world

 [23/01/2016 14:28:04] : hello here are live images of the WSF international council meeting in porto alegre

[23/01/2016 14:28:05] : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pokQyOaTCc

[23/01/2016 14:28:14] : the meeting has not started yet

[23/01/2016 14:33:49] : hello there you can send questions

[23/01/2016 14:33:54] : we try to answer them

[23/01/2016 15:12:51] : hello there

[23/01/2016 15:38:33] *** a invité Giuseppe***

[23/01/2016 15:38:46] : welcome Giuseppe t

[23/01/2016 15:39:05] : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pokQyOaTCc

[23/01/2016 15:39:47] giuseppe: Hi!

[23/01/2016 15:42:50] Hasan : Hi All!

[23/01/2016 15:43:07] : giuseppe is from Finland

[23/01/2016 15:43:58] Hasan : Hi Guiseppe, here is Hasan from Bangladesh!

[23/01/2016 15:48:03] Giuseppe: Hi Hasan!

welcome sandeep from Nepal video is here and comments can be shared in this circle

 [23/01/2016 15:50:05] : now going to Europe situation

now Ronald a person from Quebec

this is part of the first round of discussion

Not everyone is convinced that WSF process is useful to their struggle,  a space that allows to have political impact , we issued a call for mobilization (@)

There is tension The meeting after cop21 has been cancelled in berlin in February

[23/01/2016 16:18:28] : now ouattara is talking about the situation in west Africa

[23/01/2016 16:51:05] : Jen from the US is saying that there are thousand and thousands of debts that make life really difficult This is Jennifer from the US social Forum

[23/01/2016 16:55:31] : Leo from Austria

He has listened to the analysis and thinks he needs to go to Canada as it reflects hope Hope has been lost

Maybe we have had false hopes we thought that the left parties in Europe will fulfill our hopes, But they haven't

[23/01/2016 17:01:18] : Rita

Very powerful articulation between media and power:

Efforts to fights hegemonic media; but not in Brazil:

Now media campaign from the right

We cannot think about democratization if we don t talk about communication concentration of media and hate speech

[23/01/2016 17:04:26] Hasan : Important issue

[23/01/2016 17:05:30] : It was mentionned a problem of corruption in brazil. the left were the people who took the most seriously this problem. But yes we need self-critique.

Venezuela still depends on petrol.

[23/01/2016 17:06:35] : We should introduce the agenda of the meeting, because we are getting late

[23/01/2016 17:06:43] : Now we go the coffe break.

[23/01/2016 17:07:57] Hasan : Okay

[23/01/2016 17:41:27] *** a invité Stéphane ***: stephan welcome : will be translating

Janneth Women who suffer violence during the war. We need to follow the peace process in Columbia.

It is still the capitalist extractivist model in Columbia.it is very strong.

There is a strong concern with experience in other countries: an increase of violence against women, people of color, indigenous


For the social forum: the transnational dictatorship.

Interesting discussion from the perspective multiplicity.

But they are common concerns: how build a common process in this situation which is very different than before.

3 commons things: We don't believe in left government anymore (not sure I understand).Our left government implement neoliberalism agenda. We have also the climatic environment which is getting worst. Because of the model of extraction and destruction. Including by the governments from the left.

We need self-criticism, otherwise we lose alternatives. We also have bigger fragmentations. The spaces for articulation have been emptied.

What WSF answers to important of our time? What space of articulation can we built?

Simply reproducing the model we have is not enough. We should think about this with the same intensity as we did in 2001.We need to deal with common aspects raised in the talks.

[17:56:44] : Chico.

Our message in 2001, "another world possible". We added «another world is necessary, extremely necessary, urgently necessary». Because of the wars, with drones etc.

It is urgent for us to change this world. Soon.

These is the result of logic, the logic of capitalism. If they are winning, it doesn't mean we are losing, on the contrary. Millions of initiatives, but we have not been able to change the direction of the thing.

We are not able to replace capitalist logic, by life logic. We : I mean, everything involved in this mess : political parties, government, etc

Another thing: We need to review What we communicate to whom, and how we do this.

As Rita said, The system is dominated by the enemy.

Even if we are willing, we cannot go through this barrier. We need mechanism to spread out what's going on. We have the tendency to talk among ourselves.

But forget the "99% and 1%".The amount of people who just walk around what we are saying is big.We have to address the 99% of the world. We need to talk to them instead of just ourselves.

[18:03:58] uddhab: Good night: hi. Do you read me ?

[18:05:43] : I would like to mention a few thing about civil society in Europe.

When civil society critics the neoliberal politics, they are labelled pro-Russian.

Civil society is corrupted with its comfortable way of life.

Because of the refugee, they was important criticism.

But civil society was really quiet.

We say this hard process of process of peace.

[23/01/2016 18:15:00] : ( video will come back)

Rafael  latin america 

I remind the declaration about Latin America and Caribe as peaceful region.

We will start a campaign against a military base in Latin America.

I would like to talk about an agenda of activities of the coming period.

: We have to see it as a moment of change.

We had leftist government in Latin America. It was a great advance.

I'm happy to see new young people.

 [23/01/2016 18:23:01] : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urRu01jdY_E

[23/01/2016 18:23:08] : the newly restarted video


 [23/01/2016 18:22:56] : The agenda :

There are discussions about the agenda.

Discussion about the structure.

[23/01/2016 18:27:15] : Now we discuss about new members (not sure if it's a general).

Hamouda explaining how new members were accepted in the beginning.

Since 2010, the International committee didn't accept anybody. Membership.

Here is the list of candidate:

Discussions about the members.

Do we ask international, national or regional?

The national organizations should not be allowed?

On the raised point these were anterior criteria, today criteria say that organizations have to be present in at least three countries.

Historically, some national organizations were allowed.

[23/01/2016 18:36:34] : Leo What surprise me. Our network in East Europe is not on the list.

[23/01/2016 18:37:02] : Hamouda didn't get the organizations from East Europe.

[23/01/2016 18:45:05] : Discussions about the decision on including the organizations.

People should have the right to look at the sheets.

[23/01/2016 18:45:05]  Moema : My proposal will be to make the information available, and take decision tomorrow.

I would like that organizations who applied were supported by many two members.

Supporting members should be included in the information.

These organizations have been waiting before. Waiting for three years.

This information should have been posted before.

It's irresponsible to postpone their approval.

All organizations should be presented. We should clarify this by tomorrow.

We can accept some tonight, and if we have questions about the others, we can accept them tomorrow.,

We should trust the extension committee and accept them.

We want to postpone this until tomorrow morning, not until the WSF in Canada.

If the forum is subversive, there is no problem.

It's proposed that all organizations except those the questioned are approved.

[23/01/2016 18:55:12] : [I'm going into a break]

[23/01/2016 19:11:10] : I'm coming back from break.


[23/01/2016 19:11:20] : There is now a discussion on the structure.

We should discuss if we have a secretary in a local place for a longer time. It was discussed but not decided. We discussed the general structure of the IC, didn't decided.

Another task: accepting new members, criteria and see their roles.

We want to make thing more flexible, etc.

The theme of expansion.

Since we discuss about this.

We need to give priority to the expansion to geographical place not covered now.

[23/01/2016 19:16:51] : Four types of criteria we proposed :

Compatibility of the charter of principles. And adhesion)

Second criteria: participation to the forum.

1. Adhesion to the charter

2. Support by two existing members.

3. The organization should have existence for 2 years.

It might be too bureaucratic. I don't see why this is necessary. We can have association, alliance. My proposal: change from two to one year.

4. Organizations should have activities in three different countries.

: Problem: it's easier for small countries than big countries like India.

There are dimensions that we should also consider to ensure diversity: gender, sexual, racial, etc.

There hasn't been a discussion on the commissions. We agreed they will continue, but not on the content.

I propose workgroups to think about our process.

works group on commissions, on extensions, on the Forum in Quebec.

[23/01/2016 19:28:32] : Workshop on the meeting of IC, to have other meeting that presential (physical).

The solidarity fund, We have reached the importance.

[23/01/2016 19:29:46] : I want to put attention to the 10 tasks of the IC.(as defined in Casablanca @

The meetings of the IC should be more focused. We shouldn't lose so much time on this.

The other point to discuss is the "executive secretary".

In the process of the decentralization of secretary, we need to discuss the role of the secretary, since it's more or less working.

[23/01/2016 19:33:32] : Francine 4 briefs points :

1. We should clarify the role and status of the thematic forums.

2. Three demands: this discussion have been ongoing for 4 years. We need to close up.

3 : What our task and our objectives is ?

4. This new IC should allow us to play a role, an active in the resistance to neoliberalism,

The WSF is not as attractive as before. But it's still the only global place where to meet

There is a deep crisis, and the left is absent.,

I'm afraid we are becoming irrelevant.

We could have all these beautiful criteria’s. But if we are irrelevant, it's useless.

I would like us to really exist, as an IC and as WSF.

Tomorrow, we continue our work.

We are not opening now for debate. We are debate tomorrow.


[24/01/2016 09:52:23] : the meeting resumes

[24/01/2016 09:52:56] Uddhab Welcome from Porto Alegre IC

[24/01/2016 10:00:44] : reorganization issues 

talking about how to request existing formal members if they want to stay in the council

Who is in who is out ?

Hamouda : a group supporting this effort to outreach

Solidarity fund - groups want to participate and cannot come to meetings

[24/01/2016 10:07:25] : Sheila - many organization went out and would come back to do what ?

Reading item 7 of WSF charter

[24/01/2016 10:10:06] : Rita : talk with organizations

[24/01/2016 10:10:38] : Chico - let us go step by step

We start a new step a new ci  without details

[24/01/2016 10:12:37] : Cecilia - summarizing

[24/01/2016 10:13:25] : Leonardo offered to create a WG to circulate the letter ....

Who else with Leonardo - Chico Damien Pierre Uddhab Leo and Leonardo

Point closed


[24/01/2016 10:18:00] : point 2 - invite people linked to regional nation thematic forum as observers -

[24/01/2016 10:19:02] : Gina – forum  would need to have some level of organicity ... how to represent a forum

[24/01/2016 10:19:11] : Moema - what is the meeting of this invitation?

There is a vitality in the forum process - organize IC meeting in a way that the meeting be interesting for them revitalize operation of IC

Forum organizes and express n very diverse ways but talk about how to make the meeting revitalizing

[24/01/2016 10:21:42] :  Teivo - allow remote participation

There is something generational about that

[24/01/2016 10:23:06] : Hamouda- am a bit lost - we want people in the IC and we want criteria about being in the IC there is a list -

Forums are product of world forum process

The work on issues - that will revitalize

We want to revitalize be able to work together

[24/01/2016 10:26:07] : Chico - how to expand step by step. it is a principle that forums are welcome as observers

[24/01/2016 10:30:37] : Pierre: let us create a WG that would invite and welcome people on line during the IC meetings - especially those linked to forums

[24/01/2016 10:31:17] : Leo - social form of eastern Europe 11 13 march in Wroclaw

[24/01/2016 10:32:11] : Mauri - we are here just about changing the work there is no other reason

: i was moved when Youssef said that Palestine youth was claiming to be inspired by WSF

it is our unique way to face the capitalist power

From this viewpoint this discussion is absurd ... bureaucratic disconnected from the real process

in FST more than 10 000 people gave spirit - and this IC meeting - is disconnected

FST was operating with open plenaries and had no problems

our unique task is develop Canada

[24/01/2016 10:36:10] : Carminda - supporting what Pierre said we practice IC in Canada

[24/01/2016 10:36:40] : as organizers of WSF are we in IC?

liege - we gave floor to Mauri and Carminda as they are observers -

[24/01/2016 10:39:20] : Ouatara

[24/01/2016 10:40:05] : Moema - we are a transition period - but organizers of WSF have always been full members of ic

[24/01/2016 10:41:58] : Rita - we cannot deal with forums as if they had the same level of presence and contribution

 [24/01/2016 10:43:19] : Chico - everything is linked in this discussion - let us stay to the precise point

[24/01/2016 10:44:12] : Kamal : we have not lost time -we have started a debate on the future of WSF - will it stay at the same rhythm -and the role of thematic forum it is not a vain debate

We have built forum under dictatorship in Tunisia and morocco and had to link with ic

We want to be there as regional forum in IC

We need to understand as IC there is geopolitics where we have to get involved from a specific place in the world, make a small forum in Palestine however small - is meaningful

What articulation with people involved in local forum that are transformative

Whereas WSF is an articulation place not a local change vector

in my opinion they should be full members

[24/01/2016 10:47:57] : Maren

: Then participation of those forum is temporary as they are temporary also

[24/01/2016 10:48:27] : Cecilia

[24/01/2016 10:54:41] : ( discussion about whether creating now a WG as pierce proposed or later)

[24/01/2016 10:54:55] : Gina -

[24/01/2016 10:56:26] :  Teivo transparency

We have different culture of openness.. We put public on internet - but we have to give the right that some people can ask no openness for some moments

[24/01/2016 10:59:09] : Chico - we are not ingenuous- there is always a way to participate in closed meeting - transparency absolute of IC meeting  and  need for secrecy has to find other ways(about transparency)

[24/01/2016 11:00:21] : Moema : what is the restructuration WG proposing concretely ?: more than generic truth ...

[24/01/2016 11:01:06] : Rita


[24/01/2016 11:03:47] :  Teivo: consensus decisions - what does it mean ?

90% decision as an alternative?

[24/01/2016 11:08:57] : Chico - we are not the UN -consensus method: decision by consent

the 10% will fund another movement :final criteria is  consent to go on together despite our divergences

[24/01/2016 11:15:47] : Pierre : in 12 years of IC I see that the consent method has worked, and the problem of IC is not the decision method.

[24/01/2016 11:15:53] : Uddhab

[24/01/2016 11:16:47] : consensus is not unanimity ..] : build consents rather than counting


[24/01/2016 11:20:19] :  Teivo - new criteria for inclusion

one year of existence -  presence in 3 countries

[24/01/2016 11:22:12] Hasan : (y)

now discussing

About how new members are included and if was need a workgroup) for that

As was the expansion commissions

[24/01/2016 11:33:30] : Sheila

[24/01/2016 11:33:34] : Leonardo: we are going to work together organizations need to be introduced

2 years to avoid opportunism

[24/01/2016 11:38:18] : Rita will commission be open?: it could be a step to pre-join the council

[24/01/2016 11:39:55] : Damien - two years of political operation and not necessarily formality

[24/01/2016 11:47:33] : Moema - flexibility a good rule in time of mutation

[24/01/2016 11:52:39] : Sheila – have clear criteria and then flexibilize them

[24/01/2016 11:56:07] : Maren - international organization are not enough close to local struggles - the 3 country criteria  is a problem more than a resources -

[24/01/2016 11:56:20] : Oded –maybe require to have three international partners rather than presence in 3 countries

[24/01/2016 12:00:59] : Jennifer :

[24/01/2016 12:01:13] : Mauri - our process is political and can change and reagree

This space has meaning if at the service of a strategy - accumulate strength for change

: local or no local is secondary - what is important is if the group action has international dimension

[24/01/2016 12:04:31] : Rafael - we cannot have a IC ingesado: martin Luther king in Cuba for instance

[24/01/2016 12:08:28] *** a invité Henri- ***: welcome Henri from Montreal

[24/01/2016 12:10:59] : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUGkY88973poKprpx3UsN5Q

 [24/01/2016 12:08:56] : Gina -

[24/01/2016 12:09:08] : Leonardo - case by case review

[24/01/2016 12:10:18] : Maren - disagreeing with the conclusion by Gina

 [24/01/2016 12:10:45] : Moema if all national organization from brazil ...want to get in .. The main logic is what is the council for,  what is the intentionality of IC

Not the same in all countries

[24/01/2016 12:13:36] : Liege

[24/01/2016 12:14:26] : Moema - - move the unclosed discussion to IC in Montreal

[24/01/2016 12:14:59] : Mauri - the divergence is on the mechanism - the criteria of international relevance is political - 3 countries in not political. We diverge on the mean to assess international impact

All inclusions will be result of a political debate here in plenary

[24/01/2016 12:16:39] : Hamouda - disagree o the 3 country criteria

Egypt a group want to be member and has contact inside Egypt it is useful

[24/01/2016 12:27:58] : Chico

[24/01/2016 12:28:00] : Pierre

[24/01/2016 12:35:57] : Sheila

[24/01/2016 12:36:10] : Norma

[24/01/2016 12:39:59] : Hamouda

 [24/01/2016 12:42:34] dan baron: Greetings from Belém to the IC. 

The Brazilian Network of Arteducators is accompanying this discussion as part of its own preparation this weekend for its Pan-Amazonian program (2016), the WSF 2016, and the Pan-Amazonian Social Forum (now April 2017).

[24/01/2016 12:48:12] HenriHi everyone !It seems a bit confusing...

 [24/01/2016 12:49:48] : it is !


Now going to WG group forming

[24/01/2016 12:40:11] : Rita communication group

[24/01/2016 12:46:43] : expansion group - many people letter group

Leonardo Moema Teivo Kamal Maren Janneth hamouda Pierre Vijay Jennifer

 [24/01/2016 12:55:32] : cañada support group

 Leo Moema Outtara Nilza Pierre Hamouda Salete Jennifer Carminda Damein Alaa Yosef

Cannot be mixed with expansion

[24/01/2016 12:56:00] : extension group

 Leonardo Chico Uddhab Pierre

[24/01/2016 12:59:26] : comunicación group

 Salete Rita Norma Pierre Paco Chico Nilza

[24/01/2016 13:00:17] Henri- Y a-t-il une salle avec animation en Français ou English ?

[24/01/2016 13:01:39] : here is the ropm for english

[24/01/2016 13:01:45] Nemr I noticed that this room has become in Spanish and not in English

[24/01/2016 13:01:52] : but there is no one to make the french at the moment

[24/01/2016 13:04:46] Henri-.: Ya, but in english it's ok ! if you can explain a bit...:-)


 [24/01/2016 13:03:03] : Hamouda about  secretariat

We had a hard time working since Tunis

Now we have the data base

We are going to work on a website

Will send you three images on the list about the image of the site

We worked voluntarily with Alaa so far but now we have some money to pay for the secretariat

Operate the secretariat mail address

Domain name paid or need another one ?

We would like this secretariat to be supported for translation

AR and FR OK we would like help for ES PT

We worked on IC list no bounce in the list

Soon we will be choosing one person EN AR FR

[24/01/2016 13:09:04] : Kamal ( politically it is important of the region that this secretariat can stay in the frame of this region need involvement of ICin this region

[24/01/2016 13:11:29] : Damien -  some people making political accompaniment of the secretariat

[24/01/2016 13:11:46] : Moema - proposing to postpone this issue till Quebec

[24/01/2016 13:12:54] : Chico - it is not Hamouda alone it is fsmagrheb

[24/01/2016 13:13:31] : Hugo

[24/01/2016 13:13:34] : Kamal

[24/01/2016 13:14:02] : Hamouda member of fsmaghreb that is engaging politically on this secretariat it is evident

[24/01/2016 13:15:08] : Gina - solidarity fund issue

postpone to Quebec meeting

[24/01/2016 13:15:35] : lunch break

[24/01/2016 13:18:04] Henri Thank you people, for the understanding :-)

[24/01/2016 15:20:06] Henr  thank you for the writings !

 [24/01/2016 14:47:47] : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUGkY88973poKprpx3UsN5Q




    [24/01/2016 14:47:52] : now starting again

    [24/01/2016 14:57:29] : Damien introductive address

    [24/01/2016 15:03:44] : someone from Porto alegre municipality proposing to help host an event at the time of Davos


    [24/01/2016 15:07:53] : Carminda presenting WSF 2016

    explaining the consultation on thematic axes of WSF 2016

    Seminar in October international consultation difficult to accommodate everyone

    then using key words to develop each axes


    [24/01/2016 15:13:48] : now reviewing the axes

    [24/01/2016 15:18:51] : Damien - we are invited to approve the axes

    [24/01/2016 15:19:27] : Liege - there is nothing about the international crisis

    [24/01/2016 15:19:53] : Moema - are we going to discuss the axes?

    if we cannot discuss the axes how can we approve them?

    [24/01/2016 15:21:08] : Damien

    [24/01/2016 15:21:13] : Vijay (india)

    Am going through the list -and except cultural diversity it is a comprehensive catalog

    in the three forum i participated - a lot of diversity

    i had an open ended organization since 1990 - conclusion whatever the list .. Movement come and discuss in their own idiom and it is not determinance by IC...

    Take point 13 - sky is the limit: openness: i attended both Tunis forum -

    [24/01/2016 15:24:08] : this document of axis give south Asian movements full capacity to get involved

    [24/01/2016 15:24:22] Henri From Montreal: Yes, the topics are not exclusive! They are guide lines, for everyone, for the discussion and comprehension of issues in a WSF.

    [24/01/2016 15:24:33] : not familiar with the usual protocol - there is no approving for ic

    [24/01/2016 15:24:37] : Mauri people participate and be actors in the forum

    i see everything i need here but my concern is the approach

    We are not going to mobilize.. My suggestion would be to rewrite those axes in the sense putting capitalist crisis many places

    This wording is concealing conflicts not explicating them

     [24/01/2016 15:28:21] : Damien

    [24/01/2016 15:28:34] : Gina - would not want us approve this now

    everything is here without political profile and gender should be transverse

    [24/01/2016 15:30:27] : Damien - one week more for the IC- the Canada WG would synthesizes

    [24/01/2016 15:31:31] : Maren - some WSF had no thematic axes - some have and are supposed to be facilitating if they are not helping - ... it is just a tool to help thing - this is not the only way  there are also tables of convergence etc

    Would invite everyone to allow Canadians to go on - some days to make important proposal - but also OC task to finalize

    [24/01/2016 15:33:00] : Chico - the problem is the meaning objective for this list

    There is some misunderstanding  Decision process on axes - 5 axes defined then 12 then 13

    What will be discussed in the forum is what people will want to discuss

    All this can be discussed and whatever more: give the tone of the forum as Mauri said

    Simple words  and general tone

    This work does not need to be approved by IC: work by oc supported by the Canada IC support group

    [24/01/2016 15:35:28] HenriYes, we agree on those comments.

     [24/01/2016 15:36:22] : Rita -

    Complimenting methodology of consultation used

    For Belem we as IC decided -

    Revise with struggling tone ... 

    Will racism be relevant in the list ?

    [24/01/2016 15:39:07] : Damien

    [24/01/2016 15:40:02] : Ronald - want to insist on the axes as a reference -tool for reference - we find most everything in it -  we can better improve it -

    Those axes need to be looked at in the light of how groups and networks will conduct their debate

    convergence assembly and call

    [24/01/2016 15:41:34] : Janneth

    calling process - relevant to the context - absence of the word crisis

    [24/01/2016 15:44:40] : Moema

    Themes spaces for agglutination of struggles

    There was a methodology commission

    [more time and how to use it

    [24/01/2016 15:49:02] : Chico -

    [24/01/2016 15:49:06] : Mauri

    We change the teehsirt slogan in December

    [24/01/2016 15:51:20] Henri we are missing points...

    [24/01/2016 15:53:08] Henri We really hope that people will recognize themselves in this process of Axis...

     [24/01/2016 15:52:11] : Hamouda - we just need a slogan

    Slogan is attractive journalist came on the slogan justice and dignity: transversality of rights

     [24/01/2016 15:53:55] : ICshould do as in Porto alegre big discussion on future of WSF – IC could work with oc so it is in view

    [24/01/2016 15:55:27] : Catarina -  one axis that was requested by unions

    slogan could be found in the IC now

    [24/01/2016 15:56:25] Henri yes, she is explaining that OC in Canada are open to welcome opinions, and suggestions on Axis, sub-themes etc.

     [24/01/2016 15:56:11] :  Teivo

    i found many words on international situations - What about using transversal axes  for political axes ?

    [24/01/2016 16:02:44] : Alaa - difficulty with placing migration - Africa welcome 60% of migrants - change men of viewpoints -

    [24/01/2016 16:02:49] : Pierre –there is a lot of demands made in this discussion directed to Canada  OC on the axes but there are other tools such as the calls and the committees to highlight political axes , and in Belem the axes were purposely generic wording, and in Tunis the axes were not defined  from the onset and were induced after revision of the proposed activities

    [24/01/2016 16:03:01] : Sheila  there was many possibilities for participation

    Not invest more in the axes Review the axes is respectless

    [24/01/2016 16:05:55] : Liege - this is more for self-organized activities - not for main axes

    Improve the work with experience of other WSF

    [24/01/2016 16:07:15] : Carminda

    We are flexible, we are all volunteer and need to mobilize around

    Please help finalize this to progress and not demotivate. Unions are finally inside actively the process

    What we do in Montreal is “genial”  great. i propose 15 days  -then the Canada group is meeting and -

    What will be the methodology will see let us give 2 weeks

    [24/01/2016 16:10:26] : Moema

    Maybe better discuss the call than the axes we should have discussed before

    we are all involved soul and heart in the forum ( not just the Canadian)

    How do we help: the meeting in Paris was bad, critiques seemed not accepted by the OC

    Maybe do not use the axes and induce them after the first registration and redefine the themes and define what they will be used for

    [24/01/2016 16:14:41] : Damien

    [24/01/2016 16:15:15] : Rita -

    [24/01/2016 16:15:48] : Chico - who see simple word or take out make the observation

    This was not a lost work - it has been effective to mobilize in Canada everyone feels considered, this work had a utility now we are in another step

    [24/01/2016 16:18:46] : Ouatara - i have witnessed  Nairobi and Dakar i see risks  moment Chico Hamouda .Damien they are professional  - a Canada support group was created in Salvador will IC send one or two people in Montréal and avoid problems

    Not everything can be done in internet - not be the doctor after the death

    [24/01/2016 16:20:33] : Damien

    [24/01/2016 16:20:49] : Safa

    Now you see the slides Safa is commenting

    Most information is available on the website https://fsm2016.org

    Menu participate crowdfunding campaigns Steps for the crowdfunding

    for accommodation 3600 hotel room including  800 in  university room

    Group reservation open above 10 people hotels@fsm2016.org

    30 page guide about the visa forms

     [24/01/2016 16:35:40] : presenting the website

    now about mobilization - call for mobilization

    [24/01/2016 16:41:15] : Ronald presenting

    [24/01/2016 16:59:25] : Carminda

    [24/01/2016 16:59:40] : Damien

    [24/01/2016 17:01:18] : Mauri - now the committee in Porto alegre is focusing on participation in Montreal

    Here we charged 20R$ and had to lower the cost - very costly120R$ = 40 CAN$

    [24/01/2016 17:02:25] : Salete

    We had two conversation with embassies of Canada in Brazil

    [24/01/2016 17:04:34] : Gina

    Need an inclusive IC list

     [24/01/2016 17:08:40] : Ouatarra applause for the work done

    What about translation?

    What about budget?

    Take care of Intermediates visas


    [24/01/2016 17:10:51] : Ana

    Responsible for PSF indigenous caucus in 2014. At the end of PSF we did not know about WSF. There are various caucus of indigenous in PSF. There are people who knows and just need to work with them

    [24/01/2016 17:15:55] : Ronald

    Want to input about mobilization strategy

    The indigenous had been mobilized independently form PSF

    The reality of alter globalization is not unorganized individuals: in Quebec  40% of workers are  unionized people: that is the strategy

    The concern is that the Montréal event is not in the agenda of the networks create effervescence and momentum

    [24/01/2016 17:20:21] : Carminda

    [24/01/2016 17:20:23] : Ana

    i know that you are working hard the issue is not you

    [24/01/2016 17:21:11] : Katina

    [24/01/2016 17:22:15] : safa

    Transit visa is relevant issue and not addressed in the guide

    Check the flight transits

    [24/01/2016 17:22:40] Nemr: This is Nemr from " Palestinian Social Forum " represented at the moment by Salah Salah who is attending at Porto Allegre

    [24/01/2016 17:24:21] : hello nemr

    [24/01/2016 17:25:31] Nemr I think that we need more specified terminologies concerning axis 10 , such as struggle against settlers and occupation of other peoples territories

    [24/01/2016 17:26:22] : thanks for the input ...will be conveyed to the relevant group - alos some people from Palestine have answered the online consultation

    [24/01/2016 17:26:28] : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUGkY88973poKprpx3UsN5Q

    [24/01/2016 17:26:50] : you can attend on line the end of the presentation in porto alegre

    [24/01/2016 17:28:08] Nemr any translation on the live stream??

    [24/01/2016 17:29:00] :we are making translation by written (summarized) here

    [24/01/2016 17:29:36] : you can see youseef on the screen just left to the person speaking

    [24/01/2016 17:29:51] Nemr thanks


     [24/01/2016 17:29:04] : Damien now other forum presentations

     [24/01/2016 17:29:54] :Romulo  about the 8th panamazonic forum

    Date now Abril 2017 , date was postponed to be not to close to Montreal - the original date will be pre forums

    We ask you to circulate this date

    We have a committee with activists from panamazonico y WSF

    We announced this forum in Tunis too

    We are open to suggestions and feed by the suggestions

    This is a very special region - very threatened by mega project 'Amazonia

    We made alliance at three levels - local committee in Tarapoto of Peru

    Second level larger networks national

    Then third level international committee in Amazonia

    This international committee met in June 2016 and establish methodology and objectives of this forum

    Now worked on by national committee

    Objective is alliance of Amazonian organization in struggle and against exclusion and make proposition of inclusion and care about the resources and “buen vivir”

    We have  a care methodology

    [24/01/2016 17:36:03] : Bia fre media forum

    The forum will take place two days before WSF in Montréal 7 to 14 of august 2016

    There is a local committee in mac Gill University

    Various organizations from Brazil France Maghreb Canada

    Main themes 4 axes

    Right to communication -Indigenous - mass surveillance - sustainability of free media

    Future of internet governance

    There is a website for free media forum

    [24/01/2016 17:37:02] : (nemr if you want to make an input about a project of social fourm let us know)

    [24/01/2016 17:38:41] Nemr: mr Salah is attending at present and he has all input

    [24/01/2016 17:38:52] : ok thanks

     [24/01/2016 17:39:15] : now Mesopotamian

    ergan from north Turkish Kurdistan

    immaz made a proposal of declaration by ilmaz

    Democratic confederalism self governance in the middle east is possible

    Third Mesopotamian forum third edition thematic

    Experience of direct democracy in Rojava (northern part of Syria)

    There are the 5 axes

    Direct democracy

    Universality vs plurality

    How to deal with cultural and religious diversity in this region

    Emancipation and liberation of women

    Last axis ecologist society

    Rojava there is no state

    Steps are taken

    Mesopotamian water forum postponed to 2017 with Iraqi social forum

    Would be held July in the city of Van, close to Iran

    Give a sign to Middle East population

    Commitment from IC WSF

    if you want to join in preparation process

    Participation is a signal of solidarity

    Want to discuss experience of other regions in the word not only the Zapatistas

    Yilmaz did not come because his brother and cousin have been killed by Turkish special forces

    in van in January killing of 12 youth activists

    [24/01/2016 17:51:16] : Chico nuclear 23 25 mars 26 march in japan  thematic social forum in japan - small forum first of a series: there will be another forum in France . Then a world one .. Build an international networks of anti nuclear

    [24/01/2016 17:52:31] : foro de Quito

    [24/01/2016 17:52:36] : Mauri thanks to everyone

    [24/01/2016 17:53:22] : now closing


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