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  • Emergency

    from uddhab on Sep 10, 2013 12:24 AM
    I really hope this gets to you in time, I was involved in a robbery during my
    trip to Istanbul, Turkey. I was mugged,all my belongings including mobile
    phone and credit card were all stolen.I asked my bank to cancel my cards and
    place hold on my account to avoid unauthorized access. I need your help flying
    back home.
    Am cash strapped at the moment. I've made contact with my bank but the best
    they could do was to send me a new card in the mail which will take 3-5
    working days to arrive here. I need you to lend me some money to sort
    my self out of this predicament, i will pay back once i make it out of
    Western union  is the fastest option to wire funds to me. Let me know if you
    need my details(full names on ID/location) to effect a transfer.
    Uddhab Pyakurel, PhD
    Mailing Address;
    NCCS, Sanepa,
    GPO Box 3316
    Lalitpur, Nepal.