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.......you are doing a wonderful job by trying to reconstruct the history of the WSF. ...it would be a good idea to clear the roles of each of us and see if we can cooperate.

To start with our aim and role: We want to be a neutral, safe, repository for documents which can and will be used to write the history of the WSF. We will not be the writers of such a history. It would be our job to collect and to keep those documents and make them available for interested scholars.

You should consider us as a help. We do not want to ‘take over’ your history. We want to make sure that also in ten years there are the original documents to be consulted about the history of the WSF. We are doing that in principle for every interested person or group. But often the organization which donates the archive asks for certain rules with regard to privacy etc. For us that is ok, as long as the material is safe.

.... of course that the WSF is a complicated organization. It is more a network. So we understand that it is difficult to point at the specific archive. Therefore it would be great if you could help identify the ‘pockets’ of archives on the WSF which are with people and organizations.

So that would be the first step for us: register what material is where.

The second step would be for the WSF or the people who own the material to decide where to keep that material in the future. 

The IISH wants to help in this by offering to be the repository.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.we hope you will check our site: there is so much, maybe we could tell you about the Institute. Maybe we can meet one time. When is the Forum of Forums exactly?

International Institute of Social History

Visiting Address: Cruquiusweg 31, 1019 AT  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Postal Address: P.O.Box 2169, 1000 CD  Amsterdam, The Netherlands