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Report on the methodology working group preparing the 2013 WSF.

see the sound track of meeting

Main elements of the discussion that took place on the morning of the 17th of July.

è About the  Forum, what we commonly agreed:

The 2013 WSF should be:

  • -          A popular forum, linked with the reality of the country, of the region, of the continents and of the world, with the real challenges and fights.
  • -          An open and inclusive forum, aimed to involve real social actors and movements, grassroots organizations, marginalized groups and communities.
  • -          A forum hosting and respecting all forms of cultural, religious, physical diversity, plural thoughts and gender equality, with respect and approval of the Porto Alegre Charter of Principles. 


è List of all proposals by participants on the different aspects:


1-      Elements to build social territories :

Big attention to be devoted to a good organization of the spaces of the forum

Logistic issues to be included in methodology

A space based on Solidarity economy (a specific group has been formed to work on it)

Accessibility to be guaranteed and involvement of associations working on handicap and access to disabled people to work with to plan the spaces

Respect for all and rejection of any form of violence inside the forum

Space for children

Space for sports


2-      Elements to enlarge the forum:

Suburbs forum should be organized to reach the popular communities

Imagine a “Tunis extended”, as in Belem and Dakar, in addition to the big space

One day of the forum to be organized all over Tunis

Expanded forum, as usual, to involve people which will not come to Tunis

Organise Caravans to reach the forum in order to involve other territories 

Work on an open fsm as a way to build up the forum in a participative way


3-      Elements for the Format:

A march to be organized, at the beginning or another moment

The space for social movements Assembly and other activities to be guaranteed

Proposals for specific days: on women, on migrants, on Palestine

One day devoted to the Maghreb Machrek revolution and the challenges

One day of "Occupy Tunis" 

Introduce forms and spaces for controversies, to attract different cultures in the Forum

Convergency on social justice to attract religious forces and avoid polarization


To be effective: 

A group on convergences and assemblies to be established now (with USA social forum);

A discussion to be done on how to conclude (assembly of assemblies to be evaluated, other forms to imagine)

A group to be formed to find the methodology for debating topics before the forum (as done in Cochabamba and in other international events); also a way to be inclusive; have it in a horizontal and self organized basis

Meetings and trainings in all regions of Tunisia and suburbs of Tunis, to familiarize people to what is the WSF process and to the WSF in Tunis in 2013


Topics and special spaces:

Women, Palestine, migrants, debt, youth and unemployment, alternative culture, Tunisia and the Maghreb situation, racism, youth, the culture of resistance, Saharouie issue, marginalized area, nuclear power, civil society, Maghreb Machrek, social rights, environment, small farmers and peasantry, transnational corporations, cultural and religious cultural diversity, agrobusiness, food sovereignty, alliance between fundamentalists and capital, education and marchandisation, reactionary forces in the region, geopolitical conflicts in the region.