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 See Sfex agenda with other events extended

See website : http://www.iraqicivilsociety.org/

Space for enlargement of  ICSSI conference in erbil 8-9thth october

Background information

The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) holds for the first time its conference in Iraq,  with an active contribution by representatives of Iraqi NGOs,  press and media,  in addition to members of Iraqi trade unions federations and syndicates. International delegations from Europe,  United States,  Canada and other countries,  with member organizations of ICSSI or partners of Iraqi NGOs,  will participate in this conference to empower Iraqi civil society and its struggle for a better Iraq.

The agenda of the conference includes thematic sessions on all following topics:
  • Protests by Iraqi social movements and calls for institutional reforms
  • Freedom of press and free expression
  • Women and equality
  • Iraqi Youth and their current situation
  • Unions, workers’ freedom and rights
  • NGOs, their roles and challenges
  • Human rights and Iraq’s failure to comply with international standards
  • Nonviolence, struggle against militarization, occupation and foreign military bases
  • Water resources, pollution, and the war’s effects on the environment
  • Privatizations, neoliberalism and multinational grab of Iraqi oil wealth
  • The World Social Forum and its development in Arab countries
About 100 international and 150 Iraqi participants confirmed their attendence.