• Indonesia and WSF/ The 4th Urban Social Forum, Semarang Dec 3

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Indonesia and WSF/ The 4th Urban Social Forum, Semarang (Dec 3) 

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WHO IS CONVENING  : USF organizing committee through Kota kita  , a participating instance in the world social forum process, as both described in the  Charter of principles of world social forum   -

WHEN WHERE   December 3rd  Semarang 

WHAT  Greetings from the Organizing Committee of the 4th Urban Social Forum! Year after year the Urban Social Forum grows, in doing so it expands the conversation about better cities to include more and more people, communities, and ideas. The Forum believes in the need to urgently advocate for and promote a more socially just, sustainable and democratic city, and that active citizen participation is needed to achieve these goals.

We would like to invite you and your organisation to play an active role in this year’s Forum. There will be different ways you can participate, but ultimately you will have the opportunity to raise the awareness of, and connect with, people from across Indonesia about the issue that you care about, and promote new perspectives, ideas, and innovations.

The 4th Urban Social Forum will be held on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016, in Semarang, Central Java, and is a public, democratic, and inclusive space for the discussion and formulation of alternative and progressive ideas for our cities. The event invites civil society organizations, social leaders, community members, students and academics from all over Indonesia and beyond to gather and exchange experiences, build knowledge, and network with other leaders and organizations. Through a diverse and informative series of panels, participants can learn, share and spread knowledge, and in doing so inspire transformative change for urban communities across Indonesia.  

The objective of the Urban Social Forum is to give Indonesian social actors and civil society an opportunity to connect with others in their field, raise awareness about pressing urban issues and give grassroots initiatives the opportunity to promote their causes to a national audience. Under the slogan “Another City is Possible!,” the event promotes the idea of the need for new and alternative models of urban development that promote social justice,equity, sustainability and citizen participation.

One of the principle aims of the 4th Urban Social Forum is to bring socially marginalized urban issues to the forefront of public discussion and, in doing so, support efforts to raise awareness about them. This year’s event has strong representation of a young generation of social activists, the disabled community, women, the urban poor, the sexual minority, and civil society organizations from cities beyond Java.

 https://www.facebook.com/UrbanSocialForum/              &            http://urbansocialforum.or.id/


CONTACT USF organizers  



 >  FOR PLENARIES: come in contact with us  BEFORE DURING AFTER the  wihtout border events,  and be included somehow during it :join the permanent skype chat room  in english:  http://bit.ly/usfplenaries  

 >  FOR 12  ACTIVITIES/PANELS  in USF  see the following link  a table with  links to video page and chatrooms

indonesiaandwsf urban social forum 2016 remote participation program table act242  



 OPENING PLENARY  : "PARTNERING TO PROMOTE INCLUSIVE AND RESILIENT CITIES"   http://bit.ly/usfplenaries  Link to the video streaming: http://bit.ly/usf4streaming

Cities are often celebrated as centers of diversity, yet women, youth, the sexual minority community, the poor and many other marginalized groups are still underrepresented in shaping urban centers. The opening plenary panel will bring together government leaders, thinkers, activists and community members to reflect upon the role of civil society in promoting more inclusive cities. 

Hendrar Prihadi Mayor of Semarang

Alisa Wahid SDG’s Advocate in Indonesia

Risnawati Indonesian National Consortium for Disability Rights (INCDR) Social & Urban Activist


CLOSING PLENARY : "A NEW URBAN ERA? WHERE DO WE GO NOW? A CIVIL SOCIETY PERSPECTIVE ON THE NEW URBAN AGENDA"   http://bit.ly/usfplenaries  Link to the video streaming: http://bit.ly/usf4streaming

The 4th Urban Social Forum comes only weeks after the Habitat III global summit in Quito, Ecuador, where the New Urban Agenda was signed by over 150 nation states from across the world. This agreement signals a commitment by governments, such as the Government of Indonesia, to prioritize and support more sustainable, equitable and socially just cities. But while the New Urban Agenda outlines “what to do,” there is less clarity on how it will be implemented and what role the national government or other stakeholders will play. To ensure this isn’t another empty commitment, the final plenary will be a discussion on the role of civil society organizations in ensuring that local and national governments are held to their commitments, and how the Agenda’s implementation can be asuccess. If we are really entering a New Urban Era, who will be responsible for creating it? And what will it look like?

Nelson Saule Jr Global Platform for Right to the City

John Taylor Kota Kita

Sikdam Hassim urban Activist for Disability Rights

http://bit.ly/usf4streaming                            http://bit.ly/usf4chat

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TIME IN SEMARANG   https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/indonesia/semarang

indonesiaandwsf urban social forum 2016 remote participation program table act242  

indonesiaandwsf usf2016 panel chatrooms notes act242

Registration (07.30 – 09.00)

Opening Ceremony (09.00 – 09.10)

Opening Remarks (09.00 – 09.30)

“Bersama, Membangun Kota yang Tangguh dan Berkeadilan bagi Masyarakat”

Opening Plenary (09.30 – 10.30)   http://bit.ly/usfplenaries  Link to the video streaming: http://bit.ly/usf4streaming

“Partnering to Pr omote Inclusive and Resilient Cities”

Parallel Session I (10.30 – 12.00)  http://bit.ly/usfplenaries   Link to the video streaming: http://bit.ly/usf4streaming

indonesiaandwsf urban social forum 2016 remote participation program table act242  


Panel 1 to 10

Parallel Session II (13.00 – 14.30)

Panel 11 to 20 Workshop II

Parallel Session III (14.30 – 16.00)

Panel 21 to 30 Workshop III

*to be confirmed

Closing Plenary (16.15 – 17.30)

A New Urban Era? Where Do We Go Now? A Civil Society Perspective on the New Urban Agenda

Art Performances and Film Screening (18.30 – 21.00) 

PRESENTATION BOOKLET number of each panel may not correspond to the final programming


Solo Kota Kita

 Indonesia http://desiap.org/solo-kota-kita/

Solo Kota Kita (Solo Our City) is a bottom-up initiative which originated from a pilot-study conducted in 2009 by architecture students of a local university in Surakarta (Solo). The goal of the project is to raise awareness among citizens about issues in their own neighbourhood in order for them to have a proper voice in the city’s participatory budgeting (musrenbang)

This is accomplished by sending out community facilitors (along with residents) to collect and share data about their neighbourhoods. Both by traditional methods such as pen and paper as well as more modern methods such as an sms-tool which allows residents to text data to the project team directly. This data then is compiled in so-called ‘mini-atlases’, which can then be used by residents during the musrenbang meetings with the local government so that they can have insight into the issues and the development in their own neighbourhoods