• indonesia and wsf discussion

  • TODAY around 3PM Taiwan time : skype conversation chat room around an activity / encounter in taiwan - extension dynamics of wsf 2016

    from extension@... on Mar 20, 2016 12:34 AM
    Dear wsf participants in Asia
    A wsf activity takes place in taiwan today and  the day after tomorrow 
    face to face meeting in taiwan is 3pm  on 20 and on 22nd march
    Presentation of activity in taiwan held march 20 (today) and 22
    A link to the "contact and participation chat room" in skype is included 
    in the page  : https://join.skype.com/fYRmlN8Edc4D
    you can come before and after in the chat room
    Useful infos on wsf 2016  process and practicalities
    All 35 activities in the wsf 2016 extension dynamics ( each page leads 
    to a skype conversation room associate do m
    Looking forward to your next steps
    -Join us on skype   making contact woth "prepafsm2016.implication" - 
    making inputs in the circle of your country
    -Coming and making inputs in the "contact and participation rooms" of 
    some activies
    -Announcing upcoming extended activities in the name of a specific 
    organization  ( who what where when)  send to extension@...
    regards to all
    Welcoming group / mob group /extension team/