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    from pierre16 on Dec 16, 2016 09:17 AM
     Hai  everyone
    Welcome in world social forum  extension dynamics
    You receive this message because we have met on occasion of urban social
    forum  held in semarang last december 3rd, either during the forum or on
    the next day during the  right to the city workshop
    here are some photos and notes about urban social forum (*)
    They are part of the activities from usf that have been placed in the wider
    world social forum extension frame - an effort for transcribing  more
    content in english will be made
    This frame is proposed proposed around and in the wake of  wsf event in
    montreal last august
    https://fsm2016.org/en  and   https://fsm2016.org/en/actions/
    The activities presentation pages are placed in the indonesia and wsf space
    There is a page with the list of countries in the world showing the
    activities held i this frame in each country ( 250 activiteis in 40
    this is the charter of principles describig what the forum process is and
    is not
    there is a wsf calendar showing where and when are the social forum event
    that are the back bone of the  social forum process
    you are welcome to post inputs on the list indonesia-and-wsf-discussion@
    lists.openfsm.net and announce some upcoming meetings in indonesia that
    your organisaton wants to place s activities in the extension dynamics ,
    whatever the theme , inasmuch your orgnization is willing to be part of the
    world social forum process as described by its charter
    You can contact  extension@...   or  prepafsm2016.extension on
    skype  or "vaillant efessem"  on facebook
    there is the welcome circle indonesia and wsf on skype that you can access
    with your skype account following this link
    the welcome circle is to exchange info about participation in the wsf
    the  chat room in skype associated to each activity are the place where to
    hold discussions
    the list is moderated for the time being , and will grow hopefully with
    more people involved in urban social forum and the person they might invite
    to it later
    if you prefer to leave the list send a message with "unsubscribe"
    Thanks for your presence and contrbution  in USF
    extension dynamics support team
    wsf 2016 collective
    (*) a link to the self interviews  on youtube  for those who did will be
    given later - unfortunately the broadcast is of poor technical quality