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 In the tradition to oppose the Davos forum, we call for 15 May a day of action for universal mobilization for the right to health and social protection to counteract the neo-liberal agenda of the World Economic Forum convening 25-28 May in Singapore. 


17 August 2021 8:00 UTC Protesting World Economic Forum (Davos) meeting in Singapore The World Econonmic Forum will be held in 2021 in Singapore on 17-20 August. In tradition of the WSF, protests are planned and promoted. In collaboration with trade union initiative: https://join.wsf2021.net/initiatives/9140 Declaration from the Assembly of Social, Peace and Environment Movements
23 August 2021 12:00 UTC Mobilitation on Davos/Singapur World Economic Forum 23-27 August Due to its scale, speed of propagation and their potential consequences for the health of the population overall, the current pandemic of the COVID-19 is one Crisis health without precedent. It also represents the first crisis , economic world... more Towards an extraordinary mobilization parallel to the world economic forum in August 2021