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ISF is Extended and has an "enlarged isf program" : i-e activities, held in Baghad, where you can tele-attend or tele-participate through Internet  -  ISF  activity hours 9.00 - 15.00  GMT/UTC+3

  • Practical indications of       How to      tele-attend  or tele-participate on internet  with google+  and with skype
  • Enlarged program:    List of  20  streamed activities     in  the sept26th ,   sept27th   and  sept28th ISF program will be accessible  through internet
  • ISF is a continuous process, after ISF event : TO BE IN LINK WITH ISF EXTENSION TEAM  and get  informed about follow-ups of ISF or get in contact with some  ISF participants AFTER  ISFLEAVE as of now YOUR CONTACTS HERE 

ISF extension team

isf.extensionteam at gmail.com - skype  "isf.extensionteam" 

solidarity with ISF     photos in ISF


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