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Plan of minutes meeting #3 june 19th

Presents. Proposed agenda. indications on Making /reading of the minutes.

part 1) international mobilization, with many sub-issues.

part 2 - Interpretation& funding.

working party on interpretation.

part 3 - inputs for next ISF seminar in Baghdad.

part 4 - themes axes in ISF program..

part 5 ideas for the Baghdad premises – program..

part 6 - Ending.

part 7 - Agenda for next meeting.


Elena , ahmad, martina, Judith, Feroz, Pierre, Ismaeel, ibrahem (volunteer committee) ,Ahmed ( sport aginst violence) Shatha and ALi shaib

Ismaeel : today the iraqi have some internet problems , till now we have ahmed and: ali and the others are trying to join

this is a WRITTEN CHAT and Ismaeel open a parallel call with those who need Arabic translation

Proposed agenda

[this is the actual  agenda - everything here was in the original agenda albeit not in the same order and with only three parts]

part 1-organizing international mobilization for the ISF (international call, solidarity seminars,

part 2  training programme for interpreters, interpretation equipment

part 3- inputs for the seminar hedl in iraq this friday -mob in arab region countries too

part 4-organizing the program of ISF and the thematic axes,

part 5- suggestions by internationals to the Iraqi committee

indications on Making /reading of the minutes

Minutes are reshuffling the chat log in order to sort inputs by subject

[inputs between brackets like this] have been added and were not in the chat log

Elements highlighted in yellow are action commitments  /statements/decisions

@indicates something for next meeting agenda

blue hightliing indicate things to be done or work in progress

dimensioning of the ISF program from Baghdad- planning of registration in Iraq? inclusion of sport event?

part 1) international mobilization, with many sub-issues

1A-Finalizing the call

Martina :first of all, finalizing the international call for participants... last version is here http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/participation-call :so, let's check what comments people have on this international call

I have only one comment: I think this page - that is now linked at the end of the call - needs to be worked out better and simplified a lot, otherwise people risk to get lost when checking how to participate http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/isc-isf-participation-howto

Martina for the rest I think the letter is ok

[a reshuffling of the text has been made in this page and  a second page is available for finalizing the texts see point 1B]

Participation Options presented at the end of the call vocabulary for ISF Extension

Martina  first we need to decide what options we give to people

Feroz: Yes, I agree Martina. At the end of the letter when you solicit participation, give options 1,2,3 //

Ismaeel : agree with martina and Feroz on the options and registration \\

Feroz: So, at the end of the letter we can say: "We invite you to be a part of the ISF. There are several way you can join us: 1. Being with us in Baghdad; 2. Extended; 3. Parallel activities, 4. Combination of above.  something like that//

Martina :yes feroz! can you please suggest a format after this call, by mailing list?

Martina for the rest I think the letter is ok

Judith :: excellent, fEroz!

Feroz: yes, martina, i will send the draft//

[ a page has been created to work on this page  and bottom of call]


Pierre: Feroz and all - there is a vocabulary that is getting consolidated  -

 "extended"  covers everything that allows participation not in Baghdad   ie- 

1/ activities in Baghdad that are -"enlarged" on internet to allow tele participation

2/ "tele encounter" activities   between baghad and any other place in Iraq or abroad

3/parallel activities /local activities/solidarity events abroad

pls consider that “extension of ISF” is allowing people not in Baghdad to participate in some way   whether through internet or whether at home without internet in solidarity./parallel activities so extension does not mean necessarily use of internet :) if i go to a solidarity activity in montreal without any connection,  I  am participating in the extension of ISF

Feroz: ok// got your point pierre

Martina :ok, let's include these examples in the text under participation mode 2.3 4..

[to be done in the drafting process]

 1B Unified intl participation = one root page with Baghdad and abroad

Martina :so pierre, can you please review this page http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/isc-isf-participation-howto to explain extended modes only?

Pierre: well martina that is the point - i-d rather keep all the modalities if INTERNATIONAL participation in a unified frame... this may mean in the end using various registration forms  but coming from a unified frame

it is good to present a unified participation process not separating sharply   participation in baghdad and participation from abroad –

So registration form for international participation should cover both cases

Moreover some organisations sending delegates in baghdad will be very active in organizing too solidarity events abroad and for them it is an integrated participation process

Pierre:  the page http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/isc-isf-participation-howto  it is a sketch of this root page we are taking about 

 you see two blocks of possibilities  one for those going to Bagdad  and one for those participating from abroad so this root page can be anywhere we decide

Ismaeel : yes there is a link form icssi - isf –icssi the same for open sfm

Martina I can work on this page with Pierre in the next days,

I'd say that we should publish on iraqicivilsociety.org very soon a registration form for those who want to come to Baghdad and post info on openfsm.net on how to organize the extensions

Pierre: i welcome an exchange on this page  martina this will give a better understanding of various possibilities of registration and of extension  in ISF

[ @a page has been created  for martina and pierre to work on this page  and bottom of call]


1C -Registration forms in iccsi.org

Martina : that it's better to have everything in one website, but then

-we should have a registration form for INDIVIDUALS who want to come to Baghdad, and

-another registration form for ACTIVITIES  ( that get organize before and during the ISF, as local activities /solidarity events and  tele encounters = skype conference with iraqis...

both can be on iraqicivilsociety.org ...

 then we can link to openfsm.net to explain people how to build the extension, and how many different things can be done//

-we cannot receive proposals of ACTIVITIES  to be organized in Baghdad, since that's up to iraqis now

Judith : On the registration form, it would also be very relevant include the question of what languages the person speaks/understands, and perhaps specify what interpretation might be available. Language will be a key aspect for non-àrabic speakers registering

Martina :I'll design in the next days two simple registration forms, check the format with you by mailing list, and then we can attach those to our letter. I mean, I'll post them online and we attach the link //

[Pierre(after meeting)  – pls circulate the forms so we can interact on them ]–

Martina :so, let's agree on the website we use for registration forms... my proposal is that we use iraqicivilsociety.org because that's a platform where people can read and learn about campaigns for iraqi civil society, background on ISF etc.

Martina :and we can do a nice graphic job for the registration forms do people agree? //

Pierre: no problem to have the root registration  page in icssi site ....

[@may be examined  Pierre also we can use no website i-e the google cloud  = consider “using google forms” for the registration forms they automatically feed spreadsheet with all the filled inputs- it is convenient and fast to get to a practical concrete result although privacy is not optimal ]

Ismaeel : yes form iraqis

Feroz: is it not possible to have a link within icssi for isf.org?//

Martina :yes, for sure from icssi people will be able to go to isf.org, but we've agreed that isf.org will be in arabic only to avoid complications

Explanation on extension in openfsm

Martina pierre needs to build the page on openfsm how to organize the extended forum, to give people detailed explanation and examples...

[@the page is started here : http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/isf-extension-info ]

1D-  ISF Logo - Date needed for the call- Poster

Martina :Questions to the Iraqis: what are the final dates of ISF? do you have the logo, so that we can use it in the letter?

Ismaeel : yes there is now a final logo , see it here on the call page


Ismaeel : 26 september = sports against violence and opening might be in open place // 27 and 28 ISF workshops in Qushla (in the cultural center  - al-Qishla near Tigris river , Baghdad governorate gave its first approval, but yet it’s not formal or final ISF are working on it

Pierre: this is the premises for the sports event ?

Martina :well, when we are ready to send the international letter we'll check if the locations are confirmed

Feroz: On the logo: what about With Peace, Human Rights and Social Justice!

Ismaeel : so the idea in the logo only the name iraqi social forum arabic and english we will do a poster that have the slogan :another iraq and so on and tehn Baghdad 2013

Martina :thanks isma... when do u think the poster will be ready?

@Ismaeel : for the poster we keep the date the 1st of july you will get some proposals

Premises of ISF

Pierre: the  ISF report of june 13th tells about Baghdad cultural center

Elena: the report of june 13 also tells that the sporting activities should be in a different location, is it right?//

Ismaeel : Elena :yes, the idea is to do 26 inside university maybe sports one ... then the ISF will be in Qushla , still to be confirmed both: that is part of Qushla very close to it so nfact it will be 2 paces one more open Qushla it self one with lots of rooms that is the cultural center both are for 27-28

Pierre: ismael  how far apart are the two places? Qushla and cultural center

Ismaeel : 2 min walking they are side by side only different entrance!!

1E -Starting collecting registration next week?

Martina :ok, so other question for the iraqis: if next week we are ready with the international letter and registration form, do you agree that we start collecting registrations of internationals next week ? [ both for coming to baghad and for those acting abroad ]

Registration for those coming to Baghdad

Martina :the fact is that people coming to Baghdad will go through another process, we need to get in touch with them through emails and discuss delicate issues about visa, security etc before we get to activities a post on a website is of little use for that

Pierre: martina - that is fine ... there can be several registration forms /processes  but let us mantain a unified root page for registration

Judith :: would it maybe work to have a special link for them to use in the registration form, so they can be contacted directly?

Martina :yes judith, they will leave their email and we'll contact them one by one

inclusion of internationals in Baghdad activities

Martina : do you agree that internationals should not propose activities  for Baghdad event?

they should rather wait for iraqis to propose activities, and contribute to those:we have few days (two), so it's better not to multiply activities, in my view

what do iraqis think, first? //

Judith :: It should be possible for internationals to be speakers in the Iraqi ativities: that would strengthen the activities, and make them more attractive//

Feroz: It is an Iraqi social forum, so yes, let the iraqis have their self org activities and invite internationals  to join//

Pierre:  ( what your are saying  is option 1b in the root registration page sketch  :)  http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/isc-isf-participation-howto it can be reworded to explain that initiative of activities should be iraqi)

Ismaeel : so isf will meet tomorrow and will discuss the 2 points , registration and activities of internationals the idea for now , to join iraqi activities

[ answer of Iraqis expected]

Judith :: Is there some way to match the international participants and the Iraqi activities, so that the internationals can be listed as speakers on the subject they are most involved in?//

Ismaeel : but if some cultural and art and sport activities the internationals can also propose Judith I understand what you are saying Ismael. Would it be better for security reasons to avoid the international participants names appearing on programmes etc?//

Martina :great, thanks isma... I'll keep all this in mind when drafting the registration forms

Judith ::

Ismaeel : am losing iraqis every 1 min, looks today internet is difficult for them

Feroz: must be because of americans!!snow den told us so!! :)

Martina :as soon as we have the list of international participants [ in Baghdad ] we can send it to the ISF committee, so they will signal for example an international expert on climate to Iraqi NGOs working on this and she/he will be invited in a panel

Judith :: that proposal of matching the people to the registered activities sounds good//

1F –stimulating participation from abroad

@to register participation we need to stimulate them point to be addressed next meeting july 3rd collecting the intentions of solidarity events/ tele encounter activities with Baghdad /tele participation in activities enlarged from Baghdad

Solidarity events with sports

international support for the events of Sports against violence taking place just before the ISF in Baghdad

Elena: it's just to propose if some NGO or association would like to organize sporting activities in parallel with the ISF and Sport Against Violence in Baghdad, i mean in other countries and cities

[@unclear is this included in the ISF program or not ? ]

part 2 - Interpretation& funding

Martina :ok, so let's get to next topic on international support: interpreters

Martina :re. interpretation equipment, Iraqis have some funding already to rent equipment, they should let us know for how many sessions they will have it

Martina :so interpretation now, current funding is very limited, as you may expect)

:ICSSI got some funding for ISF through two foundations, one from Switzerland and one from Norway, for the ISF

Martina :this has been passed to ISF secretariat through and MOU between Un ponte per... and Tammuz organizations after agreement of Iraqi groups but it's very little money do you thnk we need to discuss this further?

Feroz: good news martina

Judith :: Have you contacted Rosa Luxemburg Foundation? They funded the interpreter training for Monastor and Tunis

Martina :Iraqis are in touch with Rosa Luxemburg Foundation directly... Isma, do you think Iraqis can ask for more funding for interpretation in general?

Ismaeel : 1- we need the proposal first lost ali i dont know if they have contact to this foundation

Martina :yes, my fault, I said last time that I would work on the proposal with judith but I didn't

Ismaeel : iraqis are looking now for doners for other things neede for the forum we can share with you a proposal of general budget soon ,they are also working on local doners , but nothing is conformd till now

working party on interpretation

Judith :: There are several different aspects that will need discussion here: the proposed training project, and the actual interpretation during the forum. I sent you the training programme. What we need is to be clear who we are training, and how many international ainers we need to fund.

Martina :ok, Judith, let's work on two options: a low-budget one and an ideal one

Judith :: I can work with you on the budget outside this discussion during the next few days. There aren't too many lines involved. Also a draft interpretation budget for the ISF itself.

Martina :wonderful, thanks judith, 21:30 pm italian time tomorrow?

Judith :: sure, that's fine with me. Ismaeel, can you be there too?

Ismaeel : no i cant manage it at 21:00 pm , but martina is with you so she will manage this

Judith :: In one of your emails, Martina, you spoke about training people who would then train the Iraqi interpreters. I feel that this isn't such a good idea: we need to train the interpreters themselves. It would only be a short course, and wouldn't really be enough for a train-the-trainer thing

Martina :I agree Judith, TOT was not my idea

Judith :: Martina, whose idea was it? Because I found it rather worrying. We have always just trained interpreters...who are already real bilinguals.

Martina :dont remember... Isma, who spoke about TOT?

Ismaeel : this was 1st proposal and we got the comments of judeth on itnothing fixed, so draft the proposal and propose a budget

Judith :: ok, maybe we could have a side meeting on this tomorrow, to avoid taking up too much of other people's time? And then submit it to the whole group? I would also like to validate it with the other Babels people who have said they want to be invoved, in order to be both democratic and transparent...

[ @outcome of working party expected]

part 3 - inputs for next ISF seminar in Baghdad

Martina :now let's check if there are specific inputs we want to give for next ISF meeting, as pierre was suggesting, proposals? //

3A- Extension

volunteers for extension

Ismaeel : for pierre and all , we have contacted youth that want to work on extended forum but now they have the final exams so we will be able to work on it only next month

Martina :ok, so for training on expanded forum we still wait

@we can discuss extension  in our next chat, in two weeks, and

in that next chat we also need to discuss how to manage international registrations, under all aspects

ownership of  ISF extension

Pierre: well i think it would be good to have someone who is not a young student to be in the core isf extension  team and this could be put on the table in the seminar next friday

Pierre: i have sent yesterday a message in the ISF list yesterday about some issues related to extension here they are


the issue of internet in the premises - of core isf extension group  - of mental dimensionning of  extension in the to ISF event [ how many rooms for teleencoutners, how many rooms for video broadcast – to host how many activities,  how many solidarity events targeted etc..

Judith :: From my (long) experience, I believe it is best not to be overambitious. Small is beautiful and more likely to work ;))

these inputs worked on with ismael during the week

international speakers through video conference  during ISF

[ as invited in some Baghdad activities , as for international coming to baghdad – could be another option  in partiicpaiton from abroad ]

Feroz: specific inputs for next isf meeting: international speakers thru video conf. during the forum//

these inputs worked on with ismael during the week

what ISF seminar in Baghdad ? when ?

Martina :ok, let's discuss them with the iraqis next time

 Pierre: well why not now ? the seminar is Friday

Martina :no time, and no elements to be discussed, since the venue is still being finalized, and the iraqi volunteers are not available yet

Pierre: yes but the "idea" of extension  needs some ownership  inside ISF committee [ and it is early that this understanding and ownership can be built] I can tell you this also by experience :):-)

Martina :Isma, can you make sure that one of the iraqis on Friday explains to others what's the extended forum, and what is needed to make it work?

Ismaeel : didnt know what is the session of Friday, can we stop on this , pierre , can you explain, did you talked with some iraqis about it ? they seem not clear about it

Martina :dear all, please let me facilitate... let's clarify issues... what ISF seminar was Pierre speaking about?

Pierre: folks am just reading the literature i receive from isf


Pierre: the report of june13th is saying there is a seminar starting Friday 21st, and i have sent a message on the list about some issues that could be mentioned in this seminar in order to create understanding and ownership in Baghdad about ISF extension

Martina :yes, minutes sent by iraqis say: Colleagues agreed to resume work for the establishment of the seminar of the definition of the Forum which previously decided to be postponed due to the security situation, the seminar will be next Friday 21/06/2013 in the same place Mutanabi Street in the Baghdadi cultural center .

Ismaeel : ok know we understand it , this was planned but Ali says  ISF seminar is now  postponed to the week after  so 28th june

Martina :ah ok

preparation of inputs on extension during next week seminar Pierre/ismael

Pierre:: so it gives us a bit more time to prepare these inputs on  extension

Ismaeel : yes in fact i see that we will manage better if we do it later i will explain your idea to use this meeting for extended course or something  like this

Pierre: yes the goal is  have the ISF committee  people understand what is extension  what  the young volunteer will do , hopefully guided by someone from the ISF committee understanding that extension is politically important [ in all its three dimensions – enlarged – tele encounters and solidarity events ]

am ready to brief someone interested to convey this  ( ismael?)

Ismaeel : yes pierre let me talk to iraqis now

Pierre: (ismael can we arrange a moment  to prepare this ? (seminar)

Ismaeel : am losing call with iraqis again , pierre can we do it by email , the Iraqis agree to try to organize a call with you when they meet and you explain the idea of extended forum , but language will be also obstacle, we need good translator to work with you on this , we need to work it out via email//

Pierre:  (ok ismael - we have a full week to find a moment to talk together and i can make myself available on 29th afternoon or 30th  if relevant with the iraqis – but is it fine if someone else who is interested  and briefed in the meantime, does it  )

[ ismael and pierre preparation for next week seminar]

[@outcome of this interaction during next ISF seminar to be reported to the next chat july 3rd]

3B - list of issues for next seminar  by email – guidelines translation

Martina :ok, so we can think more what other crucial issues need to be presented in the seminar and make a list by email

I'd add for sure the WSF guidelines on how to organize a social forum, an Iraqi should present them


[follow up from Ayat expected on the translation in Arabic ]

Martina :so let's now pass to the second topic on our agenda, if you all agree..

[ email list to be circulated on the list during next week-  the list includes proposals in part 5  maghreb tent  isf extension space  etc…

@follow up of suggestions- feedback after ISF seminar].

part 4 - themes axes in ISF program

Martina :PROGRAM OF THE FORUM... starting with thematic axes, some comments came only already

Martina :please write here what you think of the thematic axes, we'll group comments later through the minutes and send them to iraqis, but final decision will be up to them //

    First: Building a civic, democratic country.

    Second: International Solidarity campaigns, including: (Freedom of Expression campaign, Save the Tigris campaign and the Private Military Companies campaign).

    Third: Iraq's minorities and the nationalism problems.

    Fourth: Equitable distribution of wealth and social justice.

    Fifth: Labor unions, trade unions and peasant associations.

    Sixth: Women, youth, and childhood (challenges, solutions and prospects).

    Seventh: The economic, social, and cultural issues.

    Eighth: Nonviolence as a way of social, cultural, and economical change in Iraq.

international inputs on the axes?

Feroz: suggestion for a theme: Unending global war and occupation

Judith :: I would suggest Ending global war and occupation as a more positive framing of the axis, Feroz

Feroz: sure judith or it could be: global war and occupation

There is nothing there about climate justice or food sovereignty which are linked to both the Tigris and peasant farming issues but it up to the Iraqis to decide what is most important to them, and it also very much depends on what issues they feel will be best able to mobilise people

Martina :ok, all good

 Ismaeel : for the axes , i don’t see need to add new from our part , they had alrady a discussion about it , we can propose , but why not doing it as interventions that internationals would like to give and not new axes , if we add new we are not sure iraqis will list activities for since they have selected what to focus on my opnion not the iraqis is this one

Pierre: i agree with ismael  - axes  are mainly for national usage

Judith :: Sure, you're right, Isma. We don't know yet who will be signing up and going. It will be easier to see and adapt once we are further down the road with registering activities & individuals...

translation issues about axes

Martina :ok, anyway we can suggest how to reshape the existing ones I'll try, using your comments

Ismaeel : martina : if you mean to re write in English is a valid point , but other than this is may be difficult, they phrase them in Arabic to fit with what they are working on

: i mean what we have is only translation ! don’t know if this clear]

 Feroz: not clear isma//

Judith :: Yes, the language issue is particularly complex when it involves Arabic! What Isma means, I think is that Arabic implies paraphrasing and images that do not correspond to EN/FR or other European languages

Ismaeel : yes Judith , so to rephrase what they write , working on the English is so difficult and i don’t now if it will arrive to what both wants! i would leave it the way they see it

part 5 ideas for the Baghdad premises – program 

5A - Maghreb mashrek tent/space  in Baghdad premises?

Feroz: As a central event I suggest that the Iraqi's discuss the possibility of holding a Maghreb/Mashrek tent/conference etc

Florent: yes very good idea Feroz!

Martina :yes, let's now collect general suggestions like this for the program

[ to be put on a list for the 28th june seminar]

Outreach effort to Maghreb Mashrek

Pierre: Feroz : correct me if am wrong :A maghreb mashrek tent  (like a Palestine tent in wsf 2013?)  would imply a significant participation from magheb mashrek organisations right ?

Ismaeel : i agree with the idea of Feroz on having magreb mashrek tent or event, we should involve hamuda in this ,since we don’t have feedback till now , am not sure who we can tell iraqis to do it !

Florent: Pierre : it would mean a strong desire to involve them up to activists and orgs from maghreb-mashrek to come, it would be more a way to incite to strong participation

Feroz: Pierre: also the theme of regional coop can be addressed by Iraqis themselves too

Ahmad: Isma .. I think it is good to have urgent call for the organizations in the region to push them for participate in ISF and to publish it on the website of the organizations d=for long time... if you think so on july 3 we have activity in egypt I can add iSf as topic to discuss how the people will involve ..

Florent: Ahmad, that would be great!

Martina :thanks Ahmad, please do and let us know if your proposal is accepted

[@ this is for next chat  certain mailing lists created around wsf2013 in openfsm can be used for ISF international outreach ]

here are some of them in Maghreb mashreq and southeast asia





Palestinian tent

Ismaeel : yes great and the idea of feroz of mashreq maghreb need to have a Palestinian test

so we need to put this 2 things together what magheb did in wsf till now and the solidarity with pals.

[ to be put on a list for the 28th june seminar]


5B - ISF extension space in the Baghdad premises -

Pierre: i would also suggest to have a " ISF extension space" with some rooms : 2 or 3  dedicated to video conferencing - tele encounters  with places i the world  -

 we did that in Mexico 2010  - http://openfsm.net/projects/fsmmexx/fotos-comentadas-de-mexx  ( you can see the photos and also access some the video of the tele encounter activities held

this ISF extension space would also be the meeting point of the team enlarging activities held in other rooms on internet

it would have 2 or 3 dedicated  ISF extension rooms for tele encounters(see the photos form Mexico room which was a mere tent  

Ismaeel : are this rooms for events or for technical stuff?

Pierre: in the case of Mexico everything happened in the same tent in the middle of a square

it was a unique tent both place of tele encounter activities and the place of the extension team  etc

This is a minimalistic set up in extreme conditions ( a tent in a noisy central square of Mexico city but it worked ( we had internet by a cable coming from across the street)  - we had 10 video encounter in 3 days ( with  brazil Senegal India Bangladesh Japan …)

[Also bear in mind that  extension will be present in other areas of the premisese :   beyond this ISF extension space dedicated to tele encounters , the enlarged activities will be in other rooms in Baghdad cultural center  and need internet too if we want to broadcast them]

[ to be put on a list for the seminar]

Broadcasting the interpreters audio output- quality of internet-

Judith :: We might need to think of how to include interpretation in that space, if there are any major conferences. And taking sound from the interpretation booths could allow it to be streamed out to other countries if internet is ok...which wouldn't necessarily be the case

[ what Judith says was done in Turkey in 2011 : http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-extended/icextended-amedvideos-en  the sound comes from the English translation booth

Extension is human relations first

Judith :: my worry about extension, Pierre is the connectivity might be an issue

Pierre: yes Judith of course - i know  but also my experience tells me that if the activities are well prepared  with preliminary test ,[ and owned by ISF committee as a tool for international mobilization], then  extension counterparts [  in Baghdad and abroad will have established already a human relation and ] will be motivated and make extension  work even with plans B and C on low internet chat etc..

part 6 - Ending

Minutes fo this meeting

Ismaeel : so one important thing now , is any one is taking notes of this meeting and willing to send ti to others

Pierre: (i offered to make these minutes judith /folls ...:) the chat log  are the minutes mostly and they can be rearranged rather easilyso i can do it also

Judith :: It is possible to use the script to write the minutes, Isma

Judith :: OK all,I'm leaving too now. Martina and I will work in greater depth on the interpretation issues tomorrow. Take care, and good to speak to you all!

Ismaeel : will keep thinking and discussing the points we had today with iraqs and they will also form the agenda of next meeting

Ismaeel : so we keep trak of the things

Pierre: bye : talks soon ismael

Ismaeel : Pierre thanks daer

Ismaeel : i would say the notes + proposal for agenda of the next meeting

can you do both ? so we can start form were we arrive

Pierre: ok

Ismaeel : great thanks

Next meeting date

Judith :: what date are you thinking of for the next chat please? I shall be out of the office and off-line for a couple of days (4-7th July).

Ismaeel : wait dears so first :next call should be the 3rd of july

Ismaeel : ok so lets stop here and keep in mind we meet teh 3rd

part 7 - Agenda for next meeting