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International Committee for the ISF chat – 3rd of July 2013


Participants: Judith and Pierre (France), Terry (USA), Sergio (Spain), Ismaeel, Elena and Martina (Italy), Sabiha and Olfa (Tunisia), Ali and Walid (Iraq)



1)      hear from Iraqis about the surge in violence, about its eventual impact on ISF and international participation; about the ISF seminar held last week;

2)      writing our statement to condemn violence;

3)      workshop on ISF extension;

4)      workshop for interpreters;

5)      international call for ISF




1)      Ali (ISF Secretariat) and Walid (Walid is a new member of the ISF secretariat, replacing Ayad who will quit the job due to personal reasons) told us that the security situation is very bad but is not affecting plans of the ISF committee, and there are official meetings with the Provincial Government to guarantee safety in the venues that are being selected for the ISF. A seminar on the ISF took place in Baghdad last week but it was not very successful, not many organizations came. Positive workshops are happening these days for ISF volunteers, we had 15 students today and will have others tomorrow. We are training them on what is a social forum, how they can help and be active participants, how they can use social media to promote ISF. We all agree that we need to change the way to outreach people using technology. We need to promote more participation of women, their participation is affected by the security conditions.


2)      The International Committee will send to the ISF committee a brief statement to be disseminated in Iraq, condemning violence towards civilians, expecially young people and sports groups, and supporting the steadfastness of the ISF committee who keeps working in this situation, refusing to feel threatned by terrorist acts. Judith will draf a first version, that we will approve together and then translate to Arabic. We will include a phrase on this issue also in the international call.


3)      A member of the ISF organizing committee needs to be appointed as Responsible for Extension of the ISF: participation by distance through internet. A training programme for volunteers of the “Extended ISF” needs to be fixed in July, and will happen by Skype. Pierre of the World Social Forum Communication Commission will let us know by email when he's available to hold such training.
see the message here



The notes of the meeting held on Thursday 27th are here : http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/isfextension-in-isf-committee-june27

The documents prepared for this meeting are here : http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/isfextension-doc-arabic-short

The proposed registration form for extended participation is accessible here and can be tested  putting fake data : http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/isc-isf-participation-howto


4)      In order to organize a training programme for interpreters that will volunteer during the ISF, we need to know from the ISF committee:

- how many rooms do they plan to equip, inside the ISF, for translations, and for how many languages? We suggest about 3 rooms, with 2 languages each (Arabic-English, Arabic-French), which would require in total about 12 interpreters.

- if we organize a training programme for volunteers (already skilled in languages) done by international interpreters, should this happen in Baghdad or Erbil? If in Baghdad, we need detailed information on security conditions for the trainers

- is the ISF committee ready to submit a project proposal to Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, to fund the training programme for interpreters, since the Foundation already supported similar trainings for other social forums? Otherwise, do they have other ideas on how to get funding for intepreters' training and transportation to the ISF?

Martina, Judith and Walid will prepare soon a project proposal for the training workshop to be held at the end of August (min 20 hours, ideally 1 week, with time for individual coaching). We plan to train about 20 people but expect only 50-70% of them to be ready to interpret during conferences/seminars at the ISF. The others can help assisting internationals during the forum, in side talks and meetings between Iraqi and international groups, etc.

Some professional interpreters will need to be involved for the ISF. They don't need to follow the training programme but they should accept to be volunteers, like the others, unless the ISF committee has funds to guarantee a perdiem to all.

Recruiting of volunteers by the ISF committee should start as soon as possible.


            We also need to know who is translating to Arabic the guidelines on how to organize a  Social Forum, that the ISF committee needs to read and be aware of (Ayad was supposed to            do it). English version here:



5)      The international call for participants in the ISF is now at this stage:


We need to know from the ISF committee if the current security situation induces them to change attitude regarding international participation: how many internationals do they want in this forum? Which security measures can be taken for them?

Within Friday Martina and Pierre will finalize the registration forms, adding more details on the Extended participation modes. Next week the international call needs to be finalized and spread.




part 7 -  proposed Agenda for next meeting (preliminary draft)

is also a check list - some parts will be covered lightly  according to info available

all items mentionned in  meeting 3 notes with an @ sign  are supposed to be  present in this agenda

  • 1 -check the finalized mobilzation material as of July 3rd
    • international call root participationg page  - date
    • registrations forms
    • extension indications
    • check the poster
  • 2 –make organizing logistical  updates- requisites for mobilization effort
    • collect feedback of ISF seminar on suggestions made by internationals
    • update on ISF Iraq program build up and planning – list of activities
    • collect ISF concerns – request for support  expressed in seminar
    • update on interpreatation ownership in baghdad during seminar
    • update on extension ownership in Baghdad in seminar,  dimensioning and  presence of  ISF committee person
    • update on internet situation in bagdhad cultural center dimensioning of ISF and  extension in ISF
  • 3 interpretation focus
    • update on interpretation training planning /progress
    • backward planing
    • equipement
    • any other issue
  • 4 cense first intentions of participation

    • cense first intentions to go in Baghdad – intentions of interventions
    • comment relation between direct participatin and extended participation for organization “going to Baghdad”
    • cense other  intiaitive /intentions /interested organization as of now in order to show some first solidarity event / interventions towards Baghdad/ tele encounters ,
    • collect expression of interest / confirmation of contacts by Iraqi roganisation towards tele encounters with certain organizations abroad
  • 5 organize overall  ISF international mobilization effort
    • organize communication and outreach for participation in ISF with this material –
    • usage of mailing lists
    • information mail addresses
    • impulsion by region networks / task dispatch
    • general planning
  • 6 organize “Baghdad participation” preparation/accommodation
    • traveling  visa  accomodatio  security
    • inclusion in acitvities preparation and contact before going there
    • contribuiton to set up of specific spaces ( maghreb mashrek..) 
    • support to extension from baghdad
  • 7- organize extension effort   to accommodate logistically and politically extension in baghdad
    • situation of possible extension in Iraq
    • extnesion team building - ISF committee person and  first student volunteers
    • extension tent - equipement collection - team ressources with ISF commettee
    • preliminary test s– on occasion of solidarity events censed in part 4
    • Backward planning of ISF extension eam effort in Baghdad – activity preparation/ extension  support in baghdad  effort towards September 26t