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Start – Active participantsChat log compilation  -   Meeting agenda -  

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1) updates from the Iraqi committee

 -  Volunteer meetingFirst 20 Registration in Baghdad  -  Others points- place  time  -   Budget for 3 day event -  Security situation in Baghdad  -     -   ISF Poster  -    Accommodation- hotel prices

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2) interpreters training! 4

FundingActions to be made  in tunisTraining in Erbil -participantsTraining in Erbil -budgetTraining in Erbil -SpidersTraining in Erbil - Dates -  - Self training program in Septemberconclusion -  

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3) international call for participants! 8

Call webpageSignaturesTranslations of calldissemination on the international call!!!!

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4)Registrations in baghdad  and visas. 9

Handling of registration in baghdad  - Registration deadlineVisas

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5) Registrations in extended ISF. 10

Handling of registration in extended ISFHow to pageInternet connection in bahdad cultural center ISF premisesBackward planning for extension- start now!Importance of early communication between matching intentionsExpecting announcements form Iraqi organizationsLimits to the number of extended activities  and international participatns

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6) Build up, tasks and Training of extension team.. 12

ISF extension meetingExtended training is an ongoing process through the tasks of extension team

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Next chat 13


Start – Active participants

Martina –Ismaeel  - Ali Taif Muhanna

Ahmad –Olfa Anis Mboirick

Judith-  Layla – Alice Pierre

Olfa : martina can we start the meeting?

Martina: great, so let's wait for the parallel call in Arabic to be complete with all Arabic speakers

Chat log compilation

Martina .: and thanks Pierre if you compile the minutes at the end….

Olfa : i can help him too

Pierre: ok will do (*) martina will do with olfa

Meeting agenda

Martina .: Draft agenda of today:

- updates from the Iraqi committee

- launch of the international call for participation

- logistics, security and visa for internationals at the ISF

- interpreters training

- Extended ISF training

judith : Please bear in mind that both Leila and I will need to leave in 45 minutes, so we need to discuss the interpreters training before then...

Martina .: so interpreters training will be point 2

Leila: thanks

Martina .: no problem… while we wait for iraqis to write us, I wanted to tell everyone that we have more friends from Babels today with us, the association that always supported Social Forums for interpretation, doing voluntary work


1) updates from the Iraqi committee

Martina .: so let's ask our friends from Baghdad if there are news, and replies to questions we posed last time

Volunteer meeting

Taif_1: ISF volunteers committee have done workshops for the volunteers of ISF, the workshops held in Baghdad and included 22 volunteer and it was about how to use social media techniques. The goal of these workshops was to gather the volunteers and prepare them to be part of the ISF here is an article about those workshops and other meetings held for the volunteers http://www.iraqicivilsociety.org/archives/2124

Martina .: thanks for the article! it was great to read it!!!

Pierre: yes nice to read  the article

Olfa : thanks for the article

First 20 Registration in Baghdad

Ismaeel: Ali would like to add that activity registration has started and now we have 20 activities registered next step will be to invite more ngos to explain registration and the idea of the forum in general

judith : congratulations for all that good work!

Pierre: that is great news ali, ismaeel  where  is the list of the registration accessible

Ismaeel: the list and registration is only in arabic

Pierre: that is ok  ismaeel  can be accessible the same  (nod)

Ismaeel: yes for sure http://iraqsf.org/?page_id=19 you have to start form this page in the end there is a link to the form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1A56p4w74iAh4xocbNmE2e8dKPArqlxsOXTIyrf1qshE/viewform

the idea is that now we need to explain to more NGOs how a forum will work and why they need to register and so on 

Taif: also some of the volunteers has registered their own activities, and some others will do soon as they told us they are preparing their own teams

Others points- place  time

Ismaeel: the ISF wanted to meet the new Governor  of Baghdad, (the reformist ones) that is not so easy task for now, every one wants to meet him , looks like it will take some time,

On the place and time there is no new updates so they are still as planned

Budget for 3 day event

Ismaeel: the other updates that ISF have drafted a budget for the forum based on the idea that it will be for 3 days now they think to move for asking Talabani wife to fund it.she is accepted as independent person in iraq thats why they selected here\\

Martina .: Hero Talabani would eventual fund with the NGO she coordinates)

the budget drafted by Iraqis is 38.000 USD, I've just received a draft

judith : that all sounds very impressive.

Security situation in Baghdad

Martina .: anything else of security of internationals? last time we asked if the ISF committee still wants 50-100 internationals there//

Ismaeel: there is also the latest breefing from UN mission in iraq you can also read it can be useful for you to see it i will send here in minutes

\\20130717_SRSG_Kobler_SECCO_Briefing_July_2013.pdf ***

Ismaeel: so the ISF still think 50-100 and that the plan still valid

Vian from Tammuz say we are used in baghdad , when your living in Baghdad is normal

you dont feel that your at risk if your in the safe parts of the city

Martina .: I received it, we can send it again later through mailing list

Martina .: again to the ISF committee: are you confident thinking that you'll need to accompany around Baghdad 50 or more internationals, making sure they don't get into trouble, forgetting random risks with bombings?

judith : My concern is also that the event will attract attention from unwanted sources, particularly if there is awareness of foreign presence

Ismaeel: Vian say yes she feel confident and she dont think that a specific risk will face internationals or iraqis in the forum, only the general risk that is alrady there in BAghdad the risk of a side bomb

Martina .: ok, sorry for insisting on this, but fostering international participation is exactly the scope of our committee so we need to understand all aspects :)

other questions for ISF committee from the others? //

ISF Poster

Martina .: at what stage is the production of the ISF poster?

Muhanna: Martina am with Ismael on voice call

Accommodation- hotel prices

Ismaeel: some information on prices from ali , someone asked who much it cost to stay in baghda d :3 stars- safe  hotel in KARADA cost 70 - 100 USD depend on the hotel including only breakfast - 2 beds is 130 usd

Martina .: do you think we can offer two options to internationals? 3 stars for some, 4 stars for others? or better put them all in the same hotel?

Ismaeel: yes the 4 star is form 100-150 USD

from the airport its safe to move to Baghdad is not long and is safe, since months there was no attackes also

judith : how about from hotels to where the ISF will take place?

Mboirick: what about the place where the meeting will be?

Ismaeel: there are internationals in Baghdad nowadays mainly workers and comp form turkey, in Almutanabi street there always internationals from private companies, doing business

2 weeks ago there was in the same street spanish music group that did performance they were part of events of Baghdad governorate\\



2) interpreters training!


judith : So have you shared the proposal and the amendments with everyone? Who is going to take charge of the fundraising? Should you contact Rosa Lux in Tunis as well as Baghdad? (Is there a Rosa Lux foundation present in Baghdad?

judith : Also we have 3 great trainers offering to go: Alice, Leila and Sergio; They all speak Arabic as well as various other languages (English, French and Spanish).Ideally it would be great if they could all go, because it would mean more training and better results in the week

Martina .: We sent a proposal to the ISF committee, to ask for funding to Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, but we haven't shared the draft yet with everyone else… we wanted to clarify few issues with all today. I think Judith started asking relevant questions and Iraqis could answer now //

Martina .: eventual funding would support a training program for interpreters of the ISF, to be done in Erbil at end of August //

Ismaeel: rosalux dont have office in Baghdad, the ISF ask bables to help in looking for the donor and contacting rosa found.

judith : ok, then it would need to be Tunis or Cairo. Alice, are you still in touch with them there? Although I think Tunis is a good opportunity, as they totally funded the training there

Alice: I am not in direct contact with RL in Cairo at the moment, my contact Mai in Cairo has been sent to Tunis :)

judith : Ismael, this is not a Babels project. There was a lot of silly controversy, so we can't ask as Babels for support: it would have to come form the ISF international support committee.


Actions to be made  in tunis

Olfa : rosa lux in tunis? can u exlpain

judith : @ Olfa, yes, they funded the training before Monastir and Tunis. You could talk to Azza.Azza has been supporting us on this project indirectly too

judith : Mai works with Rosa Lux; she was Cairo based and is now in Tunis still with RL

Ismaeel: if we have the contact of Mai lets send here email

judith : But if Olfa can do it in Tunis, that would be great, & I am sure Azza would help

Martina .: the Iraqi delegation talked to people of Rosa Lux Fund during the forum in Tunis, so I guess we should recover their contact information and then Ali can submit the project on behalf of ISF committee

Martina .: then Olfa could immediately contact The Foundation to support this application

judith : & it is great that Mai is also now in Tunis: she was very present within the WSF process in Tunisia

Olfa : i will do it yes no probleme

judith : Thank you Olfa!

Olfa : it's ok judith :) so next step it's to call azza and rosa lux

judith : Greaat! And I suggest making sure there is funding for 3 people, so we don't have to make any choices. Maybe you could support the submission that Olfa & Azza will make and cooodinate your approach, Ismaeel?

Martina .: Indeed… Judith and Olfa could you please send to the iraqis the contact information of Mai and Azza? you can send it to icssi.project  at gmail.com and <ISF.iraq  at gmail.com>

just after this chat I can adjust the draft project we made and send it to the mailing list

judith : I have emailed that address with azza"s contact details,a nd explained to her in the email who/why we are contacting her

Martina .: Olfa, if you have a good personal contact with Azza you may call immediately, to ask if it's possible for the Iraqi Social Forum committee to get funding for end of August… you can refer to the mail that Judith just sent

in fact our problem is that we need a reply very soon! this is not easy

 judith : For the training in Tunis, Azza just went along with the proposal and they gave her the thumbs up and paid up immediately!!

But you need to go and see them with Azza and explain what we are trying to do: send 3 trainers to Erbil to train 20+ Iraqis for the ISF

Olfa : ill do my best to have more contact! i will call azza later im here to help the ISF from Tunisia. judith do you one more contact? from tunisia you have just the contact of azza?

judith : sorry, I don't quite understand je t'écrirai ce soir, ok?

judith : The proposal now needs to be put into final form and we need to have Olfa (aand hopefully Azza) go and see Mai and other contacts at Rosalux in Tunis, and cross our findger that they will fund it!!

Leila : By the way I'm in Tunis until beginning o August if you need me to talk with Azza or anything let me know


We should also quickly discuss the dates, and the selection of the potential trainees.

Training in Erbil -participants

Leila : I was saying that the dates for the training need to be discussed with the trainers

judith : Yes, Waled said he has several people he knows who are English as a foreign language teachers, who would be interested in the training

Ismaeel: for the selection of participants , ISF will do it , they have list of names and the will select the best

Training in Erbil -budget

Martina .: dear leila, on the budget we will make adjustments no need to go into this now

Leila : then I haven't seen any budget line for accommodation (is it included in the per diem?)

judith : you also mentioned the cost of accommodation for eveyone: is this included in the budget, Martina? I seem to remember you have put it in, but not the exact cost, as we don't know it

Martina .: yes leila accommodation and food are included in the per diem, but I will make changes on the budget, that was a draft based on my previous stay in Erbil

Leila : ok, I agree we'd better discuss the budget separately.

Martina .: I just need the basic info to close the project today shall I still include three trainers?

judith : Yes. Better ask for more and settle for less...

Martina .: ok

Leila : I agree 

Training in Erbil -Spiders

Ismaeel: Judith can you and olfa talk to muhamed for the spiders and the needed tools for the training ?

judith : I would rather you spoke to him, Ismaeel. it will be difficult for me to follow up on that. But T can get as many spiders as you need sent to you in Italy from France. Cost / spider 100€

judith : Could you bring the spiders with you, ismaeel? And how many would you need?

Ismaeel: in baghdad there are not spiders in privet sector or ngos , there is only with govermnet !

Martina .: it's probably easier if a Tunisian participant brings spiders from Tunis to Baghdad, if spiders were available at WSF, but let's check these options by email

judith : I suggest you buy about 10, bring them along to Iraq and sell them to the Iraqi NGOs: they are really useful! You kow how they work, isamael, you've been using them for years ;)

judith : Sorry, Martina, but I am nt sure tht is the best option. The spiders we used in Tunis were the ones I am suggesting Ismaeel buys from one of our interpreters. They are made by a Greek collective for the WSF/social movements in general

Training in Erbil - Dates

Martina .: So let's ask straight questions to the ISF committee… Ali, will Waleed be able to organize the training in Erbil during the last week of August?

(Isma is discussing with Iraqis about the role of Waled and organization of the training)

Martina .: so, regarding the dates, would August 25-29 be ok for example?

Leila : I don't think so as far as I'm concerned but we will have to check with Sergio and Alice

judith : Alice? Leila? Sergio isn't here, so we need to also ask him

Leila : Do you need the final dates for the proposal?

Alice: for me August dates would be difficult, but the training dates should be set per the time that most can do it

Martina .: we were speaking of the last week of August last time and it was ok for Sergio, anyway we can now put these dates in the proposal and then adjust it

please Leila, try to check directly with the other trainers what dates are good for you

Leila : ok, I agree with what Alice said!, I'll check with them

Martina .: anyway I don't think we have many options: either the last week of August or the first of September

Leila : @Martina, you mean that it should not be later than 1st week of September? why? I'm just asking to see what are the options when we will discuss it

judith : Sergio has just said last week in August is fine for him

Martina .: Waleed last time wanted to do the training asap, but let's ask the Iraqi committee, and postpone the issue of spiders and equipment which is not urgent now

martina .: so, urgent question for iraqis: what are time options to do the training in erbil? which weeks are feasible?

Ismaeel: for Iraqi is better no late than end of Auqust , they will be many things to do in september for the forum so better to do one month before and not later

Mboirick: we ready to help you from Mauritania.

judith : For trainees, it should be as close to the forum as possible; They would have to continue practicing unsupervised for a month if we do the training at the end of August.But even if it's not ideal, it should be ok

Ismaeel: Waleed and the others will need to work for this traiining and follow up, so in september seems so late

Martina .: I think the reason here is that the secretariat is small, and in September they will need to follow up on many issues, so they all need to be in Baghdad

Ismaeel: end of August we are talking , last week of it, morover the iraqi say in erbil ther might be elections in September, so better not to do it in sept. NGOs will work also for this elections , monitoring and preparations , the elections will be the 21 of sept ,so looks for iraqis end of august is better

judith : ok, even if it's not ideal. The question now is who would be available? Leila and Alice? Sergio says yes;

And the details of the programme too. What you have is just an outline. The details will need to be worked on by whoever is going & I can help.

judith : What do you think, Alice & Lila? Are you still there,

Leila : I'll discuss with Alice but I cannot confirm for the time being that I will be able to go that week

Alice: sorry folks, my laptop was frozen for a minute, but I'm caught back up on the chat; I, like Leila, can not confirm availability for August dates

judith : Alice and leila, how soon will you be able to confirm? We can't possibly send Sergio alone either, it would be way too much for one person!!

Self training program in September

judith : ok; It should be possible to set a programme of on-going self-training for the interim period before the forum...

Leila : I can give a hand in the preparation of the programme,


Martina .: so, details on selection of participants and program should be worked out by email once we are positive about getting the funding

meanwhile we ask the Iraqi committee to consider the possibility of doing the training in the first week of September/last week of August and let's see where we get

judith : I agree with Martina that the urgent thing is to get the proposal fianlised (update accommodat ion costs etc) and get it to RL in Tunis with a strong lobby ;)) and fingers crossed. Otherwise we're talking pie in the sky, & can't do the training, unless someone has any other ideas for the funding?

Leila : Thank you too! Greetings to everyone

judith : yes, that's fine. I'm leaving now, so bye all, and good to talk.

Martina .: I'll send a new version of the project later to the whole mailinglist

Olfa : i cross my fingers too :)

Martina .: so thanks a lot to Babels' group! we now need to pass to third point


3) international call for participants!


Call webpage

Martina .: So, we now have this version of the call, with was uploaded on the ICSSI website, that we agreed to use to spread info on ISF in English

Check the call here http://www.iraqicivilsociety.org/iraqi-social-forum/iraqi-social-forum-an-international-call-for-participants

It's not linked from the home page so no one can see it till we spread it, we need to decide:

Pierre: martina can we check?  up to now you were mentioning the page here  http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/participation-call ok it seems to be the same version

Martina .: oh yes, I just copied it openfsm is a website we are using as a working group, we cannot share all those info and pages with all internationals and media that will have an  interest in ISF


Martina .: so we need to decide: 1) who signs it… till now I put the signatures of those who endorsed the previous statement against violence in Iraq

what do you think about the current signatures? (sorry, I ask you to follow my questions for the discussion since we have little time and many problems to solve)

Ismaeel: i think we should ask this via an email we send asap and we set deadline for it, we dont have every one here in this call , and the names we have make sense to start with

Martina .: yes but the deadline would be like 2 days, we can't wait longer

Ismaeel: we should explain that we dont have time, i agree

Martina .: moreover I'd love to add below another table with member of the ISF committee, so people know who they are… can we use the table you sent months ago, when we issued the call for the international committee, or are there changes in the composition of the ISF committee?

Ismaeel: ali will send the latest list on ISF committee via email they want to sign for sure the letter

Martina .: wonderful thanks! this should also happen wihin tomorrow!.: since friday is holiday there

Translations of call

Martina .: we will obviously publish language translations on ICSSI website when we get them

Pierre: it also makes sense to publish the various language version of the call in the ISF working space:  (alessandra mecozzi said this morning that she was ready to translate the call in italian )

Martina .: yes sure

dissemination on the international call!!!!

Martina .: I really wanted to do it within this weekend, so let's try to set Friday as a goal, and then eventually take a few days to adjust,so people find it in their inbox on Monday… so it's really important that we finalize details tomorrow and Friday, and then, once we have the final version, we need to send it to all mailing lists of social movements, and alternative media… making language translations as Pierre mentioned

any other thought?

so I'll proceed sending current version to the mailing list so that everybody can check it

Martina .: great, consensus :) 

Martina .: how to handle the two registration forms, for those who go to Baghdad and those who participate in Extended ISF, based on forms that Mayself andPierre have prepared


4)Registrations in baghdad  and visas

Handling of registration in baghdad

Martina .: for those who go to Baghdad I propose this http://www.iraqicivilsociety.org/registration-form-iraqi-social-forum-2013

any quick thought on this form? as Ismaeel says, Iraqis will need to check it //

Pierre: the form could mention  “will you be involved in some extended participation activity with groups from your organization abroad? ”

Martina .: yes I can add this!

Registration deadline

Martina .: I propose the 30th of July as first deadline, but I understand that it's very close… what do Iraqis think?

usually it takes more than one month (even 2-3 at times) to get an iraqi visa, depends on who issues the invitation, Ismaeel tells me that we could leave it like this now, and then postpone the deadline to collect others, if we don't have 500 people already :)


Martina .: 3) how we will manage the visa problem, with the Iraqi committee (very urgent problem)

Ismaeel: we need to keep it this one with the hands of iraqis so to work on the invitations, icssi can help them to work it out

Martina .: I specified in the beginning that, even if people are not sure to go, they should register immediately and then go to iraqi embassy in their country with the invitation letter, otherwise it will be too late for the visa

I hope they don't need to pay for the visa when they submit the demand procedures are different in every country

Martina .: how we will manage the visa problem, with the Iraqi committee (very urgent problem)

it may be very complicated to get a visa to iraq with an NGO invitation only, it may take 2-3 months, and may not arrive

experiences are very different in every country, and vary from person to person

so I wanted to stress with the ISF committee that an additional support letter from the Governor of Baghdad would make a huge difference

Ismaeel: for sure the ISF will try to get a letter form iraqi institution like the governor,they feel this is ;posible in the end , but yet they dont have conformation

Martina .: Al-Amal seems to be very good in finding solution for international visas, it would be good to ask them immediately for suggestions on how to proceed maybe they have other ideas

I don't want to discourage internationals but only to stress that visa is a complicated issue

Ismaeel: so its better we send the letters and start to ask visa form your country asap, while ISF will insist to get other and more formal letters


5) Registrations in extended ISF

martina .: international interest in extended participation in this forum is possibly huge

it depends on how early and how well we manage to present this option internationally, it will be the window of isf to the world

Handling of registration in extended ISF

Pierre: For those not going to baghdad the forms are accessible here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/15dkxqJGu82G-XMOphXogRC82g8DUXtKCFQGNc4yYCJM/viewform 

it will be accessible from the internatonal  call

[ THIS HAS BEEN CHANGED AFTER THE MEETING NOW THERE IS FIRST STEP FORM IN ICSSI WEBSITE  That will be transcribed  into the google form by the extension team ] http://www.iraqicivilsociety.org/extended-iraqi-social-forum-registration-form  ( this form has no choice of options and therefore looks simpler)


There are at the moment  two proposals: one from anis and one from olfa one for a teleparticipation and one for a tele exchange

Martina .: I think it works well but I'd suggest to simplify it a bit, explaining in the first page of the google form very briefly what are the three options for extension, then people who apply can be contacted separately to understand better what they can do

Martina .: ok, so I will put the link to the google form in the international call, and in these two days we can work to simplify it a bit

How to page


Pierre: martina we can also keep the how to page in the call  and put there the two links to

iccsi forñ and google form

Martina .: no please, the how-to page is one more step, may create confusion

Martina .: I'd sent the how-to page later to those who register for ISF extended

Internet connection in bahdad cultural center ISF premises

martina .: please remember that we need information asap on internet conditions in the location of the forum

Martina .: I just wanted to ask Iraqis… realistically, when will you know how many rooms of the ISF will have internet connection?

 (this WHEN is crucial to understand how much time we have to build the EXTENDED events)

Ismaeel: so the iraqis are sure there will be internet and they are working on more than one option, in the end there will be internet hub in the place, you can link 2-3 pc s, not sure how strong it will be

Martina .: great

Ismaeel: they managed doing streaming before but we are not sure about the quality

Backward planning for extension- start now!

(this WHEN is crucial to understand how much time we have to build the EXTENDED events)

Martina .: people have little time

Pierre: for building the extended events people in baghdad and abroad  need as much time as possible :

The steps to participate in isf extended are

1/think  what they want to do in term of “remote iner-communication”  : with groups in Baghdad  if they are abroad  - or with groups outside Baghdad if they are in Baghdad

2/ announce their intentions (through the google form “from abroad” and the google form “from Baghdad”)

[See the online build up page updated with the announcements made on the registration forms

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkOvi9AqogTUdDB0VzRiZk9wSi1yYVhMUDdCMnk2N3c#gid=0 ]

3/ find a counterpart intention matching their intentions ( the build up page is a meeting place between the proposals made through the google forms http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/ISFextension-program-buildup  /

4/ prepare together with their counterpart the tele participation /streaming or the video conference /tele exchange and on this occasion make test and see what they can achieve

so that is why it is important to start quietly as of now

Importance of early communication between matching intentions

Martina .: indeed I agree to start taking registrations now, but for example we will probably be able to tell internationals only in mid September which ISF activities can be streamed, or welcome international tele-participation it's good to know :)

Pierre: well i agree that some things will be defined  late, but the important thing is to establish early links by skype, between those couples of organizations, both in baghdad and abroad that want to establish communication with others,

[The extension program build page is a meeting place for making these matches/couples as early as possible ] http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/ISFextension-program-buildup

Then  once this communication is established the“fancy technique” can be tested and adapted,  and at worst people will develop link through written chat( as we do now (nod) )but establishing communication that is the most important after all ! 

Martina .: ok, Iraqis will let us know… 

Pierre: sure, and if there are real communication established early then  there will be shared interest to make the best possible technique on the days of ISF event, and adapt to what will be possible to be prepared

Expecting announcements form Iraqi organizations

Pierre: That is why it is good to know that already 20 activities are announced on Baghdad side

Waleed  and isf extension team can approach those organizations having announced them ( although I understand that there maybe many activities announced by ISF volunteers in those 20) and ask if they are interested to welcome tele-participation in them, or to propose tele-exchange aside from them

This we will discuss

Limits to the number of extended activities  and international participatns

Martina .: anyway we will not be able to manage many extended activities, so if numbers become large we need to stop this registration process (like the other one, for those going to Baghdad)

Pierre: of course, we will see how it goes and yes we need to comply with limitations [ the extended participation without limitation is the solidarity local activities that can be set up anywhere in the world without connection with Baghdad]


6) Build up, tasks and Training of extension team

ISF extension meeting

Pierre: we have a meeting scheduled on Monday with ali and waleed to review the various aspects of establishing early simple communication between “Baghdad” and” abroad”

ISF extension team needs to work in parallel to help make early contact between counterparts and prepare an internet that is as good as possible

Extended training is an ongoing process through the tasks of extension team

Martina .: Pierre and ISF committee, I understand that the Extended ISF training will take time, if there's something that you feel the need to discuss now please tell us


[ MORE INFORMATION IN THIS PAGE   FOR THOSE WHO FEEL INTERESTED http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/isfextension-team-tasks ]

1/ first we need to establish a good isf extension team base  and focus on communicating with Iraqi organizations about how they can have international contacts established on occasion of ISF ( The 20 activities are a good start) and stimulating  registration from abroad in isf extended

2/ then we try to help make matches between proposals from iraq and proposals from abroad – the program build up page is a “meeting place” between proposals

establish “couples of organizations” willing to inter communicate on occasion of ISF : under different forms

This creates the extension program – this page will be progressively filled  with real intentions and real matches between intentions

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkOvi9AqogTUdDB0VzRiZk9wSi1yYVhMUDdCMnk2N3c#gid=0 ] 

3/ and then we contact all those that have announced intentions and  support the couples that are forming and can make with thelm tests and trainings as they are preparing their joint extended activities

of course the ISF extension team ( which can be contacted at  ISF.extensionteam at gmail.com )  can self train and look for the best technical simple reliable solutions for each type of situations: i-e live streaming and chat, and video audio chat conference 

4/ and in parallel based on the build up program we prepare for the extension logistics of isf event   (volunteers program equipments connections rooms…. ) 

So this is an ongoing process where organizing , communication and technique go in parallel

Martina .: ok, thanks pierre! I think few of us are left… can we close for today?

Pierre: of course


Next chat

Martina .: next chat will be July 31 2 pm GMT, always a Wednesday, but we need to start earlier due to Ramadan

 thanks for staying connected so long, bye!!!

Pierre: bye  we will send the compilation with olfa  shortly