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Chat meeting of the International Solidarity Committee for the ISF, July 31st, 2013

Draft agenda:
- updates from the Iraqi committee
- updates from the Extended ISF team
- fundraising for the interpreters training
- security and visa for internationals at the ISF

Waleed khalid: WE received the permission from the province of Baghdad for the place.
2- There was a meeting between the forum and the governor of Baghdad.
3- Next week, we are meeting with the Baghdad Provincial committee that is in charge of facilitating the process of holding the forum in Baghdad. The head of the organization is the head of Alsadir city.
The committee will facilitate the process of issuing visas for the internationals
5- We met the parliamentary committee and the another meeting with the head of Baghdad university and the Red Cross and some representatives of the Iraqi parliament.
6- Baghdad University approved holding sport against violence on September 26th 2013.
7-For activities: We have 30 activities so far. The activities will increase with the progress of days.
We expect to have more organizations that are going to join in the few coming days.
8-Next sunday, we are meeting with the minister of Environment.
We will ask the minister to present some issues such as the souvenir is provided by the ministry.
9-We have 130 volunteers so far.

[31/07/13 16:15:15] Martina P.M.: Fantastic! Are there questions for the ISF secretariat on these updates?
[31/07/13 16:15:33] Waleed khalid: WE conducted workshops (3-4) for those volunteers
[31/07/13 16:15:55] Waleed khalid: to recruit them for the forum. These workshops are still ongoing.
[31/07/13 16:17:03] Waleed khalid: The Iraqi team started to identify the extended forum for the Iraqi organizations.
[31/07/13 16:17:29] Martina P.M.: first questions from me dear: are you receiving registrations of activities from Baghdadi organizations only, or also from other provinces? how are you promoting the ISF in other provinces, from Erbil to Basra? //
[31/07/13 16:18:26] Waleed khalid: OK.
[31/07/13 16:18:38] Waleed khalid: Erbil and Basra have not registered yet.
[31/07/13 16:18:45] Waleed khalid: We discussed this today.
[31/07/13 16:19:57] Martina P.M.: do you have a strategy to promote the forum in other provinces of iraq?
[31/07/13 16:20:52] Waleed khalid: We will hold workshops to raise awareness about the ISF.
[31/07/13 16:20:58] Waleed khalid: in Basrah and Erbil.
[31/07/13 16:21:33] Martina P.M.: good idea
[31/07/13 16:21:38] Waleed khalid: The committee will discuss the notion of workshops in provinces tomorrow.
[31/07/13 16:23:28] Martina P.M.: ok, take into consideration other more creative options… to prepare the previous World Social Forums in Senegal and Tunisia social movements were organizing tours of people moving from a city to the other, bringing with them artists or youth in different stages
[31/07/13 16:24:00] Waleed khalid: Now we will be able to promote for the ISF in the provinces because we have the official approval.
[31/07/13 16:24:22] Martina P.M.: Very good! another idea was renting mini-vans for a few days, that could tour each city where you want to promote the forum
[31/07/13 16:24:54] Martina P.M.: with poster of the ISF and material to register activities and people in the forum
[31/07/13 16:25:14] Martina P.M.: these ISF-buses could be organized in Erbil and Basra, for example, before you hold the workshops there
[31/07/13 16:25:21] Martina P.M.: to invite people to participate in the workshop
[31/07/13 16:25:26] Martina P.M.: //
[31/07/13 16:26:29] Martina P.M.: if there are no other comments, we can pass to point 2 - updates from the Extended ISF team
[31/07/13 16:26:48] Waleed khalid: Sure. :-)
[31/07/13 16:27:13] Martina P.M.: from the international registration form we have almost nothing, but people will register activities later, now they are all on holidays
[31/07/13 16:27:34] Martina P.M.: anyway our organizations should all start making plans for the Extended ISF
[31/07/13 16:27:55] Martina P.M.: how are you promoting the Extended forum among iraqi organizations?
[31/07/13 16:27:57] Martina P.M.: //
[31/07/13 16:29:30] Ismael Dawood:  Il 31/07/13, alle 16:16, Waleed khalid ha scritto:
> The Iraqi team started to identify the extended forum for the Iraqi organizations.

[31/07/13 16:30:15] Ismael Dawood: there will be also another form for the Iraqis about the extended forum
[31/07/13 16:30:34] Martina P.M.: ok, this form has not circulate yet, right?
[31/07/13 16:31:14] Ismael Dawood: not yet, and its only for iraqi ngos
[31/07/13 16:31:57] Ismael Dawood: the idea is to publish in arabic ,
[31/07/13 16:32:04] Ismael Dawood: \\
[31/07/13 16:33:13] Martina P.M.: ok, during the next chat we will need to start collecting ideas on international events to be organized around the world during the ISF
[31/07/13 16:33:25] Martina P.M.: we need a plan of action for this to become visible
[31/07/13 16:33:44] Martina P.M.: but now we can pass to next point, 3 - fundraising for the interpreters training
[31/07/13 16:34:04] Martina P.M.: we still have no idea about the reply of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
[31/07/13 16:34:27] Martina P.M.: and at the moment the ISF Secretariat has a budget of 5000 USD only for translations/interpretation of the ISF
[31/07/13 16:34:55] Martina P.M.: that we can partially use to pay the spiders, in case we get no other funding, if Tammuz agrees
[31/07/13 16:35:34] Martina P.M.: does anybody have ideas to fund the interpreters training, or organizing it with a lower budget, if we don't get all funding we asked to Rosa Lux?
[31/07/13 16:35:59] Martina P.M.: //
[31/07/13 16:39:20] Martina P.M.: mh, I see there is little participation today… anyway I'm trying to approach Friedrich Ebert Foundation, through contacts of the Spanish members of this committee (NOVACT) but I need to insist on this
[31/07/13 16:40:51] Martina P.M.: (I see sometimes Michal typing here… I take the chance to introduce him: an ICSSI volunteer coming from Czech Republic, that would like to spend some time in KRG next year, and support now the ISF from abroad)
[31/07/13 16:41:32] Martina P.M.: ICSSI also has new young volunteers, but not 130 like our Baghdadi friends ;-)
[31/07/13 16:42:22] Martina P.M.: ok, let's skip to the last point, 4 - security and visa for internationals at the ISF
[31/07/13 16:42:23] Michal Madl: Hello all! Very nice meet yo in this electornic way. If I can contribute to the debate - have you tried to approach similarly minded NGOs in Europe if they could not help you with the funding for interpretors training? They might provide you with som hints
[31/07/13 16:42:32] Waleed khalid: Martina, sorry for interrupting but is the trainer ready to come to Baghdad in case we don't receive funding?
[31/07/13 16:42:44] Martina P.M.: ok, back to point 3
[31/07/13 16:43:13] Martina P.M.: I don't think Sergio is willing to come to Baghdad at this point, he is concerned for the security situation
[31/07/13 16:44:01] Martina P.M.: anyway, if you want to try and invite him to come to Baghdad we need to solve two problems: he needs a visa, and this will take at least one month, and you need to explain to him carefully how you will take care of his security and minimize risks
[31/07/13 16:44:06] Martina P.M.: then he can take a decision
[31/07/13 16:44:32] Martina P.M.: (for example, doing the training in his hotel, so he basically needs to move only from airport to hotel and back)
[31/07/13 16:44:38] Martina P.M.: what do you think?
[31/07/13 16:44:44] Waleed khalid: ]ن
[31/07/13 16:44:46] Waleed khalid: Ok
[31/07/13 16:45:14] jassim.alhelfi: نعم .. ساحاول ان ادبر مكان سكن وتدريب في شقلاوة.
[31/07/13 16:46:07] Martina P.M.: Jassim, you think we can have free space and free accommodation in Shaqlawa?
[31/07/13 16:48:02] Ismael Dawood: yes we might get a hotel for free
[31/07/13 16:48:12] Waleed khalid: Jasim is asking for two days
[31/07/13 16:48:14] Ismael Dawood: we need to ask and will let you know soon
[31/07/13 16:48:17] Waleed khalid: to confirm that.
[31/07/13 16:48:21] Ismael Dawood: yes
[31/07/13 16:48:22] Ismael Dawood: \\
[31/07/13 16:48:30] Martina P.M.: great, thanks
[31/07/13 16:48:46] Martina P.M.: Michal was suggesting to consult other NGOs
[31/07/13 16:48:52] Michal Madl: yes, indeed
[31/07/13 16:49:24] Martina P.M.: we tried in fact, asking NGOs to join this committee, but we can do more to ask directly small funding contributions for the ISF
[31/07/13 16:49:33] Martina P.M.: we have not included this in our international call
[31/07/13 16:49:45] Waleed khalid: Ok
[31/07/13 16:49:47] Waleed khalid: aha
[31/07/13 16:50:34] Michal Madl: sounds good - or if they were so kind and suggest you some funding opportunities - such as EU Commission etc. If you frame it as educational project it might work
[31/07/13 16:50:47] Waleed khalid: hmmm
[31/07/13 16:50:54] Martina P.M.: the problem is that we have no time to participate in a call
[31/07/13 16:51:04] Waleed khalid: aha yeah
[31/07/13 16:51:07] Waleed khalid: that is true.
[31/07/13 16:51:16] Martina P.M.: so we need direct funding from foundations or organizations who can decide in a month to allocate money to ISF because they love it
[31/07/13 16:51:27] Martina P.M.: even small amounts, for solidarity
[31/07/13 16:51:53] Michal Madl: that might be the way definitely
[31/07/13 16:52:00] Martina P.M.: so I was thinking to prepare a ICSSI bulletin (our monthly newsletter) centered on the ISF only, asking explicitly for donations
[31/07/13 16:52:12] Martina P.M.: and participation, of course...
[31/07/13 16:52:26] Martina P.M.: adding all the great updates that Waled and Ali wrote us today
[31/07/13 16:53:13] Martina P.M.: to collect funding we need a bank account to receive bank transfers, and a paypal for credit cards…
[31/07/13 16:53:48] Martina P.M.: ICSSI uses the accounts of Un ponte per… (my Italian NGO), if you want it can be done for ISF too
[31/07/13 16:53:57] Martina P.M.: other ideas? concerns? //
[31/07/13 16:54:49] amar amar: Hi every body here.
[31/07/13 16:54:55] Michal Madl: When it comes to accoints - I would suggest already existing account when you now the rates - otherwise it can cost a fortune to receive funding from abroad
[31/07/13 16:55:04] Michal Madl: or any amount of money basically
[31/07/13 16:55:32] Waleed khalid: Did you see the preparation committee's message that they sent to you?
[31/07/13 16:55:44] ali  saheb: Dear friends
In the beginning, we would like to thank you and appreciate you for the support you are giving us. Your support is highly appreciated to engage and interact with civil society in Iraq. We are pleased to incorporate with you to hold the Iraqi first social forum to be a playground for dialogue and exchange of ideas and experience. This forum will engage all the spectrums of Iraqi people.
Dear friends, it is obvious that the deterioration of security led to the murdering of tens of civilians and security forces. This situation was reflected in your position from participation in the forum activities at the end of September 2013. The organizing committee in Baghdad was kind of disappointed about your decision.  We are here would like to affirm that the situation here is not as terrifying as it seems in news. Life is going on here actively and naturally.
The holding of the Iraqi forum and the international and national participation has a positive impact on the crisis in this country. The holding of this forum is a great support to the activities of the civil society in Iraq. That is seeking to have a pioneering role to solve the urgent problems in Iraq. This forum gives a great addition to stand against the political conflict that is taking place in Iraq. This current political tension has affected negatively the security, living condition for most of Iraqi people. Therefore, in order for us to have a great rile to organize varies issues in our country and amend the general policies of the state, we invite you to participate in this forum. Additionally, organizing activities along the days of the forum. In order to convey the hope and aspiration of all Iraqis, and to see the dedication and love of Iraqis for life. In the meantime, we found the place for holding the forum and did coordinate with the local facilities to facilitate the process of holding it.

Once again, we thank you and wish you come to Baghdad, the land of peace, and for a better Iraq.

Preparatory Committee for the Iraqi Social Forum
[31/07/13 16:56:36] Ismael Dawood: its more on point 4 , visa and intertnational participation in the isf
[31/07/13 16:56:38] Ismael Dawood: \\
[31/07/13 16:56:54] Martina P.M.: Great letter, I had not seen it!
[31/07/13 16:57:23] Waleed khalid: It was on the mailing list :-)
[31/07/13 16:57:46] Martina P.M.: when did you send it? let me check if we really got it
[31/07/13 16:58:47] Martina P.M.: Waled, when did you send it to the mailing list?
[31/07/13 16:59:21] Waleed khalid: We got a confirmation about the training for training hall and accommodation in shaqlawa.
[31/07/13 16:59:31] Waleed khalid: It is for free in case we don't get any funding.
[31/07/13 16:59:37] Michal Madl: If I can add something just to the framing -
[31/07/13 16:59:41] Ismael Dawood: (flex)(party)
[31/07/13 16:59:43] Martina P.M.: wow! great!
[31/07/13 16:59:54] Ismael Dawood: (highfive)
[31/07/13 16:59:56] Martina P.M.: so for the intepreters training we would need funding for travels only
[31/07/13 17:00:05] Martina P.M.: and food, but this can be paid by participants
[31/07/13 17:01:22] Ismael Dawood: yes!
[31/07/13 17:01:40] Martina P.M.: let's close the point on interpreters training… is it ok for the ISF committee if we launch an international call for funding, using the paypal account of UPP, for donations with credit cards?
[31/07/13 17:02:53] Martina P.M.: we can discuss this tomorrow in our admin chat, if you want
[31/07/13 17:02:58] Waleed khalid: Technically yeah. We we will meet tomorrow and send the final confirmation.
[31/07/13 17:03:02] Martina P.M.: so meanwhile you consult the others
[31/07/13 17:03:04] Waleed khalid: In principal yeah
[31/07/13 17:03:05] Martina P.M.: exaclty :)
[31/07/13 17:04:37] Martina P.M.: ok, so let's pass to the last point: security and visa for interanationals
[31/07/13 17:04:57] Martina P.M.: the letter from the ISF preparatory committee is very important
[31/07/13 17:05:12] Martina P.M.: when did you send it to the international mailing list?
[31/07/13 17:07:54] Martina P.M.: I just want to check if others received it or not, since I didn't //
[31/07/13 17:10:22] Martina P.M.: OK, I've checked online
[31/07/13 17:10:30] Martina P.M.: it only circulated in the Arabic list
[31/07/13 17:10:31] Ismael Dawood: 29 th of this month
[31/07/13 17:10:38] Martina P.M.: so internationals didn't receive it
[31/07/13 17:11:05] Martina P.M.: Ali, can you please send it now to the list iraq-social-forum-english@lists.openfsm.net ?
[31/07/13 17:11:23] Michal Madl: Please wait a minute before sendingh
[31/07/13 17:11:24] Martina P.M.: it's very important that all members of the ISF international committee read it
[31/07/13 17:11:51] Michal Madl: I would just change a middle paragraph
[31/07/13 17:11:55] Michal Madl: Il 31/07/13, alle 16:55, ali  saheb ha scritto:
> Dear friends, it is obvious that the deterioration of security led to the murdering of tens of civilians and security forces. This situation was reflected in your position from participation in the forum activities at the end of September 2013. The organizing committee in Baghdad was kind of disappointed about your decision.  We are here would like to affirm that the situation here is not as terrifying as it seems in news. Life is going on here actively and naturally.

[31/07/13 17:12:55] Michal Madl: "The organization committee was kind of disappointed" seems a bit offensive to me, although I undestand your disappointement
[31/07/13 17:13:43] Michal Madl: I would suggest something like "The organizational commitee is deeply concerned by your decision to retreat from participation..."
[31/07/13 17:14:31] Martina P.M.: Ali and Waled, send the message as you prefer, I don't think our friends of the international committee would get offended, but it's important to underline that WE DIDN'T TAKE DECISIONS ON OUR PARTICIPATION YET
[31/07/13 17:14:55] Martina P.M.: I think most of us will register to come to Baghdad in the coming days, and then take a decision later, in early September
[31/07/13 17:15:43] Martina P.M.: but your letter is very important to explain internationals as you see the situation from there
[31/07/13 17:15:45] Ismael Dawood: but the letter was writen in this way and was also send in arabic and english so i dont think is good idea to make changes now
[31/07/13 17:15:55] Martina P.M.: indeed, no problem
[31/07/13 17:16:24] Martina P.M.: so, let's make the letter circulate in the international list
[31/07/13 17:16:39] Michal Madl: it was just a suggestion
[31/07/13 17:16:47] Ismael Dawood: ali thought that he did alrady , he will send agian now
[31/07/13 17:17:09] Martina P.M.: then we can use part of this message in a post that we publish on ICSSI website, with updates on the organizations of the forum in Baghdad, and spread it through the ICSSI newsletter, ok?
[31/07/13 17:17:47] Martina P.M.: I think this letter should reach all internationals who are interested in the forum, not only the members of this solidarity committee
[31/07/13 17:19:13] Martina P.M.: anyway, we need to check through the mailing list if other members of the committee will register in the coming days to go to Baghdad
[31/07/13 17:19:20] Martina P.M.: I will write a clear message about this
[31/07/13 17:20:11] Martina P.M.: other two issues we need to discuss in details: the risk assessment, and the visa process
[31/07/13 17:20:52] Martina P.M.: on the risk assessment, there is a table with specific issues that ICSSI proposed to evaluate risks connected to ISF in Baghdad, that Ismaeel shared with the ISF secretariat
[31/07/13 17:21:22] Martina P.M.: Ali and Waled, do you think the ISF committee can fill up this table in the coming days, for a first evaluation? //
[31/07/13 17:21:52] Ismael Dawood: its somthing that we will work on it next week , icssi + isf ,
[31/07/13 17:22:18] Ismael Dawood: we will do July , i can share with the others the table here
[31/07/13 17:22:52] Martina P.M.: ok, meanwhile I'm trying to get the security assessment of NCCI, they do it with their own methodology every two weeks, I'll send you the last one through the mailing list
[31/07/13 17:22:56] Ismael Dawood: ha inviato un file Risk assessment ISF- Final En.docx a questo gruppo
[31/07/13 17:23:03] Martina P.M.: thanks isma
[31/07/13 17:24:11] Martina P.M.: ok, let's pass to the visa issue
[31/07/13 17:24:50] Martina P.M.: I asked an international who went to Baghdad recently, and processed the visa with help of NCCI, being a member of the network
[31/07/13 17:25:32] benammar.sabiha: hello for all
[31/07/13 17:26:24] Martina P.M.: Hi Sabiha! We are discussing here how visa for internationals would be processed… My friend (Felipe of NOVACT) said the visa application needs to be approved by the Iraqi Min. of Interior, who will then inform the Min. of foreign affairs, who will contact the Iraqi embassies in the countries of participants who want to come to the ISF
[31/07/13 17:27:04] Martina P.M.: so ,even if the process starts with an invitation letter of an Iraqi NGO (must be a registered one), the process needs to be followed in Iraq with authorities
[31/07/13 17:27:19] Martina P.M.:  then, when time is ready, we can apply from our countries
[31/07/13 17:28:23] Martina P.M.: this is what Felipe told us… his experience is that is took one month to NCCI to follow the procedure in Iraq, but once the Iraqi Min. of foreign affairs contacted the Iraqi Embassy in Spain to approve the visa of Felipe, Felipe sent his passport to the embassy and got the visa in one week
[31/07/13 17:28:43] Waleed khalid: The issue of inviting people from abroad is a little bit complicated.
[31/07/13 17:29:00] Martina P.M.: so this is what we understood… ISF committee, what do you know from your side? //
[31/07/13 17:29:14] Waleed khalid: So the alternative is
[31/07/13 17:31:16] Ismael Dawood: 1- ISF will send you the invitation letter
[31/07/13 17:31:43] Ismael Dawood: 2- it will send a copy to the governor office , who will inform related minestry
[31/07/13 17:32:17] Ismael Dawood: so the governor office will help in facilitating the visa for internationals
[31/07/13 17:33:28] Ismael Dawood: ISF is a bit concernd since they ask formal support that the number of internationals will be low
[31/07/13 17:33:28] Ismael Dawood: \\
[31/07/13 17:34:16] Waleed khalid: Dear Martina, I will have to go now as I am fasting and I need to prepare some food for my dinner.
[31/07/13 17:34:17] Martina P.M.: you mean, you prefer to have a low or high number of internationals?
[31/07/13 17:34:31] Martina P.M.: ok Waled, let's just close together in 1 minute
[31/07/13 17:34:47] Ismael Dawood: they wanted higher number
[31/07/13 17:35:09] Martina P.M.: ok, how high?
[31/07/13 17:35:45] Ismael Dawood: 50
[31/07/13 17:36:18] Ismael Dawood: it can be more , but better not less
[31/07/13 17:36:20] Ismael Dawood: \\
[31/07/13 17:36:35] Martina P.M.: in my view we'll have about 20 people next week, can we think to send a first list next week, and another list in middle August?
[31/07/13 17:37:20] Ismael Dawood: that will be grate
[31/07/13 17:37:29] Ismael Dawood: its good idea to have first list
[31/07/13 17:37:42] Ismael Dawood: and to send it to the governor office
[31/07/13 17:37:42] Ismael Dawood: \\
[31/07/13 17:37:48] Martina P.M.: ok ,so we now need to work hard to promote participation, in all our countries!
[31/07/13 17:38:03] Martina P.M.: we can close this chat for today, and start working on everything we said
[31/07/13 17:38:45] Ismael Dawood: thanks to all of you
[31/07/13 17:38:47] Martina P.M.: Sabiha, please try to convince people related to WSF in Tunisia and Maghreb to register to go to Baghdad!
[31/07/13 17:38:52] benammar.sabiha: je travaille sur la diffusion de l'appel depuis 3 semaines auprès des associations mais je n'ai pas encore de reponse
[31/07/13 17:38:53] Ismael Dawood: and see next chat
[31/07/13 17:39:06] Martina P.M.: ok, let's do what we can
[31/07/13 17:39:17] Martina P.M.: next chat in two weeks
[31/07/13 17:39:24] Ismael Dawood: 14th
[31/07/13 17:39:27] Ismael Dawood: same time
[31/07/13 17:39:30] Ismael Dawood: \
[31/07/13 17:39:53] benammar.sabiha: je n'ai pas encore de réponse je ne sais pas pourquoi es ce les vacances ou ramadan ou les derniers evènements aussi
[31/07/13 17:40:09] Martina P.M.: Sabiha, I'll send you the info of two Tunisians who registered already, this is the result of your work! thanks!
[31/07/13 17:40:32] Martina P.M.: good bye to all, let's keep working together through the mailinglist
[31/07/13 17:40:46] Martina P.M.: (michal, I rsubscribed you too in the list)
[31/07/13 17:41:00] benammar.sabiha: ok merci martina
[31/07/13 17:41:03] Michal Madl: thank you very much
[31/07/13 17:41:08] Michal Madl: see you later
[31/07/13 17:41:33] Michal Madl: Shukran jazeelan wa ma'salaam ;-)
[31/07/13 17:41:35] benammar.sabiha: bye martina
[31/07/13 17:41:40] Elena: bye
[31/07/13 17:41:53] benammar.sabiha: bye à tous