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 There will be VIDEO STREAMING of some ISF activities and possibility of TELE PARTICIPATION in some of them


 on 27 28th september you can contact   the skype : "isf.extensionteam" for info
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Program of The Iraqi Social Forum (ISF)



 27-isf-patio.jpg . 27-isf-2.jpg.map-iraq.JPGmap o isf photos


Another Iraq is Possible withPeace, Human Rights, and Social Justice


Towards establishing an Iraqi Social Forum

Iraqis have participated in the activities of the World Social Forum since its founding in Brazil in 2001. Now Iraqi social justice groups wish to promote a deep democratic discussion about what is happening in Iraq today. Iraqi civil society groups have agreed to work on establishing the Iraqi Social Forum as an open space for individuals, groups, organizations and those who believe in the principles of social justice and human rights including political, civil, social, economic, and cultural rights. After many meetings, a preparatory committee was formed and agreed on a charter for the Iraqi Social Forum. The committee has drawn a road map towards its start, and has defined a vision:

The Iraqi Social Forum definition:

The forum is an open space for democratic conversations, to discuss ideas, formulate suggestions, and exchange experiences. In addition it is a space for interaction among social movements and networks, NGOs, and other members of civil society. with the Forum features multiplicity and diversity; it is also a non-religious, non- partisan and non-governmental activity. It works to facilitate non-centralized interaction and engagement with organizations, societies and movements locally as well as internationally, considering proposals and taking actions and in order to build a more just and democratic world.


Our slogan:

“Another Iraq is possible...An Iraq of peace, human rights & social justice”

The participants are all those who work for Iraq to be a civil state with a clear and unambiguous identity, a country that guarantees pluralism, freedom of religion, thought, belief, where the principles of equality and non-discrimination by gender, color, ethnicity or sect are respected by all. A country where the principles of individual freedom, public benefits and social justice are not just slogans for trade but are supported by real actions. This forum will serve as a joint project between:


Iraqi Social Movements.

Trade Unions and Professional Associations.

Civil Society Organizations.

Social Justice Activists.

The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative.

The reasons behind the Forum’s establishment:

Recent world developments have greatly affected Iraq, its citizens, and all the people of the region: the global economic crisis and its repercussions, the Arab spring

witnessed by the Arab countries. In addition, we can identify regional challenges including water problems, and border security.

Moreover, these factors also contribute to current challenges in Iraq: 

  • 1. The political crisis and the confusion in the identity of the Iraqi state. In the current moment, which is dominated by disputes for power, not enough attention is paid to dialogue, building partnerships, and fostering cooperation in order to find solutions to Iraqs lingering problems. There is a clear inability to end the page of violence and terrorism that Iraqis pay dearly for. 
  • 2. Increasing poverty and unemployment, unequal access to opportunities, poor infrastructure, and a lack of provision of social services such as electricity, medicalcare and education. 
  • 3. The continuous increase in the budget, offset by a deficit in establishing concrete achievements for Iraqi citizens, the inability to support real development, due to the political crisis and the struggle for power and money, as well as sectarianism, financial and administrative corruption, of the governmental body and with the huge problem of unemployment. 
  • 4. Overlapping legal authorities and the questionable independence of the judiciary. We have faith in the rule of law, separation of executive ,legislative and judiciary powers and deep respect for international standards concerning justice and fair trials. 
  • 5. Weakness in enforcing the rule of law, as well as international conventions, treaties, and agreements, and continuing violations of human rights, especially freedom of the press and freedom of expression. 

In light of the above, we strive for the Iraqi Social forum to give a strong impetus to civil society mobilization, in order to reform the political, economic, social and

cultural development, and to promote a vision of a democratic, civil state. We are here not to declare a network or alliance, but rather to provide an open space for discussion and dialogue among those who share our values and concepts. We are here to contribute, collaboratively and horizontally, to work on the realization of alternative options for the weary scenario in which we live today.


Proposed topics for discussion at the Iraqi Social Forum 2013:


We believe that the current problems Iraq is facing that are deemed significant to be discussed in the upcoming Iraqi Social Forum are: 

  • First: Building a civic, democratic country. 
  • Second: International Solidarity campaigns, including: (Freedom of Speech campaign, Save the Tigris campaign and the Iraqi Marshes campaign, and campaignsto control Private Military Companies). 
  • Third: Iraq's minorities and the nationalism problems. 
  • Fourth: Equitable distribution of wealth and social justice. 
  • Fifth: Labor unions, trade unions and peasant associations. 
  • Sixth: Women, youth, and childhood (challenges, solutions and prospects). 
  • Seventh: Economic, social, and cultural issues. 
  • Eighth: Nonviolence as a way of social, cultural, and economical change in Iraq.

Therefore, and on behalf of the Preparatory Committee of the Iraqi Social Forum we invite you to participate and contribute effectively to the success of this Iraqi eventwhich serves all Iraqi citizens. All participants in the Iraqi Social Forum should endorse the Charter of Principles of the World Social Forum, drafted and approved in Brazil in 2001.

Iraqi Social Forum Preparatory Committee


ISF Activities Table

26th/09/2013 Baghdad University- Jadryah Compound


isf26-1.jpg  international participantsisf-26-2.jpg  sports against violence

Activities of this period 09.00 am-12.00 pm

Seq Name of Activity Organizing Body Place –

  • Internal str. Of - Compound - Non-violence Sport - Committee - 1 -10 Km Race 
  •  Internal str. Of - Compound - Non-violence Sport - Committee - 2 -5 Km Race 
  •  Near Presidency - University Building - Iraqi Photo Center - Photo Gallery of - Non-Violence - sport - 
  • Near Presidency - University Building - Taekwondo - Development Arabic - Forum - Taekwondo - demonstration - 4
  • Near Presidency - University Building - Non-violence Sport - Committee - Free Drawing for - Children - 5 –

Official Opening Ceremony of the ISF 04.00- 06.00 pm at the National Theater

Name of Activity Organizing Body

  • Preparatory committee and Participant Delegations 1 Speeches
  • Musical and Folklore Bands A variety of art Activities 2
  • 3 Conclusion

MAP-isf.jpg27-isf-patio.jpg . . isf photos



27th/09/2013 At Baghdad Cultural Center & Qushllah

First Period of Activities 09.00 am-10.45 am

  • Seq Name of Activity Organizing Body Place –
  • A1 - The People of Iraq - Campaign to Save Tigris - Water Crisis between Iraq and - Neighboring Countries: The - Ilisu dam, Exploring Legal - Strategies in Iraq and - Elsewhere - 1
  • Iraqi Women Network A2 - Shadow report to CEDAW- - Symposium - 2
  • A3 - Information Center for - Social Development - Social Justice in Iraq- - Symposium - 
  • A9 - Brotherhood and Solidarity - Association of Yezidi and - the Alliance of Iraqi - minorities - Protection & Enhancement of - Minority Rights In Iraq- - Symposium - 4
  • A8 - General Federation of - Trade Unions- Iraq - The Project of the New Law of - Labor- Symposium - 5
  • Transparency Coalition A6 - Extractive Industries Incomes- - Symposium - 6
  • A7 - Engineering Professions - Syndicate - Activating the role of trade - unions in a democratic Iraq- - Symposium - 7
  • Environment activists A5 - The South of Iraq marshes- - Symposium - 8
  • A4 - Iraq Civil society Solidarity - Initiative - Global campaigns for peace - and nonviolence- Symposium - 9

Second Period of Activities 11.00 am-12.45 pm

  • Seq Name of Activity Organizing Body Place - Women for Peace Org. A1 - Women In Iraq Reality- - Symposium - 1
  • Social Media Iraqi Network A2 - Employment Digital Tools in - Community Campaigns- - Symposium - 2
  • Baghdad Life Group A8 - Introducing (Baghdad Life) - Project- Symposium - 3
  • A4 - The Defense of Journalism - Freedoms Association - Minorities In Iraq- Rights & - Reality- Symposium - 4
  • Our Cultural House Forum A5 - The legal rights of Defense in - Detention Centers- - 5
  • Symposium - Non-violence Group A6 - Non- Violence as Means to - Solve Disputes- Symposium - 6
  • A7 - The Iraqi National - Organization for Human - Rights - Constitutional rights of - Citizens- Symposium - 7
  • A3 - Italian Association for - Against violence Sport - Introducing (Baghdad - Marathon) Project- - Symposium - 8
  • A9 - Non-Governmental - Organizations Council in - Salah Alddin - Road to Democracy- - Symposium - 9 –


Third Period of Activities 01.00 pm-03.00 pm

Seq Name of Activity Organizing Body Place

  • A8 - Towers of Humanity - Foundation for - Development - 1 Symposium
  • A2 - Women Renaissance - Society - Early Mariages of Female - Minors - 2
  • A3 - Women and Future Iraqi - Organization - Legal Addressing for Violence - Against Women - 3 - Iraqi Minorities Council A6 - Youth and Their Role in - Change- Symposium - 4
  • A7 - Engineering Professions - Syndicate - The Available Mechanisms to - Protect Human Rights- - Symposium - 5
  • A4 - National Vocational - Section / Teachers - Syndicate - Trade union rights and - freedoms- Workshop - 6
  • A5 - General Union of authors - and writers in Iraq - Criticism Research of the - Movement of Iraqi Narrative - and its Relationship to Arabic - and International Narrative- - Session - 7
  • Perceptions Foundation A1 - Deputies Observatory- - Symposium - 8
  • Plenary A10 - Preparatory Committee - 02.00pm - 9 –

28th/09/2013 At Baghdad Cultural Center & Qushllah

First Period of Activities 09.00 am-10.45 am

Seq Name of Activity Organizing Body Place

  • A1 - National Association to - Defend Human Rights - Privatization and Fair - Distribution of Wealth- - Symposium - 1
  • A2 - Lanterns Association to - Combat Violence Against - Women - The Reality of Women & - children in Countryside- - Symposium - 2
  • A3 - Tammuz Organization for - Social Development - Youth and Their Role in - Building a Democratic Estate- - Symposium - 3
  • A4 - Engineering Professions - Syndicate - State Attitude towards unions’ - activity in Iraq after 2003 - 4
  • A5 - National Vocational - Section / Teachers - Syndicate - School Violence, Reasons & - treatment- workshop - 5
  • A6 - Democratic Youth - Federation - Iraqi Youth Reality - Symposium - 6
  • A7 - The Peoples Foundation for - the culture of democracy - The citizen's role to enhance - accountability and - transparency - 7
  • A8 - Individual activity – Dr. - Abdul Wahid Philly - History and geography of Faili - Kurds- Lecture - 8
  • A9 - Safa Institute for the Care - of Autism Patients - How to Help Autistic Patients- - Symposium - 9 -

Second Period of Activities 11.00 am-12.45 pm

Seq Name of Activity Organizing Body Place

  •  A1 - Peace and Solidarity - Council - Civil & Social peace- - Symposium - 1
  • A2 - Youth are Coming - Federation for voluntary - work - Legislative environment and - freedom of the press in Iraq - Symposium - 2
  • Women for Peace Org. A3 - Widows Reality in Iraq- - Workshop - 3
  • A4 - Information Center for - Social Development - Child Protection Code- - Symposium - 4
  • Social Media Iraqi Network A9 - Employment social Networks - in Civil Activity- Workshop - 5
  • 6 Civil peace- Symposium Justice & Peace Org. A6 –
  • A7 - Ur Association of - Solidarity with the of the - Assyrian Chaldean Syriac - people - Peaceful coexistence between - religions and nationalities in - Iraq- Workshop - 7
  • A8 - Justice Center to support - marginalized groups in Iraq - Disputed & peace building- - Workshop - 8
  • A5 - General Union of authors - and writers in Iraq - Issues of Contemporary Iraqi - Criticism and Literary - Phenomena- Session - 9 –

Third Period of Activities 01.00 am-02.30 pm

Seq Name of Activity Organizing Body Place

  • A6 - Individual Activity -Annas - Murshid - 1 Because We are Civilization
  • A2 - Individual Activity- Ali - Tariq Jasim - 2 Hatred Speech- Symposium
  • Alalak Childhood Org. A3 - Women Rights in Heavenly - Religions Symposium - 3
  • A4 - Parents of Detainees & - Missing Tunisian Persons - Association - Non- Violence as Means to - Socio- Political change- - Symposium - 4
  • 5 E-Illiteracy- Symposium This is Youth Org. A5 - A1 - Youth Congress - Association
  • Youth Congress Association- - Symposium - 6
  • 7 Plenary Preparatory Committee A10 -

Closing ceremony 02.30 pm-03.00 pm in the Open Space

Open Activities That are Continuous for 27th-28th/09/2013

All Activities 09.00 am- 03.00 pm

see here some indications about those activities : http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/isfbaghdad-overview-en-ar

Seq Name of Activity Place

  • 1 Youth Against Harassment Tent B1
  • 2 Women for Peace Org. Tent B2
  • 3 Assal Humanitarian Org. Tent B3
  • 4 We Begin With Hygiene Campaign Tent B4
  • 5 Iraqi Child Library- Iraqi women League tent B5
  • 6 Universe Foundation For Human Development Tent B6
  • 7 No for Poverty Tent B7
  • 8 Iraqi Women League Tent B8
  • 9 Help To Overcome (H2O) tent B9
  • 10 Communication & Fraternity Org. Tent B10
  • 11 Tammuz Organization for Social Development Tent B11
  • 12 Cooperation Charity _Iraq Builders Tent B12
  • 13 1000 ID Campaign Tent B13
  • 14 Social Youth Center Tent B14
  • 15 Assal Humanitarian Org. Tent B15
  • 16 Youth Congress Association Tent B16
  • 17 Contribute Your Way Campaign Tent B17
  • 18 Iraqi Democratic Youth federation Tent B18
  • 19 Iraqi Cultural Day Tent B19
  • 20 Iraq Without Poverty is Possible Tent B20
  • 21 Window to Poverty & Marginalization Association Tent B21
  • 22 Window to Poverty & Marginalization Association Tent B22
  • 23 Rafidain Youth Renaissance Tent B23
  • 24 Peace Flowers Tent B24
  • 25 Today's Youth Tent B25
  • 26 Women on Top Tent B26
  • 27 White Emblem Tent B27
  • B28 Ur Association of Solidarity with the of the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people Tent 28
  • 29 Al Rasheed Youth for a Smile Campaign Tent B29
  • 30 National Center for Volunteer Work B30
  • 31 For One Iraq We Work Tent B31
  • 32 Future Youth Tent B32
  • 33 Amend the Law Of Journalists Campaign Tent B33
  • 34 Environment Ambassadors Tent B34
  • 35 I am Iraqi I Read Tent B35
  • 36 Sutoor Library Tent B36
  • 36 Know your Right Tent B37
  • 38 Almutanabi Str. Facebook Page Tent B38
  • 39 Civil Campaign to Support Cancer Patients Tent B39
  • 40 Democratic Students Tent B40
  • B41 Ur Association of Solidarity with the of the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people 41
  • 42 Civilized Dialogue Tent B42
  • 43 Environmental Activists Tent B43
  • 44 Transparency Coalition B44
  • B45 Iraqi Council for Peace & Solidarity - No to Sectarianism Campaign Tent  45
  • 46 Save Tigris & The Iraqi Marshes Campaign Tent B46
  • 47 Nature Iraq Tent B47
  • B48 Brotherhood and Solidarity Association of Yezidi and the Alliance of Iraqi minorities Tent 48
  • 49 Historical Library Tent B49
  • 50 1000 ID Campaign Tent B50
  • 51 Iraqi Industries/ Eng. Furat Abu Maryum B51
  • 52 Magician Tent B52
  • 53 Dunia For Accessories and Hand Made Ornaments Tent B53
  • 54 Power Shift-Iraq Tent B54
  • 55 Poor Cry Tent B55
  • 56 Tha'er Ale'esami Printing and Publishing Foundation B56

Theater, Films, And musicals

 see here some indications about those activities : http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/isfbaghdad-overview-en-ar

27th/09/2013 At Baghdad Cultural Center & Qushllah



Name of Activity Organizing BodyNo.

1 I Want to Live- Play Nenorta Art Group A10 10.00 am

A10 11.00 am

Future Makers for

Human Rights Org.

2 Youth Role Now- Play

3 Operetta Land of Blackness Almahabba Radio A10 11.45 am

Almahabba Radio A10 12.45 pm

Protect Us From the Risks

of War- Anthem4

A10 12.30 pm

Iraq Reconstruction and



5 I am The Iraqi Child- Play

A10 01.15 pm

Fine Arts Institution-

Haider Alkhazragi

6 Urgent Call- film

Theater, Films, And musicals

28th/09/2013 At Baghdad Cultural Center & Qushllah



Name of Activity Organizing BodyNo.




Iraqi Democratic Youth


1 The crazy Play




Our Cultural House


2 Alturath Iraqi Group



Akmaar cultural Org. A10

The Happiest of the Happy-



4 Faili Kurds Tragedy-Play Balah Jo Theater Group A 12:15 م 10

A 01:00 م 10

Tammuz Org. For Social


5 The Wild Fish- Play

A 01:30 م 10

Iraq Reconstruction and



6 Reunion- Play

27-isf-6.jpg - 27-isf-5.jpg  thart exhibition 

Art and Photographic Galleries

see here some indications about those activities : http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/isfbaghdad-overview-en-ar 

27th-28th/09/2013 At Baghdad Cultural Center & Qushllah

No. Name of Activity Organizing Body Place

Iraqi Women League B

Bright in Our Country Sky

(Photo Gallery)


Nenorta Art Group B

Antiquity directory Photo



3 Fine Art Gallery Nenorta Art Group B

4 Photo Gallery - Service Reality Tasami Women's Forum B


Ashoor Panipal Cultural


5 Photo Gallery Assyrian Heritage


Youth are Coming


6 Photo Gallery


Engineering Professions


7 Photo Gallery

B Baghdad Marathon Preparatory Committee Non-Violence Sport Photo Gallery

8B Iraq Reconstruction and Development Foundation 9 Photo Gallery

10 Non-Violence Gallery Iraqi Caricature House B

11 Photo Gallery I was here campaign B

12 Fine Art Gallery Fahad Alsigur B


General Union of Students- Mesa 13 Photo Gallery  Goodness Humanitarian Org.

14 Fine Art Gallery

15 Fine Art Gallery Wissam Alfurati B

Group of Artists B

Gallery of Fine Art, sculpture,

painting on glass



Our Cultural House


17 Fine Art Gallery

There will be activities as a part of the extended forum held abroad and live-streamed to Baghdad

Contact skype  isf.extensionteam  for more information

Write to  isf.extensionteam at gmail.com for more information

Preparatory committee members:

  • Tammuz Org. for Social Development Women for Peace Non- violence Group
  • AL Masalah Org. for Human Resources Development
  • Kurdistan Youth Empowerment Org.
  • Information Center for Research & Development
  • Iraqi Council for Peace & Solidarity (ICPS)
  • Al-Amal Association
  • General Federation of Iraqi Workers
  • Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions
  • Press Freedom Advocacy Association In Iraq
  • Madarik for Studding Mechanisms of Conceptual Promotion
  • Azidi Solidarity & Fraternity League
  • Engineering Professions Union
  • Ufoq Organization Future Network
  • War & Peace Reporting Institution Iraqi Network for Social Media
  • Assyria Association BANIPAL
  • Gaynden Organization for Activities of
  • Democracy & human rights

Local supports:

  • Baghdad Ministry of environment governorate
  • The Baghdadi Cultural Center & Al-Qushlah Baghdad university
  • Tourism ministry Cultural affairs ministry
  • International Baghdad hotel Safeen motel

International supporters:

  • Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity
  • Initiative (ICSSI)
  • Karibu Foundation
  • The Council of Barcelona - Barcelona
  • Solidaria
  • International Institute for Nonviolent
  • Action (NOVACT, Spain)
  • Friedrich Ebert Foundation
  • Un ponte per... (UPP, Italy)
  • International Babil assembly for translation
  • Sports Against Violence (SAV, Italy) Fondation Assistance Internationale

The preparatory committee would like to thank all those interested in the activities of the Forum, who helped out in accomplishing our mission, preparing for this big civil event.