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This page is censing the videos of day 26th in ISF and their collected transcription



    FIRST DAY 26


    Opening event and speeches – Baghdad University - Morning of 26th September 2013


    Baghdad University - Morning of 26th September 2013 


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     international participants

    . sports against violence



  • Greetings (summary by Chris)

  • The opening activities at Baghdad University (Jadryah Compound) got off to a good start, with a welcoming crowd and fine weather.  After a musical opening and a campus walkaround, it was time for the 5/10km footraces.

    Leaders of local Iraqi organsiations addressed the crowd [Arabic]. Then Martina (Italian NGO) extended a welcome on behalf of the international visitors (10:00-21:00) 


    You can recognise Martina, she's wearing Competitor bib 130 from the footrace. She welcomed guests from Bangladesh, Tunisia, Palestine, Egypt, Kurdistan, Spain, Germany, France, United States and Belgium.  She recounted that, earlier in the week, she had been farewelled by an Italian gathering of 300 well-wishers, and extended solidarity to all Iraqi participants in the Forum.

    The next highlight for me was the narrated Taekwondo demonstration, where the choreography was specifically scripted for the current security conditions of Iraq (23:23-32:00).

    This demonstration was followed with speeches from delegates from US (35:00), Germany (1:00:40), Spain (1:05:50), Norway (over Skype, 1:09:15).  We also met Johanna L. Riviera from Brazil (1:19:00) who will be a keynote speaker on water issues tomorrow.

    The day's activities concluded with energetic communal dancing, and everyone seemed to get into the spirit for the next two day's activities.

  • 1/ recorded streams from  Abdulkarem 


    ISF Event for 26th Sept. 2013 المنتدى الاجتماعي العراقي في الـ26 من …

    • 1mn30 speech man in back suit
    • 4mn  speech man in white shirt
    • 8mn  man inblack suit
    • 10mn Martina  in english translated
      • 12mn 30 message of solidarity from zambia  -  NGOd
      • 14mn 20  message for mesopotiamian social forum
      • 15mn what italian have learnt from world social forum -   change our life by outselves -  my money is in ethical bank  does not fund weapon,  - solar panel in my house - no need to fight a war on iraq  -   we occupied a building of a multinational who moved to china -
      • 17mn50  ready to bear consequences of our action - civil resistance -  300 people clapping hand about iraq social forum  in this building
      • 19mn work less both my husband and i to spend time with our 2 year old daughter   
      • i personnally learned from iraqi people working to promote culture of non violence
      • 20mn totally sure you have the strenght to change your country -    rebuild the country together base on  ?  -   long life to iraqi revolution and social forum
      • 21mn man in black suit
      • 22mn  2 men waiting
      • 23mn 30  tak won do  demonstration
      • 34 mn intervention of ?
      • 35 mn  intervention from  a person from USA  - am so happy to be hear - last time i was here was 2003  when my government  .. am part of a piece delegation -  sorry  ....  - i understand very well  -  violence in iraq is related to policty of my governent  - 37mn30 -  but today i want to stand with you and look forward to the future - happy to honnour-    38mn30
      • 42mn30 men in black suit

    • x
    • x
  • Opening Sport without violence

    • 3mn long

    2/ recorded streams from abdelrahmane  abdalrhman 



    • good morning

      • Opening Address.  Martina Pignatti, president of Un Ponte Per, giving opening remarks in Bagdad University during the opening ceremony of the Iraqi Social Forum. Video by Johanna Rivera.

      • We are ready, we continue, maybe we go more slowly.  Maybe we suffer more, generally, in revolutions as well, but we continue, we are resistance, so sometimes maybe we go even more far away than men.  We are here today to celebrate the Iraqi revolution and the Iraqi renaissance, especially the young generation of Iraqi activists.  Internationals came here from very different countries; from Bangladesh in Asia, from Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia in the Middle East and North Africa, and from Kurdistan; from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, United States.  Many other people wanted to come but, for different reasons, they couldn’t be here.  It’s difficult to get a visa to enter your country.  We wish Iraqi institutions were more open to welcome internationals [camera pans across crowd].  I bring you greetings from the Zambia Social Forum  - Zambia in Africa.  They will have their social forum in a few days so they didn’t manage to come because they have to organise their own, but they send you a message of solidarity.  They sent you a message, they were saying that the words ‘social forum’ in general as a space for civil society, needs to be carried on by the people, not only NGOs.  This is what we wish for the future of the Iraqi Social Forum process.  So what our friends from Zambia were saying ‘We all belong to NGOs.  NGOs are fundamental  to help create these spaces to organise them.  But then the protagonists are the people, the social movements.