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برنامج البث المباشر – المنتدى الاجتماعي العراقي  -


SECOND DAY 27th September 2013

Save Tigris –LIVE –Arabic

Save Tigris –LIVE –English 

 see transcript below 

Save the Tigris campaign’s session : Water Crisis between Iraq and - Neighboring Countries: The - Ilisu dam, Exploring Legal – Strategies morning 27th 9 am

(ICSSI)’s session-LIVE- Arabic


(ICSSI)’s session-LIVE- English

 see transcript below   

Iraq Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI)’s session: Global campaigns for peace and nonviolence morning 27th 9 am




Trade Unions- LIVE- Arabic


General Federation of - Trade Unions- Iraq - The Project of the New Law of - Labor- Symposium 27th 9 am

Women In Iraq Reality – LIVE- Arabic

Women In Iraq Reality – LIVE- English


Women In Iraq Reality- Friday 27th of September 11 am



Journalism – Freedoms-LIVE-Arabic


The Defense of Journalism - Freedoms Association - Minorities In Iraq- Rights & - Reality- Journalism – Freedoms


Baghdad – Marathon-LIVE- Arabic


Italian Association Sports- Against violence - Introducing (Baghdad - Marathon)



Plenary –LIVE- Arabic

Plenary of the 27th  -Preparatory Committee 1:00 pm


Qushla ISF Tents - General – live –



see Qsleh  video on 28




      •  stream by ali


      still image no sound


      ( from interpreter ) view of first rank of participants  - ...... enforce international law against  - these are only the foundations and many issues to build up -  when america  comes only a nation to refuse such - afterwatrds america is developed on these issues  - 1mn10  stop ?.?
    • Miniature

      13:31 - Activity one 3

      • english woman voice in the back ground ??
      • ne york times calls for these  - about the going of those people that go to war and participate in violence  - i am sorry for what is happening for iraqi people  -  movements have three direction  - first of all - how to impose and reguse any miolitary movement - we are against -  the what shall be stopped  -  we are against all - whoe control the arab society - we have to stop  - we are not the enemy who are to be defined  -  well have to put a law  itnernational for such issies - we concentraite on this  - we have a new campaign which is called jobs and not war -    we have to say the money which is spent on war can be spent on school  - our feeling - justve have to work - unfinished wrks  - need to work togeter  - i fell nouuored to be here with you - i know you need many actions to estalbish peace - we have the bridges of coomunication to interact - we have to work better than previously  - strong solution towork againt swarr - protect enviroment dammaged - ( applause)
      • 6mn silence ? its my honour to be with you on this forum  i want to say  -  people need security  - am from spain barcelona - non violence  - pepole need secrutity to go to work schol - what happened when poeple cannot provide security - rich people can go to such schools privatziation of ???
      • stop 7mn
  • Transcript. First period. Activity 1. Water Crisis between Iraq and neighbouring countries: The Ilusu dam, exploring legal strategies in Iraq and elsewhere.     streamed by abdalrahmane

        • حملة انقاذ دجلة والاهوار العراقيةISF
          video by abdalrhman ali wana

          Addresses by local Iraqi presenters.
          Johanna L. Riviera from International Rivers NGO [16:35]  I have a couple of points.  Firstly, I am very happy to be here.   [Then feedback, end of transmission]

          ISF1 video by abdalrhman ali wana

           Johanna L. Rivera: Another thing I want Ercan to give a little overview because we have been working together between Iraq and Turkey.  We have been using the Turkish legal system to go against Ilisu dam … and thirdly, how to compound that international law inspires us to go to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).
          Interjection [1:11]:  There should be a representative from the Ministry of Environment and the Water Resources  Ministry also.
          JLR [1:30]:  But the issue is at an international level so Iraq, as a State, has to present a case at the International Court of Justice.  But for this, they have to talk to Turkey first.  This is the information we have.
          It’s a big challenge for us to go to the International Court of Justice, Turkey also needs to recognise the jurisdiction of the ICJ.
          Interjection [2:26]:  We need cooperation between the [Iraq] ministries
          JLR[]  We are running out of time.  Maybe later if we can discuss … [gesticulates to interjector to come and discuss further]
          Iraq woman: We have only 10 minutes.
          Ercan Ayboga [3:40]: [initial microphone feedback]  I come from the region of … In the last years we have a long political campaign against the Ilisu Dam in Turkey.  On an international level, we could have stopped in the last 13-15 years three times.  But …  The dam would bring huge ecological and social destruction in our region.  The destruction here in Iraq will be much bigger.
          So now I will speak about the regular wars against the Ilisu dam.
          In 1999,  the first trial was brought against the Ilisu dam, brought by the mayor of city of Hasankeyf.  This trial has been connected to a trial that has been started four years later.  A famous lawyer has been connected to (briefed for) the Administrative Court in Diyarbakir ..  the destruction ..
          The actual destruction in Turkey is very important for it is the centre of destruction, even though the social and ecological destruction is less.
          After long years, the Court in 2010 has decided to have a scientific commission to determine what the actual destruction will be.  The dam is very important and, the public interest is very big, to determine if the dam should be built.
          [8:10-9:24] Bad feedback from microphones.  Then recording drops out.
          EA continues [10:40]  The most important trial to them started in 2010, and this trial is being done by the (feedback, end of transmission)



          حملة انقاذ دجلة والاهوار العراقيةISF1/1

          woman's voice
          • 3mn  - vision of the chair  with the woman speaking
          • 8mn man speaking with  enlish interpretation fainlty sumperimposed
          • 10mn  other person  speaking  -
          • 11mn45 woman in blue
          • 16mn  woman at the chair
          • 17mn just i wanted to point out  - happy to be here - we are in solidarity with iraqi people 


          20:55 - isf 1/2

          ISF2 video by abdalrhman ali wana

          Address by Iraq man with head-dress (translated): … not as a government… Iraq is one of the countries that … And finally, … when US invaded Iraq, Turkey is one of the countries that helped them. … Thank you.
          [1:50] Iraq woman: Can I say something to close? I want to speak more about …
          [translator] She’s going to talk about …
          [2:31] Iraq woman: I’m not an expert.
          [3:11] Address by balding Iraq man, light suit (translated for Johanna/Ercan as international visitors).… But this Iraq outside the borders .  In 1946 … both sides …
          [6:08] … considered one river which is against …
          [7:18] Male speaker concludes.
          [7:40] Iraq woman speaking.  Then speakers leave their seats, and presentation concludes.
          [8:40] Ercan (overheard): It’s a bit difficult.  I hope they got it.
          [11.34]  New people arrive, then depart.
          13:55] end of recording

          ( problem the  sound is distored i the english microphone )  english talk man speaking and then interpreter  -  we are happy working together because we are ..... -   third - how to combine that   international law  -  -

          1mn woman speaking -  we should  have    -  international level - iraq as a state ..;     - n big challenge  - international court of justice  - we need cooepration in the ministries  -

          3mn30  -man speaking in english and being translated in arabice  - ....we could have stopped this in the last 20 years two times  -   destruction of  -     mayor of  .. -    this trial has  ... four years later  ... - lawyers  administrative court  -    after long years the court this time  - determine what   -   dam is very big -  8mn  ( distorted sound )  .....

          • man speaking
          • woman  then fan
          • 6mn three people at the chair -  chair man speaking   -
          • 7mn woman speaking to the chair
          • 8mn empty chair
          • 13mn woman with poster .


          declaration by women, some  confused discussion and applause - duration 2 mn

          Transcript. First period. Activity 3. Social justice in Iraq symposium.   streamed by Zuhair

          also posted on the isf.org official website as Social Justice 1, 2 and 3 (in Arabic).

          Jassim Hilfi - Ultra Sheikh Ali: social justice in Iraq 1 [1:30]

          Jassim Hilfi - Ultra Sheikh Ali: social justice in Iraq 2 [4:09]
          Jassim Hilfi - Ultra Sheikh Ali: social justice in Iraq 3 [2:46].  Shows the packed audience, hardly standing room.

          Information center holds seminar on "social justice" by Zinb Ali, then translated

          The Information Centre for Research and Development within the activities of the Social Forum Iraq held its activities from 26 to September 28, 2013 and at the University of Baghdad and Qishleh and Cultural Center Baghdadi in Mutanabi Street. On the sidelines of the forum, they held a center of information for research and development symposium entitled "Social Justice in Iraq" on Friday, September 27 , 2013, at the Hall of the cultural Center Baghdadi, seminar presented by Mr. Jasim Hilfi Mr. ultra Sheikh Ali in the presence of a large and distinctive gathering of participants.

            • At the beginning of the seminar attendees and participants in the activities of the Social Forum of Iraq were welcomed.  Then Mr. Jassim Hilfi gave his speech about the place of justice social in Iraq, where he said " he detects human history has two-sided contradiction for human relationships, one expresses the freedom and the other on the oppression and tyranny.  That was human history, a series of struggles and struggles and conflict between the two sides, and the dream of peace, freedom, justice and equality is the same dream that is sought by many thinkers and philosophers since ancient times.   Hilfi said that "social justice means the establishment of objective criteria, specific to equal opportunities among the people, without distinction or discrimination.  It is indisputable that social justice is the way to achieve political stability, and economic development and prosperity, in a manner that meets the basic needs of the citizens, and thus promote the country and progress. Hilfi said that "social justice is the idea of ​​referring to a kind of equality is an important fundamental way to achieve the common good. This notion of equality in the application of the provisions and laws is for everyone equally. The fundamental principle is of the peaceful coexistence within the nations that takes place in the shadow of prosperity. And to work to achieve gender equality or promote the rights of indigenous peoples and migrants, we have to uphold the principles of social justice.  The advancement of social justice comes through the removal of barriers faced by people because of gender, age, race or ethnicity, religion, culture or disability.  Over the centuries issue of justice social has served (guided?) human thought. "

            • جاسم الحلفي - فائق الشيخ علي : العدالة الاجتماعية في العراق 2

              • Professor ultra Sheikh Ali Bmdakhlth then submitted that "social justice is not the idea of ​​charity, a kindness by some wealthy for the poor, it is a system of socio-economic thought , including equality and justice, empowerment and opportunities for all , for political systems to be varied through the constitutions and laws.  The issue of social security is among the many laws of political systems to achieve this kind of social justice.  Social Security is a retirement system that guarantees the right and material support for the unemployed, the disabled and low - income and vulnerable groups of society. "
          • جاسم الحلفي - فائق الشيخ علي : العدالة الاجتماعية في العراق3 (2:46)

            • Dr. Amer Hassan Fayyad Dean of the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Mesopotamia and Dr. Ali high- dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Baghdad presented ideas earlier, as well as other university professors, trade unionists and civilian activists.

              At the end of the seminar, attendees set recommendations for action are as follows:

              1. Work on the second section of the Constitution containing the rights and freedoms and to enact laws and regulations to ensure social justice.

              2. Adoption of the law of the right to housing.

              3. Adoption of the Social Security Act.

              4. Passing a law to ensure health.

              5. Directing the efforts and activities of civil society and human rights organizations towards the targeting of social justice issues.

              6. Improving the means and tools of audio-visual media to serve the issues of social justice.

              7. Reformulation of educational curricula on a civilian basis, and the realization of a culture of tolerance and social justice and human rights.