Dear friends,
The notes of the first Skype chat of the International Solidarity Committee for the ISF are attached.  They are quite long because they include introductions from everyone as well as a lengthy explanation from Ismaeel concerning the decisions that the Iraqi Preparatory Committee has already made.

After that there is a summary of our discussion -- where we made specific decisions, or individuals offered to do specific things, or shared links, I highlighted the text in blue.

It was wonderful to connect with all of you and I look forward to working together! 


On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 8:05 AM, Ismaeel Dawood <> wrote:
Dear all
This is a test and welcoming message to the Iraqi Social Forum (ISF) mailing list - English. There is another mailing list for Arabic speakers.
Till this moment members of this list are only the members of  The International Solidarity Committee For The Iraqi Social Forum (ISF) , those who registered in the link  that we send before.
but our idea is to expand it to all who want to know about the ISF and are able to communicate in English.
To add new members , use this page :
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thanks a lot

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