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Questions about extension of ISF submitted to ISF build up seminar next friday

de parte de Pierre en 18/06/2013 14:56

Thanks Ayat for thIis june 13th meeting report 

 In perspective of the seminar announced on 21st june, please find below  a
few questions related to extension of ISF

it would be great to have during this ISF BUILD UP SEMINAR NEXT FRIDAY, those
questions adressed,  and a CORE EXTENSION GROUP  of 2/3 persons started to
organize further the extension of ISF ( no high technical skill is required,
what is important is organizing capacity and desire to connect national and
international dynamics of participation in ISF process )

A concrete question to be adressed is what can be the estimated DIMENSIONING
OF ISF EXTENSION,  this estimation  is linked to the general anticipated
dimensionning of ISF  and to  how the international mobilisation effort  will
convey the idea of extension

number of acitvities in baghdad in september ISF(20-50?) 
number of solidarity events before ISF ( 5?-10?)
number of national teleencounter activities during ISF(5?-10?)
number of international teleencounter activities during ISF(5?-10?)
number of solidarity events during ISF requiring intervention of ISF committee
( 5?-10?) 
number of activities in ISF enlarged by video streaming for tele participation
(5? -10?-20?)

;-)  best wishes

what is the internet situation in the cultural center? can test be done from
that place easily? 
is someone ready to review this  and make  video chat and streaming test
before end of june with some people abroad? 

point 6  of report  :VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE 
How many volunteers are diagnosed to be trained on broadcasting activities and
organizing teleparticipation ? (case 2c)

How many volunteers are diagnosed to be trained to support 1/ the tele
encounter activities held by video conference between organization in Baghdad
and organisaiton abroad, and 2/ intervention of ISF organizing committee in
solidarity activities held elsewhere in the world  (cases 2a and 2b) 

When could a first EXTENSION CORE GROUP be available for international
contacts and start of an extension team? could it be formed during ISF build
up seminar next friday? 


is it possible to exchange with the people preparing the registration form,  
in order to incorporate from the start of the design , in a simple manner, 
the various cases of participation  1 1a 2 2a 2b 2c  linked to extended ISF 
and presented in the international call  draft 

-1_be with us in Baghdad and 
-1a organize activities there along with Iraqi organisations 
-2-endorse the ISF process from abroad and
-2a-organize solidarity events in your cities before or during the Iraqi
Social Forum. A member of the ISF committee could speak in your event through
-2b-organize together with some Iraqi organizations 2hours duration
teleencounter activities by video chat (preliminary test video chat advisable)
-2c-tele participate collectively to some enlarged activities held in Baghdad
(ie broadcasted by video streaming(preliminary testing advisable) 


On Jun 17, 2013 01:48 PM, Ne Nar wrote:
> Dear friends
> this the Meeting of the Preparatory Committee
> of the Iraqi Social Forum held on Thursday 13/06/2013
> best wishes ,
> Ayat 

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