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Re: International Solidarity Committee for Iraqi Social Forum (ISF) meets on July 3rd at 15 GMT

de parte de noemi on 2013-07-03 06:51
Dear all,
thank so much for the huge job you are doing to make ISF possible!  
I am not representing any group or association in this framework (even if I am committed with networks in Rome) so I will not attend the skype meeting. 

Anyway I like to bring to your attention this point: Iraqi archaelogacal heritage is a pricelss treasure for Iraq and for the whole world but in this moment most part of scholars and archaelogists cannot work on the field to bring to light other ancient remains and answer to open questions.

Iraqi is essential to comprehend what happend to humankind and try to understand what a radical transformations Amorites introduced in the ancient civilizations (first of all their rejection of female power).
Next 15-19 of July in Ghent, Belgium, it will be held RAI59Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale 59e Edition to which I am going to participate: if you think it could be interesting and worthwhile I will invite international scholars to ISF to participate in it or to be involved in some way in this process hoping I get their attention on "the present situation of Iraqi an Syria".

Thank so much for the job your are doing in this real complicate situation, 

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Oggetto: [Iraq Social Forum] International Solidarity Committee for Iraqi Social Forum (ISF) meets on July 3rd at 15 GMT

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Dear all, 

I confirm that the International Solidarity Committee for the
      Iraqi Social Forum (ISF) will have the next Skype chat tomorrow,
      Wednesday July 3rd, at 15:00 GMT (that is 17:00 in Italy, 18:00 in

Given the horrible news from today (
      at least 40 people have been killed in a wave of bomb attacks
      across Iraq - most of them in the capital Baghdad, check BBC news) we really need to hear about the local situation by our Iraqi friends, hoping all of them are ok, and re-discuss how to launch the international call for participation.

I remind you that minutes of our last chats can be read here,
      thanks to Pierre: 

In Solidarity, 

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