In view of upcoming meeting you will find here some ideas about a registration google form covering the various cases for participation in ISF from abroad

in the option 2  3 and 4  teleintervention from ISF , tele encounters  wiht baghdad, and tele participations in activities held in baghdad  you will see that " ISF extension team" is mentionned

in a meeting held last thursday by chat with baghdad the idea of extension has been commented with ISF committee - with a concise documentation http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/isfextension-doc-arabic-short

 it was said  from baghdad that a core extension team would be started and would began to explore the possiblity to have an internet sponsor and  to  COLLECT INTENTIONS   from iraqi organisations to

- propose topics for SPECIFIC TELE ENCOUNTERS ACTIVITIES trhough video confereence  ( by video audio or text chat depending the quality of internet )
- announce that some of their activity could be opened to TELE PARTICIPATION (( video stream + chat or audio +chat  or  chat .depending the internet conditions

is was said that a first round of collection could be made before july 14th  -

So the result of this collection could be put in the google form,

 (you see in part 3  tele-encounter proposal 1 tele encounter proposal 2 and in part 4A et 4B activity in baghda 1 , activity in baghad 2  ...these would be replaced by real proposals coming from baghdad to be viewed by all people fillling the form

 thus this would  help making connections between iraqi organizations and orgnaisations abroad

please Ai Taif Ibrahem confirm that this date of 14th july is valid for a first collection of intention from iraq side

You are welcome to test this registartion form - which is just an idea of what can be done using the "prism" product at hand