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Re: Our statement against violence in Iraq, add the last signatures today!

de parte de Olfa Mohamed on 2013-07-10 02:05
Ok martina :)
Le 10 juil. 2013 02:53, "Martina Pignatti M." <
martina.pignatti@...> a écrit :

>  Dear all,
> this is the last version of the statement as far as I understand, I added
> a few words in red since attacks against journalists ana activists continue
> and are terrible. *Please check if your signature has been included and
> eventually add it today, 10th of July, so we can start spreading it on
> Friday, the 11th of July.* I've added in red some people that I'm quite
> sure would like to sign, please confirm! I did not include signatures of
> Iraqis except Ismaeel that is now working for ICSSI from abroad.
> Olfa or someone else, could you please do a quick Arabic translation of
> this text?
> Thanks a lot,
> Martina
> www.unponteper.it
> www.iraqicivilsociety.org
>  The International Solidarity Committee of the World Social Forum is
> supporting the preparation of the first Iraqi Social Forum, scheduled to
> take place in Baghdad on 26-28 September 2013.
>  One of the key aims of the ISF (Iraqi Social Forum) is to build peace
> and justice and overcome all forms of violence in Iraq. The very fact that
> the ISF is still scheduled to take place in the face of the current wave of
> bombings is in itself not only a challenge, but a way of defying this
> violence and proving that peace and security in another Iraq are possible.
>  As International Solidarity Committee, we strongly condemn all the
> current acts of violence, just as we have always condemned imperial wars
> imposed on civilians, who always pay the highest price. We particularly
> condemn attacks on human rights defenders and journalists, and those
> heinous acts that in Iraq have recently targeted children and youth
> practicing sport and other peaceful activities.
>   *Name**
> * *Organization**
> * *Country**
> *  Ismaeel Dawood
>  Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative international
>   Martina Pignatti Morano Un ponte per... Italy
>   Judith Hitchman and Sergio Cordeiro?
>  Babels
>  Ireland, France, Spain
>   Sabiha Ben Ammar
>  Confédération Générale Tunisienne du Travail (CGTT)*
> * Tunisia
>   Feroz Mehdi?
>  Alternatives International
>  international
>   Mireille Fanon-Mendes Frantz Fanon Foundation
>  France
>   Elena Laurenti and Nicola Visconti A.D. Sport Against Violence Italy  Pierre
> George WSF IC Communication Commission France  Mboirick Mohamed Gathering
> of Young Mauritania for Development Mauritania
>   Olfa Mohamed?
>  Tunisian League of Women Voters
>  Tunisia
>   Ahmad Jaradat?
>  Alternative Information Center
>  Palestine/Israel
>   Gershom Kabaso?
>  Zambia Social Forum
>  Zambia
>   Terry Kay Rockefeller?
>  September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
>  USA
>   Felipe Daza?
>  Spain
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