Hi Martina
I'll be on time
Muhanna Al-Shamary
Profession: Journalist,
Iraq Youth Parliament Coordinator,
Representative at the peace and friendship
Job: Reporter in Alsharq Daily Newspaper
        Reporter in Iraq Ghadan Newspaper
Address: Iraq - kirkuk

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Subject: [Iraq Social Forum] Chat of International Committee for ISF tomorrow, Wednesday 17th of July

Dear all,

I confirm that the International Solidarity Committee for the Iraqi
Social Forum (ISF) will have the next Skype chat tomorrow, Wednesday
July 17th, at 15:00 GMT (that is 17:00 in Italy, 18:00 in Iraq).

Minutes of our last chats can be read here:

Draft agenda:
- updates from the Iraqi committee
- launch of the international call for participation
- logistics, security and visa for internationals at the ISF
- interpreters training
- Extended ISF training

In Solidarity,

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