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IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS to be checked, as discussed today

from "Martina Pignatti M." on Jul 18, 2013 12:00 AM
Dear all,
Pierre will compile the minutes of our chat today, anyway as we said 
it's urgent to proceed on two issues:

1) we need to finalize within Friday the INTERNATIONAL CALL FOR 
PARTICIPANTS and REGISTRATIONS FORMS (one for Baghdad, one for the 
Extended forum), so that during the weekend we can do other language 
translations and on Saturday (July 20) we can start spreading it anyway. 
This is urgent since July 30 is the deadline for registering, and we 
need to start asap applying for visa at Iraqi Embassies in our 
countries. So please check:

- the call, including the signatures (anyone missing? I remind you that 
members of this committee need to represent an organization, formal or 
informal. Iraqis need to send me the updated list of ISF organizing 
committee members in Iraq)
- the registration form for those coming to Baghdad 
- the registration form for the Extended ISF activities (Pierre promised 
to simplify it a bit tomorrow)

2) the ISF Secretariat in Baghdad needs to check the attached project 
for the INTERPRETERS' TRAINING and send it to Rosa Luxemburg Foundation 
to ask for financial support (complete info on page 2 and pay attention 
to the budget, check it with someone in Erbil!). The three volunteer 
trainers from Babels should let us know if at least two of them can be 
in Erbil for the last week of August (25-29 August), or the following 
week (1-5 September).
I added in the budget some resources to buy "spider" machines for 
interpretation during the forum. Judith, could you provide a description 
of these machines for Iraqis? How many internationals would be able to 
use one spider? I assumed with 20 spiders we can cover about 50 
internationals, is that correct?

In Solidarity,

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