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Re: LAST VERSION INTERNATIONAL CALL, to be disseminated tomorrow

from hitchman@... on Jul 21, 2013 05:17 PM
Hello all,

As a native English speaker, here is my edit of the call

In solidarity


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Sujet : [Iraq Social Forum] LAST VERSION INTERNATIONAL CALL,   to be disseminated tomorrow

                     Dear all,
     things in Baghdad are not going well, at all. Yesterday other 11 car     bomb produced tens of victims 
     But this is not a reason to step back, it rather pushses us to     increase solidarity efforts with our Iraqi comrades and friends. In     early September, according to the situation on the ground, we'll     need to make a very careful evaluation before we "approve" the     participation of an international delegation at the ISF, but Iraqis     should be aware that it will not be a big delegation. The Extended     Iraqi Social Forum, allowing remote participation, is now even more     important, so I really thank the Extension Team who is working for     it, and the Interpreters Team that will allow international     exchange. Interpreters will be very important also for the internet     connections of the extended forum!
     We now have a final version of the international call here:
     English-speakers, please check the language once again! All     of you, read it one more time and check the two registration forms     (for Baghdad and for the Extended Forum). Deadline for registration     of those going to Baghdad has been set at August 5, since we are     late again. We'd like to spread the call tomorrow, but please       wait for my approval before doing it. Be ready to       translate this call to Arabic, French, Italian and your other       languages, and send me the translation as soon as you've done it.
     I've moved the registration form of the Extended Forum from     googleforms to the ICSSI website, simplifying the version that     Pierre had proposed. We need to wait for Pierre to approve the new     form     (http://www.iraqicivilsociety.org/extended-iraqi-social-forum-registration-form),     I really hope it will be ok.
     All the Best

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