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Chat of International Committee for ISF tomorrow, Wednesday 31st of July

de parte de "Martina Pignatti M." on 2013-07-30 23:35
Dear all,

I confirm that the International Solidarity Committee for the Iraqi 
Social Forum (ISF) will have the next Skype chat tomorrow, Wednesday 
July 17th, at 14:00 GMT (that is 16:00 in Italy, 17:00 in Iraq). *Please 
notice that we start one hour earlier than usual due to Ramadan, as we 
agreed during our previous chat.**
Minutes of our last chats can be read here:


Draft agenda:
- updates from the Iraqi committee
- updates from the Extended ISF team
- fundraising for the interpreters training
- security and visa for internationals at the ISF

Meanwhile I inform you that only 3 internationals registered to 
participate in the ISF in Baghdad through the online form (2 from 
Tunisia and 1 from Croatia, plus 2 Iraqis that used the international 
form) and only 1 international from Egypt registered for the Extended 
ISF (plus 2 Iraqis, that used the international form). *We need to start 
registering ourselves and the extended activities of our organizations!!!*

In Solidarity,

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