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IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the Iraqi committee to internationals

from "Martina Pignatti M." on Aug 01, 2013 12:49 AM
Dear all,
this message was written for us by the ISF organizing committee on July 
29. We discussed it today during the chat, you'll read more when I 
compile the minutes. Anyway our Iraqi friends really expect a 
significant international delegation. *I invite you all to register asap 
through this form 
after reading the ISF message which follows.


Dear friends
In the beginning, we would like to thank you and appreciate you for the 
support you are giving us. Your support is highly appreciated to engage 
and interact with civil society in Iraq. We are pleased to incorporate 
with you to hold the Iraqi first social forum to be a playground for 
dialogue and exchange of ideas and experience. This forum will engage 
all the spectrums of Iraqi people.

Dear friends, it is obvious that the deterioration of security led to 
the murdering of tens of civilians and security forces. This situation 
was reflected in your position from participation in the forum 
activities at the end of September 2013. The organizing committee in 
Baghdad was kind of disappointed about your decision. We are here would 
like to affirm that the situation here is not as terrifying as it seems 
in news. Life is going on here actively and naturally.

The holding of the Iraqi forum and the international and national 
participation has a positive impact on the crisis in this country. The 
holding of this forum is a great support to the activities of the civil 
society in Iraq. That is seeking to have a pioneering role to solve the 
urgent problems in Iraq. This forum gives a great addition to stand 
against the political conflict that is taking place in Iraq. This 
current political tension has affected negatively the security, living 
condition for most of Iraqi people. Therefore, in order for us to have a 
great rile to organize varies issues in our country and amend the 
general policies of the state, we invite you to participate in this 
forum. Additionally, organizing activities along the days of the forum. 
In order to convey the hope and aspiration of all Iraqis, and to see the 
dedication and love of Iraqis for life. In the meantime, we found the 
place for holding the forum and did coordinate with the local facilities 
to facilitate the process of holding it.

Once again, we thank you and wish you come to Baghdad, the land of 
peace, and for a better Iraq.

Preparatory Committee for the Iraqi Social Forum
Baghdad, July 29, 2013

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