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IMPORTANT, international participants and visa issues

de la part de "Martina Pignatti M." on 06/08/2013 15:41
Dear all,

our call for the ISF has been spread through the ICSSI and NCCI 
newsletters too, and more internationals are registering. We are now at 
23 international participants registered for ISF in Baghdad (plus 3 
Iraqis who registered here by mistake) and 18 VERY INTERESTING PROPOSALS 
for the Extended ISF. *You find all registrations in the attachment,* 
please check who's there from your country. I'm not sending you personal 
information of participants but email address is there, please do not 
share this file with others.

Some of them will have problems in accessing Iraqi Embassies, since one 
is not present in their country (e.g. Croatia, in Europe), or they 
cannot reach it (e.g. people of Christian Peacemaker Team in KRG cannot 
go back to their country to get the visa and would need to travel 
directly from Sulaymanyia to Baghdad). For all these reasons, and to 
avoid complicated and differentiated procedures, *it would be much 
better for all participants to receive a visa letter from Iraqi 
authorities, and get the visa at Baghdad airport.* We need to know from 
the ISF Committee in Baghdad if this is possible for all internationals, 
or if we should send you specific information on visa problems of each 

We need to decide very soon if we should send an official invitation 
letter to international registered participants (signed by an officially 
registered Iraqi NGO) and tell them to apply for visa at the closest 
Iraqi embassy, or not.

Thanks to our Iraqi friends for figuring this out, I know it's terribly 
complicated to get a clear reply from Iraqi authorities!!!


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