thanks martina for the data about extended forum

it would be good not to wait 10 more days to make a new release,  as this create unecessary stop and go effect

as per your request - the communication with  direct international participants in stimulating extended activities within their organiations is left to you ( :-)

We have now 30 proposals from abroad ( the 18 announcements from abroad  are announcing  in fact different things eg   a solidarity activity and a tele exchange   and we have to make a separate description for each

We have no proposals from iraq and with Eid coming this creates an imbalance wiht the international proposals  which may be even greater by 14th august when  Eid is over

44 announcements of activities  have been made by google form in baghad and all the 30+iraqis announcers having made those are on the iraq social forum list in arabic

so it will be possible  to communicate with them during Eid  period on that list in order to convey useful information about the abroad proposals and the "extension from baghad  text questionnaire  "  

Tomorrow i will send  on the isf extension team list

-  an update of the 30 proposals with links to update each declaration  and a proposal of dispatch of accompanient of each proponent among the  international extensio team members

- the google form for the  "exgetnsion from baghdad"

Let us see how things evolve in the next week


2013/8/7 sabiha ben ammar <>
Désolée de ne pas avoir en enregistré la CGTT avec ce qui se passe en Tunisie, nous participerons probablement sur le forum étendu dans quelques jours.

Sabiha Hamza Ben Ammar
Membre du bureau confédéral de la Confédération Générale Tunisienne du Travail
chargée de la femme et l'Espace Public
Mobile: 25 931 645

Subject: Re: [Iraq Social Forum] IMPORTANT, international participants and visa issues
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2013 17:43:09 +0200

I Will register in a few days

In solidarity

Envoyé de mon iPad

Le 6 août 2013 à 17:29, "Martina Pignatti M." <> a écrit :

Dear all,

our call for the ISF has been spread through the ICSSI and NCCI newsletters too, and more internationals are registering. We are now at 23 international participants registered for ISF in Baghdad (plus 3 Iraqis who registered here by mistake) and 18 VERY INTERESTING PROPOSALS for the Extended ISF. You find all registrations in the attachment, please check who's there from your country. I'm not sending you personal information of participants but email address is there, please do not share this file with others.

Some of them will have problems in accessing Iraqi Embassies, since one is not present in their country (e.g. Croatia, in Europe), or they cannot reach it (e.g. people of Christian Peacemaker Team in KRG cannot go back to their country to get the visa and would need to travel directly from Sulaymanyia to Baghdad). For all these reasons, and to avoid complicated and differentiated procedures, it would be much better for all participants to receive a visa letter from Iraqi authorities, and get the visa at Baghdad airport. We need to know from the ISF Committee in Baghdad if this is possible for all internationals, or if we should send you specific information on visa problems of each participant.

We need to decide very soon if we should send an official invitation letter to international registered participants (signed by an officially registered Iraqi NGO) and tell them to apply for visa at the closest Iraqi embassy, or not.

Thanks to our Iraqi friends for figuring this out, I know it's terribly complicated to get a clear reply from Iraqi authorities!!!


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