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Selection of trainees

from hitchman@... on Aug 15, 2013 11:10 PM
Hello Waleed

Hope all is well with you?

As far as the selection of potential trainees is concerned, here are some brief guidelines. Sergio and Nayua, if I overlook anything, please do add to my suggestions:

1). This is not a language training course. People need to have a very high level of the target language. 

2) Some people will be able to interpret into Arabic from another language. Others may be able to interpret both ways. This is normal. The majority of interpreters are not biactive (ie to and from a language). 

Check what languages will be needed for both the ISF in Baghdad and the extended activities. I imagine English and possibly French. 

Recruit more people than you will need: not everyone makes the grade: interpreting requires a special kind of mind and personality. (Very fast reflexes and mind, not prone to stress). The other necessary prerequisite is very good knowledge of economics/politics/current affairs. (Most good interpreters are news junkeys). 

They also need to be realistic that nobody is perfect, and that you can't learn what generally takes 2 years of training in one week...but you can learn to survive;-)

In solidarity

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