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Re: Chat of International Committee for ISFtomorrow, Wednesday 21st of August

from Gershom Kabaso on Aug 22, 2013 12:05 PM
Dear Friends,

Solidarity greetings from Zambia.

Sincerely apologies I have been a senior culprit in not participating
to online chat regarding ISF due to pressure of work. Nevertheless, I
follow all deliberations afterwards as such we staging a solidarity
activity in Zambia slated September .

May I also announce to you comrades that Zambia on 10th-11th October
2013 will holding its eighth edition of the Zambia Social Forum in
Kafue district under the theme " Transforming Communities Through
Sustainable Development" About 700 people are expected to attend
across the national.

 Best Regards


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Gershom Kabaso,r.,
National Coordinator ,
Zambia Social Forum
 PO BOX CA 131 Castle Lusaka
 Cell Phone: +260 977 46 72 86
                     +260 950 72 11 22

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