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from Iraqi social forum on Sep 04, 2013 06:33 AM
A delegation from the ISF, and Save Tigris and the Iraqi Marshes Campaign,
met today with Head of the neighboring countries directory in the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Dr. Waleed Shiltagh, on Tue 03/09/2013 at the
ministry building in Baghdad.

At the beginning of the meeting, members of the delegation, who were:
(Jinan Sleiwa, Nadia al-Baghdady, Talib Nawroz, Ali Sahib) spoke of the ISF
concept, what are the on- going preparations for the ISF to be held on 26th
-28th of current Sep. at Alqishleh, and Baghdad cultural center, with a
wide local and international participation.

The delegation also invited his Excellency the ambassador to attend the
activity that is planned by the Save Tigris and The Iraqi Marshes Campaign,
the subject being highly related to Iraq’s foreign policy, as well as the
campaign’s importance to Iraq’s interests, which the ministry plays an
important role in safe guarding them.

His Excellency the ambassador welcomed the ISF concept, expressing his
willingness to contribute to it, offering the ministry’s help with some of
the ISF arrangements.

It’s worth to mention that the preparatory committee of the ISF is
preforming a series of meetings with organizations, syndicates, and
official bodies, to introduce the forum and it’s goals.

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