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Chat of International Committee for ISF tomorrow IN ARABIC ONLY

from "Martina Pignatti M." on Sep 10, 2013 02:53 PM
Dear all,

due to major committments of some of us (mobilizing for peace in 
Syria!), the chat of the International Solidarity Committee for the 
Iraqi Social Forum (ISF) will be done in *ARABIC ONLY*, tomorrow: 
Wednesday 11th of September, at 14:00 GMT (that is 16:00 in Italy, 17:00 
in Iraq)*. We hope not only Iraqis, but people from the Arab world and 
all those who understand some Arabic will participate as well.* We will 
get a report in English in this mailinglist after the chat.

Sorry for this change in plans, but in recent chats there was little 
participation of internationals, and for Iraqis it's very complicated to 
have a chat with simultaneous English-Arabic translation. We need now to 
get as many info as possible from them.
Some good news for you:
- the whole ISF committee approved a new risk assessment (will be sent 
soon to registered participants) and is convinced there are no major 
risks for internationals coming for the ISF, they insist we go!
- ISF secretariat was able to get the national theater for the formal 
opening of ISF, on Sept 26!
- UNDP wants to support the ISF process after the forum!
- the Ministry of Environment will produce 2000 bags for the ISF, with 
the ISF logo, adding info on environmental protection!
- Obama, Putin and al-Assad may give peace a chance

In Solidarity,

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