Dear all,

I confirm that the International Solidarity Committee for the Iraqi Social Forum (ISF) will have the next Skype chat tomorrow, Wednesday 18th of September, at 14:00 GMT (that is 16:00 in Italy, 17:00 in Iraq), maybe the last before the ISF.
I'm not sure we will manage to have another chat next week, while some of us will be in Baghdad already.

Some great news:
- the Extended ISF started today with great activities in Bangladesh and Pakistan! I'm waiting for info from Pakistan, and I'm almost ready to send you the program of the Extended ISF, with activities extending till October 6
- we now have visa for almost all internationals wishing to travel to Baghdad (except the last 8 people who are still uncertain, due to late application), the visa letter to the Arabs has been sent already, while for others it will come tomorrow
- the draft program of the Iraqi Social Forum is exceptionally interesting (we'll share a draft tomorrow before the chat)
- the training program "Organizing for nonviolent social change" will take place just before the ISF (Sept 23-25) in Baghdad Hotel with 20 participants among skilled and brave Iraqi activists. Thanks to NOVACT for making it happen!

And the bad news:
the security situation is deteriorating again. New terrible wave of attacks yesterday. Tomorrow we'll get another risk assessment.

Agenda for our chat:
- international participants going to Baghdad, we need to finalize the list
- reviewing security procedures for those going to Baghdad
- Extended ISF, what needs to be done to create connections
- ISF program, comments and contribution of internationals

In Solidarity,