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from alessandra mecozzi on Sep 21, 2013 08:00 AM
Hi Martina, Ismaeel, and all
congratulations for the great job you have done. Finally the ISF will
happen! I am very sorry not to be able to be with all of you in Bagdad, I
hope it will be possible a contact from Rome on the 28th as suggested by
I wish to all of you successful forum and peace, democracy, rights to all
the iraqi people. In solidarity

2013/9/20 Martina Pignatti M. <martina.pignatti@...>

> Here comes the final progam of the forum, in different versions!
> Ismaeel just did a final addition, a donor from Spain was missing in the
> end.
> Iraqis are printing Arabic+English, but we can use also the separate pdf
> files to spread the program internationally. We plan to have an
> international press release on Monday, to which the program could be
> attached in order to disseminate it.
> More news soon, and congratulations to the Iraqis for building such an
> important event!!!!
> Best
> Martina
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