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  • Iraq Social Forum - BAGDHAD 26 28 september - participate through internet!

    from facilitfsm on Sep 21, 2013 11:09 PM
    message friom extension team of iraq social forum
    To  participants in World Social Forum process
    You are invited !  please find in the link  below
    1/ Access to the program of iraq social forum event which will be held in
    baghad on next sept 26th to 28th  with over 60 activities and 150
    organizations participating,
    Another Iraq is Possible withPeace, Human Rights, and Social
    2/ Indications  about how  to tele-attend  or  tele-participate in some
    activities  held in Baghdad through internet  ( detailed by next tuesday)
    *http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/enlarged-isf-program *
    *please circulate widely this invitation !*
    *Iraq social forum Extension team *