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EXTENDED IRAQI SOCIAL FORUM, final instructions from Baghdad

from "Martina Pignatti M." on Sep 25, 2013 04:25 PM
Dear all,

the Extension Team is now in Baghdad! We had a meeting this afternoon 
with the Iraqi members who are in charge of the streaming, and we dealt 
with a last-minute problem: the National Theatre cancelled the 
reservation of the ISF (reasons to be clarified, surely there's a 
political issue involved too) so we will do the opening event at the 
University just after Sports Against Violence.

Hence, *the opening ceremony will take place tomorrow, 26th of 
September, from Baghdad University Campus, at 12:00 Baghdad Time.**A 
live stream of the whole day will be available online (at 
www.iraqsf.org). *If internet connection at the campus is good enough, 
we will have two streaming channels, one in English and one in Arabic, 
otherwise you will only hear the audio on the stage (mainly Arabic, with 
speeches of internationals in English).

*Concerning workshops on 27 and 28 September, we should be able to have 
5 streaming channels at the same time. For some events there will be two 
streams: one in Arabic and one in English.*

 From abroad you can also participate in the workshops via Google 
Hangout, so you can text chat below the streaming window! To do this, 
please follow these simple steps:
- Download Google Hangout (Google Plus). You will need a Gmail account.
- A link will be online at www.iraqsf.org to access the hangouts, an 
hour before each workshop. Click on this link and you will be in the 
Google Hangout text chat of the ISF livestream, for the workshop you've 
- You can then chat and leave live comments with regars to the Forum.

*The following workshops will be livestreamed, if internet doesn't 
betray us :-)**
**Numbers refer to this program:**

*2streams : Arabic & English audio.
*stream : Arabic audio only.

27th September
1st period
1. A1 ... 2streams
9. A4 ... 2streams
5. A8 .. stream
2nd period
1. A1 ..2streams
4. A4 ..2streams
8. A3 .. stream
3rd period
9. A10 .. 2streams
4. A6 .. 2streams
1.. A8 .. stream
28th September
1st period
1. A1 .. 2streams
4. A4 .. 2streams
6. A6 .. stream
2nd period
5. A9 .. 2streams
6. A6 .. 2streams
7. A7 .. stream
3rd period
4. A4 .. 2streams
7. A10 .. 2streams
6. A1 .. stream
Closing cerimony 2 streams

*In addition, you can contact the Skype address isf.extensionteam to 
chat with some iraqi activists while you are organizing activities 
abroad, if you signal it in advance writing to ISF Extension Team 
<isf.extensionteam@...>.* Till now about 10 skype appointments 
have been confirmed during the forum.

All the Best, live from Baghdad!

The ISF Extension Team

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