Dear ISF Organizing commitee members

Thank you for your warm message

It has been a learning and heartening experience to be welcomed to contribute, on line, since May, in the endeavour you made, in a very difficult context :  to build up an energetic social forum event in Baghdad and process in Iraq,

As explained in your message, the success  visible 26 28th september in Baghdad is making  the voices of many facets of iraqi people heard around the world in a new networked way : "the social forum way".

Indeed, after the success of ISF, Iraqi Organizations participating in ISF may be feeling  full co-ownership of  the world social forum process, and feel encouraged to participate internationally, sharing visions, experience, and action plans in other regional and world social forum events and processes.
This intercommmunication process can be starting with those who have  expressed and will express solidarity with ISF in different ways, that are partially captured here

Egyptian social forum for youth,  starting 7th of november in Ismailia, is a first significant event ahead, In 2014, there are others, announced in  Bosnia Brazil  Canada India and Maghreb, as is visible in the calendar here

Mixed with "sending delegates" in those far away events,  "preparing  extended activities", locally at home, and with international  organizations found as remote counterparts  may provide a motivating  experience  to a significant number if iraqi participants . This may be contributing to  foster undersandings, solidarities,  and  co operations towards “another possible world” 

ISF Extension team, hopefully including more  Iraqis who are now relieved from the Baghdad event preparation workload,  may soon exchange about its next tasks for the post ISF event period.   As for me, I will be looking  forward to getting in cooperative situations with you on those occasions

You have full merits for this great ISF Baghdad 2013 event, which has made you "experienced" WSF participants,  feeling collectively more effective towards another possible Iraq.

Best wishes for Iraq Social forum process in the year to come


2013/9/30 Iraqi social forum <>

Dear friends

Hope this e mail finds you well. It was our pleasure, and privilege that you came to Baghdad to witness the launch of the first ISF activities. Your presence and solidarity with Iraqi peoples’ issues was an additional motivation to the activists of the ISF preparatory committee, secretarial, and volunteers who worked for months to organize this huge event that was able, with our limited resources to attract more than 170 activities that dealt with different issues of the Iraqi society, and the registration of 3000 participant.

Yes, our Iraqi society is heading towards gathering the efforts into one solid unity, as a result of networking that took place during the forum between activists and organizations, to turn the page of scattered, unorganized civil activity, thus we feel like we are on the right track towards “Anther Iraq IS Possible”.

We also thank our international friends, who couldn’t come to Baghdad for one reason or the other, who participated in solidarity activities with Iraqi people through a verity of activities that deeply enhanced the activists’ enthusiasm, and introduced the people of Iraq’s issues to the international public opinion.

Once again, we thank you for the solidarity that you generously offered the Iraqi people by coming to Baghdad, or through the activities of the Extended Iraqi Social Forum. We wish that we have been successful in reflecting a good image of Iraq and its’ people.

You all are welcome anytime to your Iraq

Ali Saheb
Iraqi Social Forum Coordinator
skype: ali_ros87

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