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    from gkabaso2003 on Jun 04, 2014 09:33 AM
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     Dear Comrades,
    On Thursday 29th May 2014 more than 400 Civil society and social
    movement members which was organised by ActionAId Zambia office in
    partnership with Zambia Social forum (ZAMSOF)  marched to the
    headquarters of Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) offices at ABACUS House in
    Lusaka,Zambia.This cause to light when the chairman Anil Agariwal
    announced the hundred of millions of dollars in profit the mine is
    giving him in a mocking manner .And yet the Zambia Revenue Authority
    (ZRA)  is not getting what is due in order to improve on social
    welfare of many Zambians who are poor.In addition to that Zambians
    kwacha is costing very high!
    By creating a critical mass of people to protest which  was all
    over the media houses, it has resulted the republican president of
    Zambia Mr Micheal Chilufya Sata to direct the ministry of Mines to
    do a report so that he can table it out in the cabinet soon about
    dishonesty KCM by tax evasion.After getting the concerns of Zambians
    who are the owners of natural resources through peacefully
    demonstrations conducted.
    There is power to solidarity !!
    Gershom Kabaso,r.,
    National Coordinator ,
    Zambia Social Forum
     PO BOX CA 131 Castle Lusaka
     Cell Phone: +260 977 46 72 86
                         +260 950 72 11 22