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from noemi on Jul 02, 2015 12:50 PM
Dear Ali Saheb,it is a great pleasure to read your email announcing the forthcoming of the Second Meeting of ISF.
Last week I was in Geneve and Bern attending the 61th Rencontre Assyriologique International: this year for the first time they organized a specific session on preserving archaeological sites and culturale heritage, mostly in Syria and Iraq.Representatives of National and local Museum of Syria and Iraq presented the huge effort they are carrying on to preserve archaeological sites and artifacts.from destruction and looting.  It is a crucial starting-point to mantain your cultural reachness and ancient historical roots.
I would be really happy to attend your next Forum and to spread away information about it, before, during, and after.
Wishing all the best for the best outcoming, SincerelyNoemi Colombo

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 Inviato: Giovedì 2 Luglio 2015 13:57
 Oggetto: [Iraq Social Forum] Greetings from Iraq
Dear friends and colleaguesGreetings from Iraq As our country witnesses the longest series of violence events, resulted in hundreds of innocent Iraqi causalities, who had no guilt, other than being Iraqis who had out up with long years of dictatorship and mtilitary coups; then other years of occupation ant its outcomes of corruption and quota system; hence, the Iraqi civil movements had to rise up to it's responsibility, trying to improve our reality. We the ISF were a part of that wide civil movement in Iraq, and we organized the first session of the ISF in Sept 2013. Today, as I write to you this e mail, the ISF secretariat is doing its best to prepare the second session of the ISF that will be held on the 01st- 03rd Oct 2015 in Baghdad. We have the ambition to organize parallel activities in other provinces.Despite all the difficulties, we called for volunteering in helping with organizing the second session.  We were amazed with the size of the response we got for volunteering. During the first week, we had 100 Young men and women volunteering for the second session, and some of them, to our greatest pleasure, we form all over the country and some neighboring Arabic countries as well.  We've also called for all the Iraqi civil movements to register their activities with in the second session program. One of the most important event that we are trying to organize will be the Baghdad Marathon, which we are planning to make it synchronized with the ISF and will be on the 2nd Oct 2015 in Baghdad's streets.You have generously provided us with your solidarity and support; for that we are in deep gratitude.. Thank you and we are looking forward to hear from youKind Regards

Ali Saheb
Iraqi Social Forum Coordinator
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