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Greetings from Iraq - ISF2 2015 - considering extension

from Pierre George on Jul 12, 2015 04:04 PM
Dear friends and colleagues from Iraq

Thank you  Ali for your message and the organizing of "ISF season 2" now

ISF2015 is in line 8 of the WSF calendar for 2015

As for me, if  there is  interest to build from the experience of ISF 2013
, http://openfsm.net/projects/iraq-social-forum/isfphotos1 , am ready to
 contribute in an iraqi-centered team in charge of "extension of ISF 2015".
This document is giving an idea about an "ISF2 extension statement " that
could possibly  be considered -

i note that, in your message

1/you are mentionning "parallel" activities which i would  suggest to
rename "local" activities in ISF 2015", ISF 2015 having Baghdad as main,
but not unique, venue.

2/ some  among the 100+ volunteers are not  in iraq, and could be involved
in developing local activities outside iraq as we had in 2013

I am available for  skype conversations about this extension perspective

This would be a follow up on  a conversation held in Tunis with Ali ,
Jinan, and Ahmed, last March 30th, just after experience of extension
around tunis WSF 2015, which remained not enough coordinated and combined
with action of iraqi delegation coming to tunis

Also am involved, ( along with other people also in the isf english list)
 in the preparation of  WSF2016 next August 2016 which will be extended
around Montréal
This may give,  after ISF2, further occasions  for  decentralized
international interactions to iraqi civil society

Looking forward to comments and conversations
Greetings from Paris

*Da:* Iraqi social forum <info@...>

Dear friends and colleagues
Greetings from Iraq
As our country witnesses the longest series of violence events, resulted in
hundreds of innocent Iraqi causalities, who had no guilt, other than being
Iraqis who had out up with long years of dictatorship and mtilitary coups;
then other years of occupation ant its outcomes of corruption and quota
system; hence, the Iraqi civil movements had to rise up to it's
responsibility, trying to improve our reality.
We the ISF were a part of that wide civil movement in Iraq, and we
organized the first session of the ISF in Sept 2013. Today, as I write to
you this e mail, the ISF secretariat is doing its best to prepare the
second session of the ISF that will be held on the 01st- 03rd Oct 2015 in
Baghdad. We have the ambition to organize parallel activities in other
Despite all the difficulties, we called for volunteering in helping with
organizing the second session.  We were amazed with the size of the
response we got for volunteering. During the first week, we had 100 Young
men and women volunteering for the second session, and some of them, to our
greatest pleasure, we form all over the country and some neighboring Arabic
countries as well.  We've also called for all the Iraqi civil movements to
register their activities with in the second session program.
One of the most important event that we are trying to organize will be the
Baghdad Marathon, which we are planning to make it synchronized with the
ISF and will be on the 2nd Oct 2015 in Baghdad's streets.
You have generously provided us with your solidarity and support; for that
we are in deep gratitude.. Thank you and we are looking forward to hear
from you
Kind Regards

Ali Saheb
Iraqi Social Forum Coordinator
skype: ali_ros87

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