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Oggetto: Re: Participate in the Extended Iraqi Social Forum 2015!
Data: Fri, 2 Oct 2015 13:38:26 +0200
Mittente: Iraqi Social Forum <isf.smtools@gmail.com>
A: Toon Bijnens <bijnenstoon@gmail.com>, المنتدى الاجتماعي العراقي <isf.iraq@gmail.com>

Dear friends,

I would like to notify you again that all livestreaming from the Iraqi Social Forum in Baghdad can be accessed from this link: https://bambuser.com/channel/hamzoz. Some activities/workshops might be livestreamed today or tomorrow. In any case, today you can again follow the protests in Baghdad from 5 p.m. Iraqi time via this link. Keep an eye on this page and the ICSSI website.

Best regards,
The ISF 2015 Extension Team

On Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 10:44 PM, Iraqi Social Forum <isf.smtools@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear friends,

The Iraqi Social Forum 2015 on Coexistence and Civil Peace will take place in Baghdad, Iraq from the 1st to the 3rd of October 2015. For those who are not able to attend, it is possible to articipate in the Iraqi Social Forum 2015 from anywhere in the world!

Build a solidarity link with Iraqi civil society via internet. Register through the online form as soon as possible, so the ISF 2015 Extension Team can contact you in order to take part in the ISF 2015 from your part of the world.

See http://www.iraqicivilsociety.org/archives/4678

Possibilities for taking part in the Extended Iraqi Social Forum:

A) Organize a solidarity activity in your city to spread awareness on the Iraqi situation and the ISF. You can do this before, during or after the forum. We strongly advise you to take pictures or videos of the event and send them to the Extended Iraqi Social Forum. These will be published on the Facebook of the Iraqi Social Forum as an expression of solidarity between your group and Iraqi civil society. If you plan to organize a solidarity activity, please fill in the form below. Alternatively, you can send pictures and videos of a solidarity activity to isf.smtools@gmail.com

B) Have an exchange with Iraqi civil society through via video-conference between your group and a group at the ISF. This activity will take place on Saturday October 3 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Baghdad time (GMT+3). A room at the ISF will be equipped with internet connection and webcam allowing a video-exchange between a group of civil society activists at the ISF in Baghdad and your group, wherever you are, via Google Hangout (via audio and text-chat). The extension team will add you to the Google Hangout group via the email registered in the participation form. Find us via isf.smtools@gmail.com. The ISF 2015 Extension Team will contact you to confirm your participation.

C) Watch the livestream of activities held in Baghdad within the ISF. Some activities during the forum (1-3 October 2015) will be visible by internet streaming, if the quality of connection allows it. You could watch these activities with your friends, project them in a public space. Please consider that connection in Baghdad is precarious and most likely there will be occasional interruptions of the streaming even when we make it work. A list of livestreamed activities will be sent via email and published on www.iraqicivilsociety.org, including the livestream link.

To participate in the Extended Iraqi Social Forum 2015, contact the “ISF Extension Team” at isf.smtools@gmail.com or fill in the participation form at http://www.iraqicivilsociety.org/archives/4678. We hope you will join us via internet in Baghdad!

Best regards,
The ISF 2015 Extension Team