Dear all

An hour ago +- the festival started, we were unable to provide live streaming, but you can follow the activities at the event on facebook

All posts are translated into English.. Please show your support :)


2016-04-06 22:05 GMT+03:00 Nadia AlBaghdady <>:

Dear all

We are, the STC members in Baghdad, trying our best to to provide you with life streeming.. it depends on the availability of Internet connection at the venue.

We will give you heads up if we managed to go through hang-out. Stay tune with us at the ISF's page on facebook

And we will do our best to circulate the link via e mail as well


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Indeed, It is a global common issue attributed by  social, economical, environmental and political discourses that seriously impacting lives of people in negative way in every communities around the world.

Power to people - to- people solidarity . I am with you in this despite the distance....

Ali  share the outcomes.

Struggle continues!!!!!


On Apr 6, 2016 6:40 PM, "noemi" <> wrote:
Good day to youGershom from Zambia,
"burning" because the situation is everywhere too hard and hot?
we keep on resiting staying human
as possible as we can
Winding greetings
Noemi colombo
from Monterotondo Italia

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Dear Freinds,

Good day!
All the best keep the momentum burning comrades!!!

Gershom Kabaso
Lusaka, Zambia  

2016-04-06 11:56 GMT+02:00 Iraqi social forum <>:
تدعوكم حملة ‏انقاذ نهر دجلة والاهوار العراقية‬ للمشاركة في مهرجان "حماة دجلة" وتحت شعار "انقاذ نهر دجلة واجبك وواجبي"، وذلك يوم الجمعة القادمة المصادف 8/4/2016 الساعة العاشرة صباحا على حدائق بناية ‫ ‏القشلة‬ الاثرية في ‫ شارع المتنبي‬ وسط ‫ بغداد‬.
المهرجان سيتضمن فعاليات مختلفة مخصصة للتعريف بالكارثة التي ستواجه نهر ‫ ‏دجلة‬ و ‏الاهوار‬ في  ‏العراق‬ . منها معارض للصور الفوتوغرافية والكاريكاتير وبازار تراثي عن الاهوار، مع ضيوف حرفيين من مناطق جنوب العراق ونشاطات فنية وثقافية اخرى.

Save the Tigers and Iraqi Marshes campaign invite you to participate in our Carnival "Save the Tigers" in the coming Friday on 8/4/2016 1ِِ0 A.M on the ancient ‪Qishla‬ park at ‪‎Almutnaby street in the center of ‪‎Baghdad
The Carnival will include different activities specified for identifying the crisis that the ‪‎Tigris ‪‎River and ‪‎Marshes in ‪‎Iraq are facing. Activities will include Photograph gallery and Caricature and Bazaar about the ancient Marshes , and also will include guests from the south of Iraq and other cultural activities.

Ali Saheb
Iraqi Social Forum Coordinator
skype: ali_ros87

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