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    from extension@... on Apr 08, 2016 01:47 PM
    To WSF process participants in Iraq
    1/ Palestine
    a first activity placed in  wsf 2016 extension dynamics  by a 
    palestinian organization
    about BDS boycott divestment sanctions campaign confereence
    join the chat room
    2/ Iraq
    which orgnaisation is going to announce the first acitvity  in iraq 
    placed in wsf 2016 dynamics
    the carnival could be in the extension dynamics
    or another upcoming activity
    for this, just send a message to  extension@...   stating who ?  
    what ?  when ? where?   and the page  and chatroom will be created
    Also Fill the alternaut form here  to be includede in the welcome circle 
    iraq and wsf2016 on skype
    3/ 20 other countries
    you can follow the skype links present in everypge of this list and 
    access the chat rooms  associated to each activity
    welcoming  group and Extension support team