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Teleconference, act121 TELECENTRE 11TH AUGUST

WSF WEBSITE ACTIVITY   self organized committee presence of ISF in WSF ( a frame where to link wsf activitites in and out of montreal (i-e in iraq) prepared by  wsf particpants in iraq in the name of iraq based organizations   


IN MONTREAL: Mr. Jasim al-Helfi (Maaluma - Information Centre - Baghdad) from the Iraqi Social Forum National Committee, one of the main organizers of the anti-corruption protests that are sweeping Baghdad every Friday. With him, international members of the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSS) and of the Italian NGO Un ponte per...   and possibly some of the wsf particpants in Iraq registered in wsf website

IN BAGHDAD: volunteers and civil society organizations involved in the IRAQ SOCIAL FORUM PROCESS who will meet in a public event in Baghdad to discuss about the World Social Forum as a space for coordination and solidarity with their campaigns and struggles 

With the placing of this activity in WSF 2016 extension dynamics, organizations from the Iraq Social Forum involved in the cafe confirm they consider themselves to be participating instances in the world social forum process, as both described in the  Charter of principles of world social forum  

WHAT ?  A teleconference session with interested participants between Montreal and Baghdad, to discuss about the situation in Iraq from the point of view of the Iraqi civil society and social movements, and about the World Social Forum as a space for coordination and solidarity with the Iraqi Social Forum campaigns and struggles. International support can be channelled through the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative, who's members will be in Montreal. LEARN ABOUT THE ACTIVITIES OF THE IRAQI SOCIAL FORUM, in English: http://www.iraqicivilsociety.org/archives/category/iraqi-social-forum

WHEN?  August 11th - 10-12am Montreal   17 19 pm Baghdad 

WHERE?   BAGHDAD Iraq, place tbd  and int the montreal  WSF TELECENTRE

>>>HOW IS REMOTE PARTICIPATION INCLUDED : although you might not be included in the "face to face audio video session you can still come in contact with participants in baghdad before and after the teleconference session with montreal: join the permanent skype chat room :https://join.skype.com/iqPxOcilDIJe

CHECK THE TIME DIFFERENCE: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/iraq/baghdad