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last modified October 25, 2020 by facilitfsm

Dear all participants in the IV ISA FORUM on line ISA RC10 session on the Future of the WSF.

Please let me remind you that I have posted all the abstracts of proposed papers for this session in English and Spanish within the forum 

"Session the Future of the World Social Forum - preparing, conducting, follow up" 

I have already posed the question to each author to stimulate discussion.within this forum. Software allows to enter each abstract and make comments , questions and replies to a particular paper,. There is also the possibility to open a new discussion topic.
Another words, we can continue our asynchronous  discussion on the topics of common interest already today, and develop it unconstrained by short slot allotted in the on line program. 
You just have to login in to ISA RC10 Internet Forum at http://moodle2.f.bg.ac.rs/login/index.php by filling out the New Account form with your details. 
Looking forward to dialoguing with you on the themes of common interest, I wish you all the best.