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INPUT#5/  Stimulating Visions of Wsf Open Space Process Future through an Online “Lexicon Workshop” between Facilitators

Abstract #118266

Since the declared start of World Social Forum process, its original facilitators have presented it, through the publication of WSF charter of principles, as a global counter hegemonic dialogic “open space process”, not as a periodic face-to-face “event”, and neither as a global “movement".

20 years after its inception, even though it has grown less than could be anticipated, the global WSF open space process is relevant in a significant number of socially active citizen minds, and visible through various “manifestations” ( social forum events and SF extension dynamics). It can be viewed as made up of independent social forum processes, interrelated horizontally, around the vision proposed by the WSF charter

Facilitators active in the facilitating committee of a "WSF process manifestation" have the permanent options to :

  • 1/ Quit or continue, as facilitators, according to the relevance they see for the WSF open space process
  • 2/ Involve, or not, other people from their respective organizations, in facilitation and in participation
  • 3/ Resist, or not, for a variety of subjective reasons, the temptations of “making the open space speak” like spokegroup-ism, assembly-ism, agenda-ism, ventriloquism

The coming paper proposes to facilitators of "WSF process manifestations" of some size, some elements of formalization, notions, diagrams, (such as Disk and circles diagram  or Layers and phases diagram,)   vocabulary about WSF openspace process.

It extends an invitation to start a “WSF lexicon online workshop“, where to work on a formal common view of WSF process, with diagrams and lexicon.

Here are some examples of lexicon ( the idea appeared at the moment when the methodology commission in WSF international council stopped working) 

Social forum process Facilitators coming in the online workshop group, after exchanging their practical experiences, will comment and hopefully agree on a list of entries and their description for a “lexicon of WSF process”. They can communicate this lexicon to groups of WSF participants and invite them to a/ Discuss and comment them with them b/ Assess how they would use those elements to spread around them the idea of the WSF

The paper will also replace this concrete proposal in the current context of discussions about WSF future.


Group: RC10 Participation, Organizational Democracy and Self-Management, RC26 Sociotechnics, Sociological Practice

Session Selection: The Future of the World Social Forum

Title: Stimulating Visions of Wsf Open Space Process Future through an Online “Lexicon Workshop” between Facilitators

Keywords: Lexicon , WSF, facilitators and workshop

Pierre  Caritas internationalis