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This accompaniment activity by Extension Support Group WSF2016  is about animating  an english speaking skype chat room  where people willing to remotely participate can gather and interact with people  before  and after the face to face event in japan ,

and during this event  according to what is technically and humanly possible 

 Information about the event   : no nukes social forum 

Some organizers of the nonukes are invited to be present in the room from time to time to welcome remote participants  and arrange some more interactive moments during the forum days or after

for any further information write to extension at fsm2016.org 

Agenda in english

  • 24-25 March: visit Fukushima around the city of Iwaki.the evening of 25, back to Tokyo and met with participants of the No Nukes Asia Forum to be together 50-60 participants in Fukushima
  • 26: Participation in the largest gathering antinuclear at Hibiya Park, where many are expected tens of thousands of people evening: the opening of the forum
  • 27: all day discussion Closing the evening: Plenar
  • 28: Meeting at the pavilion of Deputies 
  • japanandwsf nonukessf accompaniement march 2016 documentation en  

Agenda en francais

  • les 24-25 mars : visite de Fukushima autour de la Ville de Iwaki.le soir du 25, retour à Tokyo et rencontre avec les participants du No Nukes Asia Forum qui aura rassemble 50-60 participants à Fukushima
  • le 26 : participation au grand rassemblement antinucléaire au parc de Hibiya où sont attendus plusieurs dizaine de milliers de personnes le soir: l’ouverture du forum
  • le 27 : toute la journée de discussions au soir clôture : assemblée plénière
  • le 28 : Réunion au pavillon des députés   

japanandwsf nonukessf accompaniement march 2016 documentation fr  

You can join the distance contact and participation chat room in skype

following this link : https://join.skype.com/cQwQE1K8Kdc9